1940 The first Repulsine (flying saucer) built first in Berlin and then in Vienna, where the prototype broke from its mooring and smashed through the factory's ceiling.

In 1944, Schauberger developed his Repulsine machines at the Technical College of Engineering at Rosenhügel in Vienna. Schauberger produced several working prototypes. The Russian and American military confiscated his work at the end of the war.

The invention (The Repulsine) makes use of the fact that the presence of certain substances, especially metals such as copper, silver or gold, for example, or those substances collectively termed synthetic resins (plastics), which are decisive for the progress of the vital functions in liquids or gases (air) and whose effect can, in part, be described as oligodynamic (decay-producing effect, as envisioned by Schauberger). Therefore, if the said course of motion of the substances to be dissociated is also allowed to proceed "oligodynamically", then the severing of the atomic bonds ca be successfully achieved to a large extent and considerable energies freed. These freed energies can readily be brought into new combinations, such as for the further development of the atoms of primary gaseous substances into liquid or even solid formations or these energies may be drawn of or diverted in some other way.


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    The Institute of Ecological Technology

    The Institute of Ecological Technology is a distributed self-organizing research institute, with a focus on non-conventional ideas and solutions within ecological technology. Our focus is on practical applications and on becoming aware of our interconnectedness with nature. It was formed in the late 70s, inspired a lot by some ideas by the Austrian Viktor Schauberger and has undergone a series of metamorphoses, but can be seen as a focus point for groups interested in non-conventional ecological ideas and solutions.

    PKS Seminar 2006: May 20, 21, Secrets of water and vortex, Jane Cobbald, Curt Hallberg, John Wilkes, Klaus Rauber

    Secrets of water and vortex, 20-21 May 2006

    Curt Hallberg (
    Malmö-group, Sweden)
    • Experiences with the water vortexers
    • Some ideas of vortex lift
    • Power generation with applicated Repulsin theory.

    John Wilkes (Virbela Institute for Rhythm Research, UK)
    • Development of the Flowform Method - which rhythm can be generated in streaming water
    • Applications of the Flowform - aesthetically and also functionally in relation to biological purification, farming, food processing, therapy

    Jane Cobbald (UK distributor of the copper garden tools, author of "The Spiral Dance", England)
    • The three levels of life energy: a look at the life and work of Viktor Schauberger

    Klaus Rauber (Implosion research group, Germany)
    • experiences with a repulsine-model
    • the spiral tube and the hyperbolic cone

    Program: Saturday, 20th May, 9.15 a.m. - Sunday, 21th May, about 16.00 p.m.
    Registration: Saturday from 8.30 a.m.
    Location: PKS-Villa, Bad Ischl
    Seminar fee: EUR 165,-- (Students and retired persons: EUR 135,--)

    Verein für Implosionsforschung und Anwendung e.V.

    Willkommen auf den Webseiten des Vereins für Implosionsforschung und Anwendung e.V. !


    Die Zeitschrift Implosion

    Hier stellen wir die Zeitschrift "Implosion" vor und geben die Möglichkeit das Gesamtinhaltsverzeichnis, sowie einzelne Leseproben in den jeweiligen Ausgaben ein zu sehen. Für die Leseproben als PDF Texte wird der Adobe Reader benötigt... Sollten Sie interesse an der Zeitschrift Implosion haben und an einem Abonnement interessiert sein, bitte setzen Sie sich in Verbindung mit:


    Repulsine replications?   There are some attempts to build replicas! First there is Mr. Klaus Rauber and the group around him. Klaus Rauber is giving out the paper Implosion (in German) and also have some Implo-meetings. As far as I know they have not been very succesfull as the copper plates seems to bend in speeds around 8000 rpm. Then one person in Norway (Mr. Olav Uleberg) have built a replica. The exact outcome from these replicas is still unknown. Then of course there is the real thing: The original Repulsin that Richard Feierabend found in Texas. It is still in US. Regarding information on this machine I strongly recomend "The Living Water" by Mr. Olof Alexandersson where the German version is the best. Then Callum Coats books in general but especially "Energy Evolution". Reda these books before you got to the net as there is a lot of miss understanding and erratic information. Regards, //Curt

    JNL Labs - The Vortex Technologies

    The Vortex Technologies
    By Jean-Louis Naudin
    created on September 26th, 1999 - JLN Labs - Last update October 15, 2003
    Toutes les informations et schémas sont publiés gratuitement ( freeware ) et sont destinés à un usage personnel et non commercial
    All informations and diagrams are published freely (freeware) and are intended for a private use and a non commercial use.

    Repulsine -> Belluzzo-Schriever-Miethe Diskus

     The following is taken from an article titled "Secrets of the Third Reich". The complete article resides at

    "...One person who made claims regarding the development of ‘flying saucers’ in Nazi Germany is former Luftwaffe Flight Captain and aircraft designer Rudolph Schriever. He claimed in 1950 that he and a small team had worked at facilities near Prague developing a saucer-type vehicle.

    Secret Space DVD

    Yesterday evening I watched a DVD called "Secret Space. It was quite ok, containing some interesting UFO material, and revealing some of the sick occult satanistic/freemasonic/illuminati rituals linked to the bogus "space program" and explained some of the reasons for their real, hidden space program.

     It was a bit sad that one of the first "Nazi flying saucer" pictures it showed early on in the documentary was the Repulsine.


    Germano on the similarities between the Tesla Turbine and the Schauberger Repulsine

    Frank Germano <frankgermano @ wrote:

    Hello List!

    Here's my take on the similarities between the Tesla Turbine and the Schauberger Repulsine: Both are VERY similar in what is happening inside the units. In the Tesla Turbine, which, by the way, I have almost a decade of logged time in research and development, we have a spiraling vortex compression device. Adhesion and viscosity, naturally play a large part in how the turbine is driven. The singular problem with the Tesla Turbine is this: at start-up, it want to behave as if it were a Tesla Pump. Meaning, the central opening in the disk pack is "sucking" in air or fluid, and that sucking force must be overcome by the propelling fluid. This little tidbit of info always puzzled me, UNTIL, that is, when I started reading about Schauberger's Repulsine. Add to this the fact that, when the Tesla Turbine is run at internal temperatures high enough to cause the disks to become maliable (ie. above 1200 deg f.) they began to show definate similarities to Schauberger's wavy plates (in the Repulsine) - short of one difference - they scalloped like a clam shell.

    The Cycloid-Space-Curve-Motion Cycle of Atomic Transitions - as discovered by the Austrian Physicist Viktor Schauberger

    by Paul E Potter

    Very briefly, Schauberger engineered several types of machines that would create an up-current of axially-spinning air so powerful that the up-current's drag force would speed the whole machine higher and higher into the air. Of the many different types of air turbines he made several of them boasted a thrust force of nearly 10,000 bhp - simply by moving air. Some designers have utilised Schauberger's special turbines for flight and new research suggests that there indeed is a strong case for the continuation and re-establishment of Schauberger's research into these hugely beneficial technologies.

    Central to any understanding of Schauberger's levitating force is his use of the cycloid-space-curve, which initially he used to generate a dual flow of fluid through a pipe (see note 1) - of an inner axial flow which moved faster through the pipe than did its peripheral flow which was especially directed into a cycloid path next to the pipe wall (see Schauberger's patent 134543).

    Jeane Manning: Life-Enhancing Agriculture

    Review by Jeane Manning 


    A review of the agriculture section of the book Living Energies: Viktor Schauberger's Brilliant Work With Natural Energy Explained, by Callum Coats.

    UFO physics and UFOs back-engineered

    Paul Potter's forthcoming website on ufo physics


    page 303 of Living Energies by Coats and Schauberger

    Triboluminescence: An internal glow or luminescence produced when two or more crystalline rocks of similar composition are rubbed hard together or struck against one another and is attributed to the energy given off by the electrons contained the rocks as they return from a pressure-induced, excited state to their rest orbits. As a phenomenon it can occur both in air and under water.


    Klimator - Stewart Mackenzie

    From: "Curt Hallberg" <curt.hallberg@...>
    Date: Tue Aug 23, 2005  12:35 pm
    Subject: SV: [viktorschaubergergroup] Curt -> Klimator

    Hi Stewart!

    OK, I will TRY to answer your questions below! Now, I some cases we simply do not have the correct information. Then we must use our technical skill and imagination. An other thing we must do is to learn to think how Viktor Schauberger think. First read the litterature, doing this try to remember the most basic things about Implosion. Then maybe the most important: DO SOMETHING PRACTICAL!! Just start to play with water make spirals, or look into the nature in water falls etc. But DO something practical!!!

    Victor Schauberger's Biography

    based on


    1885 Viktor Schauberger born in Holzschlag, Upper Austria, into a family with a long tradition of caring for the unspoilt Alpine forests.

    1914-18 Soon after the birth of his son Walter, Viktor was enlisted in the Kaiser's army.

    1919 Appointed forest warden and gamekeeper.

    Repulsine notes 

    From: Ruud Rouleaux (HOME OFFICE)
    To: [email protected]
    Sent: Tuesday, August 16, 2005 11:03 AM
    Subject: [viktorschaubergergroup] back from Holiday

    Just came back from Italy and afterwards visited the PKS in Austria and had a good talk with Joerg Schauberger.


    The motion of the trout is still the key-factor of the implosion theory. The repulsine is also called the trout turbine. Imagine the trouts head as the repulsine, together with a gill-system, to implode water. See if you get this, the impulse comes from the flowing water, intake through the mouth, creation of new water/vortex ring through the gill-systems, exit trough the gill and creation of a imploding vortex (re-pulse). The trout will be shot-away like a prunestone that is launched between two fingers.


    Please have a look at the schauberger group website, look under files and trout propulsion [now also the links below]. Here a some ideas about the movement of fish.

    An Introduction to Vortices and Vorticity - vortex.pdf
    Fish Exploiting Vortices Decrease Muscle Activity
    Part 1B Engineering: Biological and Medical Engineering, Fish Swimming, Lecture 1 -2

    IET Community: Repulsine - Temperature Drop
    stewart mackenzie <stewarttw88@...>
    Date: Mon Aug 15, 2005  8:15 am
    Subject: [viktorschaubergergroup]Curt Repulsine

    Hi Curt

    Interesting to hear what you have accomplished. Now I have an interest in the repulsine because, it can be adapted for water purification, air land and water transportation, cooling air, free electricity, and a host of others limited only by imagination.

    Vortex-World - Malmö Group

    This (slightly out-of-date) site is dedicated to the Austrian water wizard Viktor Schauberger's work and ideas. The own work and interpretations of Viktor Schauberger's writings made by the Malmö-group will also be presented on this site.

    topics include:
    The Malmö Group, Viktor Schauberger, Repulsin, Water-Treatment and numerous articles.

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