Paul Pantone free and teaching at the GEET school for 3 more classes, then plans of GEET school in the Netherlands and GEET classes in Australia

Since being released in May of 2009, Paul Pantone has been very busy. He has given various interviews and has appeared at the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference in Albequerque, and held the first class of the 4 prepared-for GEET schools in the USA.

May 25, 2009:"PESN: Paul Pantone of GEET released" [[download MP3]]

August 18, 2009:"Paul Pantone discusses the opening of his GEET training school and his plans to host a regular series of television programs that honors female inventors. It is very disturbing to read accounts about the events that led to the physical torture, neglect, and persecution of Paul Pantone, who was a guest on our show on June 2 to discuss his 3.5 year confinement in a Utah mental hospital. Pantone is the inventor of the GEET (Global Environmental Energy Technology) Fuel Processor that allows cars to run more efficiently and with less pollution using 80% water. When he refused to sell his patents and technology, he was framed for securities fraud and railroaded to a mental ward at the Utah State Hospital in March 2006. Upon his release from the hospital, he has opened a GEET training school and is seriously thinking of hosting a television program that features female inventors. " - from [[download MP3]]

August 25, 2009:""GEET is a fuel-delivery system that modifies liquid fuels to a vapor stage, then it takes it to a plasma stage, which is a higher energy form, feeding new fuel with fresh air into the engine, burning clean and cool. I shouldn't say 'burning' because it implodes; it doesn't explode; and therefore it takes heat out of the engine to run, making the engine run cold." This is accomplished by the incoming fuel passing by a magnetized rod of a length specific to the fuel type being burned, with very narrow passage around the rod (which can be glass or plastic [imaging magnetic glass or plastic]), accelerating its flow; while on the outside of that tube is flowing the exhaust in the opposite direction. Somehow the physics of this arrangement causes the incoming fuel to go to vapor and then plasma state at a very low temperature. The engine timing has to be modified to utilize the plasma and its implosive nature versus the explosive process that usually takes place. " - from [[download MP3]]

this is a good interview, as you will note he talks much about the 4 GEET School courses, one of which has already been organized.

# August 17/21 2009
# September 21/25 2009
# October 12/16 2009
# November 9/13 2009
Monday: Paul will go over the discoveries that have been made so far.
Tuesday: Paul will continue explaining about the discoveries which were made and show how they interact and what we have learned as to why and how.
Wednesday: Building a GEET and installing it onto an engine or generator.
Thursday: Continue building and Paul will demonstrate the 'right and wrong things' so one can understand quickly if something is wrong, you need to know WHY, and how to correct it.
Friday: We will finish the week off with different applications of GEET in the classroom setting, to furnaces, boilers, deisel, and fuel manufacturing, similar to making your own propane/natural gas substitute..

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