Russellian Science: TEC Breakdown of Russellian Science, Part 6, Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

posted by 77GSlinger
Quotes from "Atomic Suicide?" read by matt presti & Robert Otey. This is a breakdown of the reasons why radioactive fission is deadly and should not be used as a world fuel. Until the greed of man passes, every day brings us closer to our own annihilation.
This information is being released at the very time Japan experienced a Nuclear Disaster at their Nuclear Reactor site in Fukushima. The proof of Russell's admonitions against the insanity of using nuclear fuels to power this world is being fully validated by the nuclear disasters around the globe. More are sure to come, we must dismantle all nuclear reactors immediately and release all free energy technologies to save our world from total destruction.
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Produced By Matt Presti and Robert Otey