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While travelling here in South Florida, got together with a few local Tesla
enthusiasts last night. We decided to take a field trip to Coral Castle
this afternoon, which is pretty much a mandatory pilgrimage stop for any
"alternative science" person. Took along much of my electromagnetic survey
tool kit. Following are the observations recorded, in hopes that this will
prove useful to some of us.

As most of you probably know, Coral Castle was built in the 1930's and '40's
by Ed Leedskalnin, a very small man from Latvia who worked alone. He
somehow managed to move huge blocks of native coral, which had been
excavated at the site. The only tools ever seen there were wholly unsuited
to the task of building this artistic edifice. He left several hints as to
the techology he used, having claimed to know the "secrets of Egyptian
pyramid builders". How he actually built this remains a mystery to this
day. In the last few years of his life, Leedskalnin did a lot of
electromagnetic research at the site, and published some fairly unremarkable
documents. In conversations at various Tesla Symposia, there have been
speculations about the possibility that there is something "special" about
the site. These measurements are an attempt to see if there is anything to
this speculation.


A magnetic field suppression effect was evident at the site. At the
electric service entrance, a 3.0 milliGauss (mG) field was found at 13
inches away from the meter. Normally, this level will be found about 36
inches away given this type of installation.

There was a primary electric transmission line running near the west wide of
the property. No magnetic field was found at or near the fence line. With
this type of transmission line, that is an abnormal reading, as at least 6.0
mG would be expected at ground level, at that distance from the line.
However, a normal 60 Hz AC electric field was measured, at peak levels of
154 millivolts per square meter about ten feet off the ground.

With the simple compass needle deflection test, there was a consistent
deflection of about 10 - 15 degrees to the west of normal magnetic north
within the site. Similar effects have been found at other geobiologically
active sites. By comparison, the deflection was not as marked as that found
at the Mornom Temple in Salt Lake City, or near the Dom (cathedral) of
Mainz, Germany.

It is recommended that the site be revisited, and measurements of DC (earth)
magnetic fields be made. Also, a piezoelectric gravity meter as designed by
Dan Davidson should be taken there. (Mine is currently out of commission.)
Hopefully someone from this list will be able to do these additional

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