Paul Pantone: Paul Pantone Plasma Reactor Motor

1:32 minutes into the Paul Pantone Plasma Reactor Motor youtube video Paul Pantone says the reactor gives off slight radiation when running that is not Alpha, Beta or Gamma radiation.
This video provides more information about that.

November 09, 1930: Mr. Russell May Be Right

New York Times, November 9, 1930, Sunday
Section: Editorial, Page E2, 5899 words

Dr. Jackson Withdraws Criticism of "Two-Way" Universe and Seeks Proof

To the Editor of The New York Times:

XXXIX - Industry's Power-Creating Processes Are Still Primitive

Primate man discovered the flame. He began to use it by burning large quantities of the stored-up gravity of earth's resources as a _large percentage of fuel to obtain a small amount of heat._
Later he learned how to use the heat for power, but he still used a large amount of fuel to obtain a small amount of radiation for his power.
Industry now has giant furnaces burning vast quantities of fuel for a small amount of radiation which it can use, and a vast wastage which it cannot use.

The Russell Genero-Radiative Concept

Download the PDF with pictures + original layout http://www.scene.org/~esa/merlib/WR-GRC.pdf
this TEXT ONLY thing is from philosophy.org

The Russell Genero-Radiative Concept Written by Walter Russell

The purpose of this thesis is to demonstrate that the planets and satellites of a system would not fall into their primaries if their motion were stayed by some giant hand.

Alternative Energy Institute: T.T. Brown (missing page found on web.archive.org)

Townsend Brown checking a geophysical sensor strip recorder in Hawaii.
? Optical Multimedia (copyright) http://www.soteria.com/

One of the greatest energies in the universe is the force of gravitation. The power potential of this force exceeds atomic energy and produces no deadly gamma rays in the process. During this century, Thomas Townsend Brown probably came closest to tapping the potential of this free and boundless energy. Brown realized early on that mankind's use of power in jet- and rocket-propelled vehicles is a "sledge and hammer" approach to gaining high-speed, high-altitude flight. Engineers have increased vehicle thrust significantly, but the gain in speed and power is marginal when compared to the energy expended. Is brute rocket force the best way to reach the stars? Brown didn't think so (

Är hälsovården beredd på de elöverkänsliga?

Insändare av Tytti Enroth-Nortes i Borgåbladet, 15.05.2007

[Själv rekommenderar jag inte hälsovård (läkaren, sjukhus, mediciner...) utan Guds väg till hälsa - cybe]


Tytti Enroth-Nortes i Sibbo är ordförande för den nystartade föreningen Finlands Vågbrytare.

Elöverkänslighet EHS (elektrohypersensitivitet) har diskuterats livligt i ett par årtionden utanför vårt lands gränser både i massmedia och i medicinsk litteratur. I själva läkarutbildningen och i dess traditionella facklitteratur existerar sjukdomen däremot inte - åtminstone inte hos oss.

Vad är EHS? Kort kan man säga att EHS är en ofrivillig förmåga att uppfatta elektromagnetisk belastning. Man talar om förlorad homeostas, d.v.s. den sjukas organism kan inte - till skillnad från en frisks vidmakthålla en optimal reglering vid olika sortens belastningar, som t.ex. mikrovågor. Talades det om att vi alla är elektriska varelser, där varje cell och varje organ är sändare och mottagare av elektromagnetiska svängningar, kunde förståelsen för EHS kanske öka.

Att sjukdomen är insyltad i det 21:a århundradets märkligaste tvekamp gör inte saken lättare. Det talas om ofarlig teknologi kontra farlig. Den ena parten vill ha mera makt och pengar. Den andra parten försvarar sin rätt till liv.

Mångbottnad överkänslighet

EHS måste ses som den yttersta varningssignalen på att något gått snett. Att forneka strålningens påverkan på vår hälsa är meningslöst. "Mikrovågssyndromet" sprider sig. Intressant är dess likheter med "Gulfkrigssyndromet". Också det innefattar komplicerade störningar i nerv-, hormon- och immunfunktionerna, men även i de partier av hjärnan, som styr minnet och koncentrationen. Båda symptomkomplexen ser ut att ha sitt ursprung i strålning och kemikalier. MCS (multipel kemisk överkänslighet) föregår ofta EHS.

KeelyNet: John Draper: The Navajo and the Buddhist

KeelyNet/Energy/The_Wave (October 19, 1992) THE NAVAJO AND THE BUDDHIST

"There are worlds within worlds Christa. Everything in our world is connected by the delicate strands of the web of life, which is balanced between forces of destruction and the magic forces of creation". The Magi to Christa in the movie 'Ferngully'.


Prof. Alfred Evert

Ether is unique real existing matter. All ether of universe is in steady swinging Universal Ethermovement at quant-small spiralic tracks. This omnipresent basic swinging motion functions ordering (analogue to points of view of Global Scaling).

Potential-Vortex-Cloud Local limited swinging motions occur at more coarse tracks, which in principle show pattern of ´Potential-Vortex-Cloud´, e.g. in shape of galaxies, sun-systems or like electrons work (by quite new shape of vortices). Depending on character of this local motions, diverse (coarse-matter) occurrences result, e.g. physical ´fields´ or radiation.

Ether is real continuum, thus gapless and undividable (unique properties, because also this substance is unique matter, nowhere else described like here). Only based at these facts, highly limited possibilities of motions result, which only are reasons for compelling nature laws, e.g. right-angled effects of electromagnetic appearances.

There are also ´fine-matter´ Potential-Vortex-Clouds, which represent mental-spiritual content. These are also really manifest like physical occurrences, both by movements of real matter of ether. These vortices of ´high vibrations´ can multiply overlay and affect morphogenetic (analogue Sheldrake).

This view of ether allows to explain many phenomena based at real motion´s processes (instead of common pure abstract hypotheses). This ether is medium for materia like spirit, both are appearances of vortex-structures only of different ´frequencies´.

So quite real and absolutely direct ´everything is bound to anything´. New ethic (of age-old values) results inevitably by this world-view. That´s content of Ether-Physics- and -Philosophy described at this website (which is permanently updated).

Evert Electro-Static-Dynamo In addition here are discussed further subjects, e.g. concerning fluid-technology, mechanical rotor-systems, Bessler-Wheel, crop-circles, remote viewing, perpetuum mobile and basic understanding for usage of Free Energies. For example, most interesting concept is this Electrostatic-Electricitygenerator.

All subjects are to find via following main-menu or via sitemap. Available are also download-files (.zip or .pdf-files) for offline study of comprehensive workouts (also CD is available).

Hope you enjoy exiting content of this website!

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