page 303 of Living Energies by Coats and Schauberger

Triboluminescence: An internal glow or luminescence produced when two or more crystalline rocks of similar composition are rubbed hard together or struck against one another and is attributed to the energy given off by the electrons contained the rocks as they return from a pressure-induced, excited state to their rest orbits. As a phenomenon it can occur both in air and under water.


page 108
"...But before going further, let us acquaint ourselves with some of the more commonly known facts about water. First of all, whence did water come? Obviously it cannot have come from the upper atmosphere, since as we saw in chapter 6 the water molecule is actually dissociated at high altitudes. Where else do we look then? If not above then perhaps below, because the atmosphere does not seem conducive to its formation. If below then where? Has it been contained in a crystalline state in ore-bearing rocks since the Earth began? There is some evidence to suggest that it has. In The Divining Hand4 Christopher Bird describes the pioneering theories and discoveries of Stephan Riess in the United States, which like Viktor Schauberger's, completely contradicted established hydraulic theory. According to Stephan Riess under certain conditions the oxygen and hydrogen gases present in certain types of rock can be released due to the effects of geothermal heat and a process akin to triboluminescence, a phenomenon relating to the light given off by crystalline rocks under friction or violent pressure. This glow is attributed to the energy given off by the electrons contained the rocks as they return from a pressureinduced, excited state to their rest orbits. As a discharge it imparts free energy to the surrounding material, which could be sufficient to cause the hydrogen and oxygen released by the pressure to form new water under a process of cold oxidation. Riess called this virgin water, and as a result of his knowledge he was able to tap straight into formations of hard rock of the right composition and obtain very large quantities of water, in some cases as much as 3,000 gallons per minute. All this right out in the middle of the desert, where no water could be expected. Unfortunately, his efforts to provide needy areas with copious quantities of superb quality, fresh water were sabotaged. As happened to Viktor Schauberger before him, Christopher Bird relates how Riess was slandered and his ideas brought into disrepute through the scurrilous activities of certain high officials in the state of California, whose interests were threatened by Riess' discoveries..."


page 292, concerning the Repulsine
"...It has been reported that this machine emitted a halo of bluish-white light around the lower perimeter of the outer cowling A (fig. 21.9) when in operation, which has been described earlier as bio-magnetic light rather than ionisation. During the emulsion of the elements of the indrawn air, a higher form of triboluminescence may have been produced between the two rilled diaphragms due to the mutual 'abrasion' of the particles under extreme cen21: Implosion 293 tripetal compaction, which would have infused and iridesced the whole of the interstitial space. As blue-white light it would have had a far higher frequency and intrinsic energy than red for example, and causing the particles of the air to spiral at extremely high velocities in the way described in Prof. Ehrenhaft's research.

"...In addition a glowing bluish-white discharge akin to ionisation is produced. In this instance, however, since no thermal effects are apparent apart from extreme cooling, we are here more probably concerned with triboluminescent bio-magnetic phenomena (chapters 8 & 13). Due to the mutual pressures exerted through exposure to such high compressive stress, the protons and electrons of the various elements in the dense aeriform emulsion quickly return to their former rest-orbits upon their release, and in so doing emit a cold biomagnetic glow..."



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