RAINews: The Magic of Mr. Rossi

The story of the invention which promises to change the world
by Angelo Saso

In Greece there's a company ready to bet on it 200 Millions euros, in the United States the industrial production is allegedly already started and there's a plan to put the device on the market later this year. The Energy Catalyzer, created by the Italian inventor Andrea Rossi, is still a mysterious prototype but it promises to become soon an international case and even a revolution in our way of life and in our approach to energy generation.

E-Cat is a small device apparently able to convert few grams of nickel powder and a small amount of high pressure hydrogen in electric power for many months. The application for a patent is still pending: therefore Mr. Rossi has not revealed the secrets of the process still. Many tests confirmed that the measured power output cannot be the result of any chemical process. Two authoritative Swedish physicists, who took part in one of the tests, said: "the explanation is that there is necessarily a nuclear reaction" and: "If it's true, their inventors would deserve the Nobel Prize".

But there is not any scientifically viable theory on what really happens in E-cat's reaction chamber.

Is this a hoax? A collective hallucination? Or a radical innovation instead?

Rainews reporter Angelo Saso has interviewed the main players and experts in order to reveal the backstage of such an invention "which promises to change the world".