Hector Torres speaks on RotoVerter

One of ROTOVERTER "applications" is POWER factor Correcting ..
RV Technology is not BASED on "Power factor correcting" but can be used for Power factor correcting.
Rotoverter ROTOCONVERSION ,is "NEW" in the sense it brings RE "Teslas "radiant energy"" from a theoretical Pseudosientific term to ONE book justificable by POWER engineering and RADIO FREQUENCY engineering.
Being RE (Radiant Energy) Equal to RF (Radio frequency) where in engineering we can STATE..... ROTOCONVERSION is the APPLICATION of RADIO ENGINEERING to POWER ENGINEERING in electric motor operation where motors work as true energy transformation devices responding to power needs of a load being tuned efficiently to the energy source..
ROTOVERTER by definition is a power on demand ELECTRICAL to mechanical energy TRANSFORMER .
Saving OVER 90% of the otherwise WASTED and NON-used energy of a conventional designed motor .
Rotoverter is a tool to DEMOSTRATE ROTOCONVERSION effect, rotary transformation of electrical energy to other forms of energy
Be Radio Frequency (radiant), Electrical power , thermal, Aethereic, mechanical, gravitational , acoustic , photonic & others .
RV is a "discovery" on power management ... A tool for R&D
It demostrates that the OVERUNITY effects of many claimed OVERUNITY devices are due to MECHANICS of TRANSFORMATION, well justified by thermodynamic LAW, being STOCHASTIC resonance
Experiments done BY US NAVY the first undeniable evidence that energy entering a system (like a weak radio signal ) can be amplified by ambient noise into a signal exceeding the input energy one (Search stochastic energy GAIN) NASA, being SUCH the demostrative case, The existence of mechanics that contribute to ENERGY amplification within a system and such being gained from ambient system environment, Overunity is well justified within standard thermodynamic equations.
E in plus ( E ambient) Equal = Energy out > (exceeds energy in) COP >1
This opens a new era of power management and transformation science..
RV efficiency had exceeded the standard engineering base making already posible the USE of acquired energy from the ambient where self energy substained units had being already made & tested.
In ENERGY SAVINGS aplications alone RV can reduce petrol usage by 46% world wide, not FREE energy but SAVED ENERGY.
The beauty is , its so simple taken to BASIC form it can be replicated & built By anyone with basic electrical skills.
No NASA or CALTEC EGGHEADS are needed !
Just a bit of common sense and ingenuity
Feel free to add to article, feel free to Built AN RV ...
ITS FREE gift to humanity ! That Will Also lead to FREE energy sources anywere needed.
(Inventor Of the RV )

Found on GoogleVideo. Not Posted By Us. Floyd Sweet secrets: free energy using Vacuum Triode Amplifier (VTA)

this was FOUND on googlevideo. we did NOT post this.
get the dvd from http://www.cheniere.org

Paul Pantone: "Now we must teach it to the World, or we will have failed."

Knowing you have the answer to clean-up the World's pollution is not enough.
Now we must teach it to the World, or we will have failed.

John Bedini: Rense.com: Bedini's Brilliant Formation Of Negative Resistors In Batteries

Breakthrough - Bedini's Brilliant Formation Of Negative Resistors In Batteries
From John Bedini 4-27-00

Here is the reason why Thomas Bearden has written the following paper; It's because I helped a little 10 year old girl to win every science award in Coeur d' Alene...all First Places plus a Special Award in science with one of my motors.

The motor ran for 4 days...without stopping at 4000RPM. It also ran a generator producing power the entire time.

John Bedini: Simple Monopole Machine Circuit

from Bedini_SG

Tesla's 1931 electric car with AC motor running via 12 vacuum tubes, wires, resistors and rods.

in 1931, under the financing of Pierce-Arrow and George Westinghouse, a 1931 Pierce-Arrow was selected to be tested at the factory grounds in Buffalo, N.Y. The standard internal combustion engine was removed and an 80-H.P. 1800 r.p.m electric motor installed to the clutch and transmission. The A.C. motor measured 40 inches long and 30 inches in diameter and the power leads were left standing in the air - no external power source!

Konehead pulse motors 1 to 4 (ancient videos)

Paul Pantone: GEET Friends

An American hero and horrific example of inventor abuse by corrupt Utah officials and businessmen.

Paul Pantone is the ruthlessly persecuted inventor and developer of systematic experimental engines & generator modifications intended to double or triple gas mileage as they reduce greenhouse gasses & pollutants by over 90 %.

Paul Pantone's energy efficiency system is called GEET (Global Environmental Energy Technology). Mr. Pantone has been developing it for 20 years.

Paul Pantone: Panacea University GEET Technology PDF course with information and details


Fuel reforming method for fuel saving and reduction of pollution. Energy saving & pollution cutting applications include: cars, tractors, trucks, generators, boats, helicopters, any Internal Combustion Engine application.
Panacea-BOCAF reference page.

Paul Pantone: GEET Water Fuel Plasma Reactor Chamber Explained

Paul Pantone: Comment on CNET from Chris Piner, GEET tech: 50% gas 50% water engine modification

GEET technology, 50%gas50%water engine modification: reader comment from Chris Piner
Posted on: July 12, 2004, 7:34 AM PDT
Story: Energy heats up high tech

Paul Pantone has developed a system that Cracks the fuel down no matter the fuel or additives gasoline diesel old oil or even crude oil.. His invention called A GEET Global Environmental Energies Technology
He was awarded a Patent last Aug 19 1998 5,794,601 but could not get any in of the major media to tell the world

The GEET Fuel Processor is a self-inducing Plasma generator.

Paul Pantone: Paul Pantone interviewed about GEET

Interview with inventor Paul Pantone. Paul is in trouble having fallen foul of the legal system in Utah

interview conducted by Sterling Allan.

Paul Pantone: Paul Pantone Introduction

See demonstratins of GEET technology from its inventor, Paul Pantone, the guy who invented that 100 MPG cabrurator you were told doesn't exist.

from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjLqFSlHWcs

Paul Pantone: Paul Pantone Plasma Reactor Motor

Paul Pantone showing his invention, the "GEET Fuel Processor". It's a 1-cylinder four-stroke engine that runs on all kinds of fuels and exhausts cleaner air than came in.

Paul Pantone: Salt Lake Weekly: Fuel Injected Lunatic

Fuel Injected Lunatic
Inventor Paul Pantone hoped to save the world. Now, will the world save him?
By Stephen Dark
Posted 07/26/2007

Led by a bailiff into Judge Royal Hansen’s 3rd District Court in West Jordan on June 7, Paul Pantone’s shuffling gait might have been caused by a broken big toe—gone untreated for more than year and a half—rather than by his wrist and ankle manacles.

Challenge of the week - Paul Pantone

The challenge for 19th of September 2008 - 26th of September 2008 is to post as much pertinent information on Paul Pantone as possible. This includes articles written by him, any interviews, direct patents, videos, etcetera.
Take part in the challenge by posting your comments to this sticky.

Non-Reflective Battery Charging Circuit Via Sinewave Peak Pulsing Circuit for Rotoverter - Feb 26 2009 - Konehead

Here is way to charge battery from a rotovertor AC motor, and the pulsing to the charge battery only occurs at the peaks of the sinewave feeding the AC motor, which makes the battery-charging "non-reflective" to the amperage draw of the motor while charging the charge battery. In other words, the amps draw to the AC motor stays the same if charging 2nd battery stack or not.

SysCoil.Org: Good website on John Bedini's inventions

quite a comprehensive website on John Bedini's devices.

PKS get ready to launch Viktor Schauberger DVD on 27th September 2008

"A new DVD is going to be released on the occasion of Viktor`s commemoration days in September (27th - 28th): "Viktor Schauberger - Comprehend and Copy Nature" (English/German)" from http://www.pks.or.at/

Viktor Schauberger Speaks (from YouTube)

Wilhelm Reich: It Can Be Done!

Walter Russell - hmm

red (heat) intensifies as gravity multiplies (Compression)
blue (cold) intensifies as gravity divides (Radiation)

Walter Russell - brief introduction (again, youtube has been removed)

you are fulfilling your significance if you apply yourself to converting all your experience to the highest advantage of others

You do not belong to you. You belong to the universe. The significance of you will remain forever a mystery to you, but you may assume you are fulfilling your significance if you apply yourself to converting all your experience to the highest advantage of others. - R. Buckminster Fuller

Wilhelm Reich - chops from "W.R. Mysteries of the Organism"

Orgone Shooter, Orgone Accumulator, Orgone Blanket, Myron Sharaf explaining his comprehension of his Orgone Accumulator, Dr. Eva Reich on a conspiracy tip,

Internet Archive: Keely And His Discoveries

ok, before any of you go completely copyright kookoo on me: i found these ONLINE. on the INTERNET ARCHIVE. i am providing you with a LINK to a PAGE that has a BOOK. that i want to read, and hope you will read too. this book is: Keely And His Discoveries. it is at the page http://www.archive.org/details/keelyhisdiscover00moorrich MERLib does not have this file archived, you can access it from there, and we have now not violated ANY COPYRIGHTS. HANDS OFF. MERLib is INFORMATIONAL USE PURPOSES ONLY.
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