Eric Laithwaite: Unidentified magazine; "Laithwaite's Amazing Invention"

Professor Eric Laithwaite, of the Imperial College of Science and Technology, England, has invented an anti-gravity machine! Such a device has been the tool of science fiction writers and the dream of thinkers such as H.G. Wells and Jules Verne, but until now e everyone had dismissed the idea as an impossibility.

Now Professor Laithwaite, who is already famous for inventing the linear induction motor, has demonstrated that his machine actually works. When switched on it reduces its weight!

Eric Laithwaite: The Incredible Genius of Eric Laithwaite - for Rense by Richard Milton

Few people visit the Royal Institution, in London's Albemarle Street, for amusement. There are not many laughs at Britain's second oldest scientific institution, founded in 1799, where Sir Humphry Davy demonstrated his discovery of the elements sodium and potassium and where Michael Faraday discovered electromagnetic induction. It's true there have been some lighter moments in the famous circular lecture theatre, especially since Sir William Bragg introduced Christmas Lectures for Children in the 1920s. But, on the whole, this is stuffed shirt territory.

Conference Introduction: John Searl

John R. R. Searl

The Searl Effect Generator and the Levity Disc
Energy Generation and Gravity Control for Space Flight Systems

The inventor, Professor John Searl, President of S.I.R.C., will be speaking upon the work and the and the progress made by now in the development of both the S.E.G. (Searl-Effect-Generator) and the I.G.V. (Inverse-G-Vehicle). You must appreciate today there is much information which is still classified and cannot be released to the public, as patents may be applied for later on.

Bowie in line to play Tesla in 'Prestige'

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Singer David Bowie is in talks to return to film acting in a new thriller about competing turn-of-the-century magicians.

Adapted by Sterling D. Allan
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Bowie in negotiations to play Nikola Tesla


The Prestige, by Christopher Priest
Movie is based on book by Christopher Priest.


Rock idol David Bowie is in negotiations to play Nikola Tesla in Christopher Nolan's The PrestigeOther movies by director Christopher Nolan include Batman Begins, netting $205 million, and Insomnia, which netted $67 million.

The new Nolan movie being produced by Touchstone Pictures is a thriller set in the world of magic, featuring rival magicians in early 20th century London.

The Tesla character is based on the real-life Serbian-American inventor who discovered the rotating magnetic field. 

Cast members of Prestige include Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale and Michael Caine.

Based on Christopher Priest's 1996 novel, Bale and Jackman play rival magicians in turn-of-the-century London who battle each other for trade secrets. The rivalry is so intense that it turns them into murderers.

Bowie’s film credits include 1976's The Man who Fell to Earth. He last acted in a movie in the fantasy Mr. Rice's Secret in 2000. Bowie will also provide a voice for Leon director Luc Besson's forthcoming animated film Arthur and the Minimoys.

Having Nikola Tesla featured like this is a major development in terms of giving significant stage presence to one of the most brilliant – and neglected – scientists this planet has ever seen. It reflects a trend toward greater esteem for a man who should have dominated the science history books, rather than being relegated to footnotes as he has been. As the inventor of AC power, radio, wireless transmission, etc., he is indisputably one of the most important inventors of the technological age.

The mainstream media are jumping on this story because of Bowie's rock icon status.

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