Good day. MERLib is run by two people; Staffan Enbom, who mainly does the webserver development and pays for the costs, and Esa Ruoho, who edits (some of the) content and does his own research (and development).

If you believe that the work we are doing is worthwhile, please donate using PayPal, either to [email protected] (for further webserver development + costs), or [email protected] (to further his own research) (or both). Thank you.

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MERlib Google Co-Op Search

Google Co-op enables you to "Harness the power of Google search to create a free Custom Search Engine that reflects your knowledge and interests. Specify the websites that you want searched - and integrate the search box and results into your own website."

You may join and add more interesting sites to the list of sites to search through.

MERLib Custom Search Engine

The Google search in the sidebar also uses this custom search engine.

For more search results visit than appear below or in the sidebar please use this page


Sites searched (atleast)

Access Statistics for MERLib

This page contains the Access statistics for Not very much traffic yet...

visit the full page for the data. - vod:pod Video Channel

After reading this article about "hyperaggregation", we've decided to try out vod:pod to create a video channel with MERLib related videos. administrative notes & todo


  • -Just disabled the commentq (are you a bot?) module to see how much spam akismet gets then. Probably a lot. 


  • All quote nodes aren't tagged "quote". Find a good solution
  • Find SQL code to mass-edit terms (tags), delete unused ones etc... 


I've decided to try out some ad-services again: Adbrite, and Amazon. Previously I used Google Adsense, which earned $70 before Google decided to turn it off.In addition to the ad on the right sidepanel Adbrite also does this:

Google Search Cloud of MERLib

This page is created by a script that parses server access_log and collects all referers [sic] to show you what people that end up on are looking for.

Disabled feature

Mirroring of some Yahoo Groups

Started archiving some Yahoo groups under


At the moment JoesCell2 and viktorschaubergergroup

The groups are also, at the moment available as zip files in that same aformentioned folder.

No search function yet but hopefully soon.


MERLib co-operation between people

those with strikethrough have been done :)

Frank Germano has given full permission to mirror his whole website onto merlib.

Sepp Hasslberger has given full permission to mirror his whole website onto merlib.

Hans Kutil has given permission to post pictures of his waterdropexperiment, and screenshots of his wasserwunder thing onto merlib.

Lars Johansson gave permission to mirror the "Alternativ vattenbehandling - Effekter, mekanismer och perspektiv på vattenkvalitet," -summary in english on merlib.

Help & Guidelines

Help and Guidelines

Not much here yet =)





Tags / Keywords

A comma-separated list of terms (tags, keywords) describing this item.

As you can see there are different kinds of these tags: language, place, person, tag, and year. If you are unfamiliar with the way we tag contents on MERLib, please check out pre-existing nodes to see how these tags are used here.

Just add a specific keyword if you feel it is relevant and will help someone find the content more easily.

Google Advertisements


Even though I'm not a very big fan of such a huge company as Google I've decided to use Google Adsense to help generate an income to pay for the hosting.

Recently I noticed a couple of ads that I certainly do not agree with, ads to psycics, magicians etc that I was able to block on my Adsense control panel.


Here are the earnings so far:


Nov 2005 - $5.98
Dec 2005 - $7.28
Jan 2005 - $8.48
Feb 2006 - $12.66
Mar 2006 - $10.14
Apr 2006 - $29.18...

Total $73.71



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