Ed Leedskalnin: Wikipedia article excerpt from 19th feb 2009

An intriguing feature of three of these pamphlets is a diagram labeled "Perpetual Motion Holder". This diagram shows how electricity can be stored in a magnetic loop made from a permament horseshoe magnet and a "bridge" of soft iron across the horseshoe ends, forming a circle (loop) of magnetic metals. Energy is introduced into the loop through windings of electric wire around the soft iron (forming an electromagnet).

Tesla's Unidirectional Pulses Fractioning Electricity into Etheric Energy as Spatially distributed Voltage

"In the late 1880's, Dr. Nikola Tesla accidently discovered an electrostatic "super-charging" effect while trying to verify Hertz' discovery of electromagnetic waves. After hundreds of experiments, he learned how to control and maximize this phenomenon. This led him to the discovery that electricity is made up of different components that can be separated from each other, and that a pure, gaseous, etheric energy can be fractionated away from the flow of electrons in a circuit designed to produce short duration, unidirectional impulses.

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