WITTS: eBook, plans and other items available for people who donate for their fundraiser

access here WITTS Gift Page
. Okay, I've assisted WITTS with the creation of this simple gift-page. I helped WITTS because I wanted to see what kind of plans, eBooks, etc items they have up for sale. I got my questions answered, and here are the results: As of 9th June 2009, these items are available for those who donate (and specify they wish to receive this or that item):
1. Free Energy 101 eBook (written by Jerry Tomas)
2. Quantum Energy Enhancement Technology
3. One-hour consultation
4. Fuel Enhancement Technology Kit
5. Flux Switch Transformer plans
6. Flux Switch Motor plans
7. Flux Switch Generator plans
8. Atmospheric Milli-watt Electrical Energy Converter
9. DMSO (8oz bottle)

The rest of the items are available only via first scheduling a one-hour consultation. These items are such as: Enhanced Solar Power Systems (Megawatts), Quantum Electrical Power Plants, Lab Tour & Overunity demos, cars etc etc.
WITTS website.

Have a field day with the giftpage, skeptics and believers alike :)