Potential Difference: Thane C. Heins June 30 2011 demo - Lenzless Regenerative Acceleration Generator Technology

video description:
MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH IN EV AND HEV GENERATOR DESIGN. Regenerative Acceleration Generator Technology allows EVs to continually recharge their batteries during virtually 100% of the EV operation. Provides battery recharge capacity BEYOND regenerative braking / generator braking effects resulting in significant increases in range and performance while reducing battery weight, battery cost and fuel costs.Easily integrated into ALL current EV and HEVs and ICE vehicles. This technology may have the capacity to give EVs UNILMITED RANGE because the generator ACTS AS A MOTOR AND ACCELERATES WHEN A LOAD IS APPLIED. This is very important because increasing the generator output (to any amount) will NEVER stall the system. Electric vehicles will soon be able to recharge and maintain a fully charged battery state during ALL operation such as EV acceleration, coasting and braking. Current regenerative braking systems only allow some moderate recharge capability on braking alone. HAPPY CANADA DAY! Cheers Thane Thane C. Heins President Potential +/- Difference Inc. R & D "The Transition of Power" [email protected] Linkedin http://linkd.in/iIZyXF You Tube http://bit.ly/gCRePU