Magnetic Resonance Part 10

Open scientific and engineering discussion on different type of magnetic resonance without or with ferro-resonance added including anomalous resonant effects.

For those of you willing to replicate and study in more details this specific ferro-transverter:
* full H-bridge with four IRF640 mosfet and four MUR460 diodes, each isol-driver MCP1403 plus IL610
* PSU stabilized at 50 VDC with 6000 microF electrolytic cap (snap-in for SMPS)
* duty cycle (between 20% and 25%... very sensitive to get the effect)
* frequency generator able to go beyond 1 MHz up to 5% duty cycle
* single E-core panasonic ferrite (first generation of panasonic inverter Micro Wave Oven)
* two single E-core panasonic coils (manufactured with 300 turns Liz wire) modified with 38 turns Litz wire, original manufacturer air gap in place plus additional air gap washer in center leg, 8.22 nanoF capacitor with 2 nanoF variable capacitor in parallel, 320 microH secondary coil
* external resistance of LC tank (1 ohms)

As a reminder, these anomalous ferro magnetic resonance require high quality ultra-fast PWM drivers, the tuning involves fundamental triplet (PSU, PWM frequency, PWM duty cycle) then lot of patience, hands laboratory practice involving chaos electronics.

Thank you for any constructive comments and suggestions, Albert