Aprovecho's Stove Research Page Aprovecho's goal is to help people all over the world build fuel efficient, smoke-free stoves. Stoves developed by Aprovecho are used by people all over the world.    

A quick glance at Aprovecho's stove work Since designing the first Lorena stove Aprovecho researchers have developed new stove ideas that have been used in over 40 countries. In the mid-1980s an Aprovecho team, working under Dr Larry Winiarski, invented the Rocket Stove design. This was an easy to build chimney-less stove that produced almost no smoke because it achieved near complete combustion. This stove has proven to be effective in African refugee camps and in university laboratories. Since the creation of the rocket stove, Apro researchers have made a number of important discoveries. They've found that complete combustion is only part of the equation and heat transfer and heat capture are just as important for fuel efficient cooking. They have tried to apply these scientific principles to stove designs that are smoke free, fuel-efficient and accepted by people who cook. One of the latest designs, the Estufa Justa, is an example of a Rocket stove design using a chimney. Working in concert with the people of Honduras, Aprovecho stove technicians have created a stove that uses considerably less wood than either an open fire or a Lorena while still meeting the goal of removing smoke from the kitchen. Since 1997 more than 5,000 rocket stoves have been built in Central America.

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 The following is taken from an article titled "Secrets of the Third Reich". The complete article resides at

"...One person who made claims regarding the development of ‘flying saucers’ in Nazi Germany is former Luftwaffe Flight Captain and aircraft designer Rudolph Schriever. He claimed in 1950 that he and a small team had worked at facilities near Prague developing a saucer-type vehicle.

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