Bedini-Cole 1971 to 1984 built from lab notes

Rodin Coils on TEDxCharlotte (2010)

Peter Lindemann: Where The Law Is Broken!

We were all taught that the machine CONVERTS electrical energy into mechanical energy, and that this mechanical energy production can only happen in a circuit location where the current is moving through a "voltage drop".
This is apparently not true!!
The tell-tale behavior is most easily seen when the machine is operated as a generator. When a current flow is established through an external load, it still energizes the reverse torque production inside the generator in the windings where the voltage is rising!

Paul Pantone free and teaching at the GEET school for 3 more classes, then plans of GEET school in the Netherlands and GEET classes in Australia

Since being released in May of 2009, Paul Pantone has been very busy. He has given various interviews and has appeared at the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference in Albequerque, and held the first class of the 4 prepared-for GEET schools in the USA.

May 25, 2009:"PESN: Paul Pantone of GEET released" http://pesn.com/2009/06/9501546_Paul-Pantone_of_Geet_released/.. [[download MP3]]

Energy From The Vacuum DVD Series

The Energy From The Vacuum Science Series created by Energetic Productions, LLC, with input from Tom Bearden.

Twenty-Two DVD's have been released, featuring Howard Johnson, John Bedini, Dr. Deborah Chung, Daniel Sheehan PhD, Peter Lindemann, Tom Bearden.. and more John Bedini. The current state of EFTV is that at least seven new parts in the series are planned for release.
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