Kurt Gellner's Vortex Wood Burning Stove demonstration

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video grabbed from gellner's website

the original text that made me aware of kurt gellner:

from the pks seminar "the life and works of viktor schauberger" 

Date: 08-09 June 2002

Location: PKS Villa, Bad Ischl, Austria

Kurt Gellner (Craftsman and musician)

- Video demonstration of a Vortex Wood Burning Stove he designed.


Kurt is a local Craftsman and musician living near Bad Ischl

He gave a presentation of how he uses Kudu Horn to make musical instrument. He showed a video of the Vortex wood burning stove he designed

Some interesting facts about the Vortex wood burning stove:
- It provides complete combustion at a much lower temperature (approx 600 oC according to Kurt Gellner) than with a conventional wood burning stove.
- Therefore it is more fuel efficient than a conventional wood burning stove.
- Because the hot air vortexes inside the combustion chamber, it doesn' t disappear instantantly straight up the chimney, providing more efficient heating for less fuel.
- Air vents are located all around the stove, introducing air tangentially to create the vortex in the chamber.       


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