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"...Water can be broken into Hydrogen and Oxygen using electricity. Standard chemistry books claim that this process requires more energy than can be recovered when the gases are recombined. This is true only under the worst case scenario. When water is hit with its own molecular resonant frequency, using a system developed by Stan Meyers (USA) and again recently by Xogen Power, Inc., it collapses into Hydrogen and Oxygen gas with very little electrical input. Also, using different electrolytes (additives that make the water conduct electricity better) changes the efficiency of the process dramatically. It is also known that certain geometric structures and surface textures work better than others do. The implication is that unlimited amounts of Hydrogen fuel can be made to drive engines (like in your car) for the cost of water. Even more amazing is the fact that a special metal alloy was patented by Freedman (USA) in 1957 that spontaneously breaks water into Hydrogen and Oxygen with no outside electrical input and without causing any chemical changes in the metal itself. This means that this special metal alloy can make Hydrogen from water for free, forever.

Xogen Power Inc. - This is the website of a Canadian company who is trying to bring Supper-Efficient Electrolysis hydrogen to market.

PATENTS - Following are three patents that relate to this technology that you might want to look up.

* Chambers -USP #6126794 * Freedman - USP #2,927,856 * Meyers - USP #4936961


"...I'm no electronics expert, but I read all Stan Meyer's patents that I could find, and his contention was pretty much that the voltage should rate in the thousands due to the capacitance of the plates, but the draw should be in milliamps. His ideas seemed to revolve around negligible current flow coupled with huge voltage pressure.

Please, if I have totally misunderstood something, someone tell me! This has been on my mind for months, which is kind of weird for a guy who got D's in chemistry and physics back-to-back in high school.

This is what I understand the truth to be: There's a thing called "symmetrical stretch" that happens to water molecules when a resonant frequency is applied. The bonds between the oxygen and hydrogen atoms elongate and contract with the frequency. If you think of the atoms as three balls connected by rubber bands, it is at the moment the rubber bands reach their greatest length when they are susceptible to that nudge that Stan Meyer achieved with his experiments. He didn't need a lot of power to cut those elongated, strained bonds.

Making the water solution more electrolytic (by adding salt, for example) increases current flow, but that actually undermines Meyer's principles, because you don't want current; you want capacitance and resonance. If the resonating frequency has stretched the rubber bands as far as they can go, then a tiny current can cut them and separate the hydrogen from the oxygen.

Again, if I am being embarrassingly wrong about all this, someone please instruct me.

-- Flint ..."


Issue Feature: Water as Fuel (top)

There have recently been several developments that look like they will make using Water as a Fuel for internal combustion engines a practical reality.

People who have started building HyZor's are reporting excellent results, including some indications of Hyper Gas. Sometimes the gas from the HyZor seems to want to run the engine all by itself; this is still a spontaneous event and we have not figured out what we are doing right :))))

However, the HyZor does produce enough Brown's Gas to act as a catalyst to allow a significant volume of the fossil-fuel to be replaced by water. So after adding a HyZor, you can cut your cost of fuel significantly by adding a water injection system.

Peter Lindemann has a lead on a material that spontaneously decomposes water into hydrogen and oxygen. (see Keelynet video).

Xogen is reviving Stan Meyer's technology (Stan died a while ago). I understand that some people who worked with Stan Meyer are in Xogen. I've been keeping track of this company's progress and am uncertain if there is really any potential there. All independent testing documentation shows me nothing of real interest; i.e.. over-unity gas production.

However, I believe Stan Meyer did have 'something' even though his literature had some fairly obvious errors in it. I think I know how to make the technology work, and will be implementing the results from such experimenting into further upgrades of the HyZor and Water Torch applications.

I think the key will include two 'frequencies': one of which will be short duty cycle high amperage pulses; the other for low voltage 'polarizing' and sub-harmonic.

I agree with Peter Lindemann that Stan Meyer misrepresented the actual working technology that he used to split water. It's possible that he didn't even really know (I'm not saying I do) and that he just found ways that worked without knowing exactly why.

Xogen is continuing that tradition, in that their public information gives few clues. The clues I do see (in the independent test reports) give me absolutely no reason to think they actually have over-unity gas production.

CALGARY, April 6 /CNW/ - Tathacus Resources Ltd. (CDNX: TTC) announces that it has received the independent test data from the Alberta Research Council (ARC) regarding Xogen Power Inc.'s ("Xogen") oxygen-hydrogen gas generation system. Tathacus owns 20 per cent of Xogen, a private Calgary-based technology and research company. Tathacus engaged ARC recently to conduct specific tests of Xogen's proprietary technology.

Patent US6126794 which is the basis of



Stanley A. Meyer  Patents Granted   (from

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Links - Patents videoclip

Stanley Meyers

Most of you are not even aware that you use a product every week that Stanley Meyers perfected for a Research Institution. It is now called the ATM. I say this first because he was no crack pot inventor although if you met him he definitely fit that profile.

I met him because he wanted to make the presentation of his dune buggy more professional. He took that VW based car to local fairs looking for investors. Yes I participated in a demonstration and know the product worked.

I was totally skeptical of everything Stanley said until he mentioned that he had been trying to make a diesel engine work in the basement of his home and it blew up lifting the house off its foundation. That evening I drove to his home and saw the damage with my own eyes.

From then on I asked him many questions about his fuel cell and how he discovered the process. I learned from what he said why the system is cheap and revolutionary.

Unfortunately Stanley only saw energy uses for his invention and was convinced that God wanted his invention shared with the world. I warned him that taking on the fossil fuel industry was very dangerous and in the end he was killed by persons unknown.

Everyone should be aware that the US Patent Office will not allow a patent for any device that is deemed impossible by the laws of Physics. Stanly used three different patents when combined protected his invention. Much of what he said was to convince the government that he was using valid scientific principles.

In the end he seems to have made it impossible to carry on his work for without understanding the key element of the process one would never look for it.

Stanley Meyers was an overly cautious person to the level of paranoia so I doubt his invention was ever left in one piece so it could be reverse engineered.

Successful Replication of Meyer's Cell

Successful replication of Meyer's Water Cell by Dave.

Dave's detailed replication report.

correct Meyers libraray

You need to correct your listing Meyer also had 2067735(CDA)patent and patent 1213671 is not a US patent but a Canadian patent (CDA)

the 2067735 patent - what is

the 2067735 patent - what is its name, please?

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