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Paul Pantone began building prototypes in 1979. It was four years later and over 350 failures, before the first fully functional Plasma Generator ran. In the beginning, He called it the Pantone carburetor, then the Pantone Endothermic Reactor, then he woke up. Pantone began to understand that this was truly one of the gifts that he was told he would be given, in Gods name, to clean up the planet. Pantone accepted that he was showing greed and ego, which should not be attached to a gift to mankind. The gift was to help the people clean up the planet, and prosper for all people who choose to help. He searched his heart and soul for years trying to come up with a name for this product and Company.

During the years that followed many people compared the smell of the exhaust to that of fresh flowers. With all of the names that were recommended, Paul finally chose Global Environmental Energy Technology. In Short- GEET. Then a few years later Paul was told that Geet in Pakistan and India refers to the smell or dance of the first spring flowers. "You will pick a name worthy of His gift", and she went to tell Paul to spread this knowledge to all Nations of the world. The sole purpose of GEET is to help mankind clean up our planet Earth and make it healthy.

GEET is brought to the public in a highly moral and humanitarian spirit. It is truly up to people of each country to clean up their portions of this beautiful living planet. Paul was told he was to find Moslems to run the company in their own countries; as well as Hindu, Christians, etc. but each country as its own people will know their own needs. Paul is seeking those to manage each Nation of people in this massive task. Paul's continuing role will be the caretaker of the technology and bringing more technology, as the people are ready.

For the first twelve years Paul did not really "know" why the device worked, but he knew he could build one to fit anything. His messenger told Paul in 1975, that God would bring an Angel who would explain to Paul and all others "why" it worked. Paul was told that in 1996, this Angel would stand beside him as scientists would kneel before him, seeking knowledge. These things did come to pass and Paul knows the Angel is MOLLEY, his Wife.   For over 7 years Paul and Molley stood together doing HIS work.

The sacrifice of not having any time to relax, and doing show after show. Having hundreds of people at their home, day after day, had, pushed Paul and Molley apart, but only for a few weeks . Paul and Molley  pushes on, in their quest to help ALL of mankind. Their Love is always for mankind, and cleaning up HIS planet.

In further efforts to ensure that all of humanity is helped, Paul and Molley gave the plans for small engine application to all people of the planet for their personal use only. If you would like to help and be part of cleaning up our Mother Earth, we at GEET International would honor your help or financial support.

For you,
Paul Pantone, Inventor

Molley Feichko Pantone, Inventor - Theorist

Paul Pantone's Autobiography begins here


 This story begins about twenty three years ago. There were lines of customers at the local service stations wanting to get enough gasoline to get to work the following day. They said there was a shortage of gasoline. Who was really to blame? Did it matter? My brand new 4X4 only got 6-7 mpg and even if the station had given me five gallons of gas, it would not have been enough to get to and from work the next day.

While I patiently waited in line, I began trying to think of a way to get better mileage. I knew I could. But Yet I wasn’t sure where to begin. I drew many configurations of ways to vaporize the gasoline in an effort to get a better mileage. On a few occasions I made some crude prototypes, which did increase my mileage slightly. But each time my wife objected to my wasting my time and our money "trying to reinvent the wheel'. She, as most people, believed that if there was a better way it was already invented, and probably on a shelf of some big corporation. A friend phoned and said he and some others had recently seen tanker trucks dumping gas on the ground, just to get rid of it. Things like this did not surprise me.

My first wife did give me a very intelligent son, Jason. Often he and I played with inventions and theories. He was most interested in my magnetic motor. He attempted to duplicate what he had seen years later and was frustrated. He phoned me to ask why his magnetic plate would only hover, and not spin as mine had. I gently explained his formula was a little off, but went on to praise him for he had found. This was a totally different application of magnetics, which was as viable as mine. Jason is now in the Army.

While waiting for gas, I had flashbacks of my meeting Mrs. Cunningham. It was August, 1975. I had been out of work for some time, and all of my bills were behind. The only thing I could think of to earn money fast was to build some redwood picnic tables. I had enough redwood to build fifteen or twenty tables behind my house, left over from other jobs. My wife said she was going horseback riding that morning about nine o'clock. I asked her to place an ad, in the local paper to sell the tables for $39.95, and I told her to not make the ad very big, in an effort to save money.

By noon I was finishing the fourth table. As I turned the last table over, a knot fell out by the comer of the table. Rather than dissembling the table, I figured I would just round off the comers. Just after I finished cutting off the first comer, the phone rang. A very pleasant sounding woman at the other end, said, " Hello Paul, this is Mrs. Cunnigham. Would you bring the round table over this afternoon at about two?" I quickly said yes. I got her address and directions, and hung up. After hanging up it dawned on me that no one on earth but me should have known about the round table.

I drove to her subdivision and her house was the only one completed. Not one home had yet poured concrete. She then appeared within three feet of the truck when I came to a stop. She said the gate was wide open and to take the table to the back patio. As I began to grab the table, I heard dogs barking and abruptly turned to see if they were close. Mrs. Cunningham said not to worry, since she knew I was afraid of Dobermans and German Shepherds, she put them in the garage, At this point she was getting me a little nervous, for I had told no one of this fear. I took the table and returned for the benches about one minute later. As I turned the corner, at the back of her garage, I saw her close the gate from the front. Three steps later she was in front of me inviting me in to her house.

I spun around, and was trying to figure out how could she have gone around the house, through it and beat me to the back patio. At this point I was thinking Candid Camera? I went in and as I closed the sliding door, her dogs were hitting the door and barking. How did they get out of the garage, she had not left my sight? As I started to ask for my check, she motioned to the far end of her dinning table. There was a cup of tea and a check. Slowly and very nervous I walked the few steps to the check.

She told me that she was giving me ten dollars extra, because she needed to talk to me, and she had a message. I said I was in a hurry and she cut me off and said she knew I had no other things of importance for the rest of the day. Then as I looked at the check I saw she had written out my full name. The check showed $39.95 plus $10.00 tip. I had not told her how much I was asking for the table, how could she have known? Then she said, "Sit down! I have a message from GOD!!!

First to get my attention, she told me of things I had done, which I never shared with another living sole. She told me where I was from and secrets of others, which I had never repeated. She reminded me of the time when I put chewing gum in my sister's hair when I was six years old. Since my sister was asleep and I was the only person awake in the room, I’m listening.

She told me about the time in Hawthorne when I stole a big jar of Jiffy Peanut Butter and when a delivery truck blocked the view I smeared the whole jar on the seat and steering wheel of a police car. She asked if I remembered how mad the cop was when he came out and jumped into the front seat, then slowly got out covered with peanut butter. My heart was now beginning to speed up and was thinking of running out the door, but I couldn’t move.

She asked me if I remembered the man who came out of his building and slapped me up side the head and accused me of stealing coke bottles from the bed of his pick-up truck? I said yes, and not wanting her to finish that story, but she did. You went back later and threw matches in his trash can just to make him mad. You had no Idea that the building would catch fire.

NOW She had my full and undivided attention. But she continued. She told me of three other things that I had not done. I only thought these things. She explained that an evil thought is an evil deed. She told me that for things I'd all ready done I would pay, and for seven years she predicted the events that followed. She said I had chosen to take the job before I came here and God allowed me the job to clean up his Planet. But I was to stay until the job is done, no mater how long it took.

She said the first seven year cycle would be "hell on earth" and would be over when I lost my wife and son. She told me of over fifty things, in order, that were going to happen in this seven years that I could not alter. At the time I wasn’t sure what she meant, but I was scared. She said I would leave that seven-year period with only what I was wearing and the money in my pocket.

The second seven years would allow me to expand and accomplish things no other man has done. And I was to gather knowledge, which will help me later, to help all of mankind. But I must choose from right or wrong during the end of the second seven years. She said I would choose money and comfort or to walk away and do only the work of God. She told me of a man being sent to me during this seven years who would bring me knowledge of things to come of a government action. She warned me that "men of the cloth" were not to be trusted for their greed would bring out their true intentions.

She told me I would meet seven Angels, each with messages that would be needed at that time. The last Angel would be standing beside me and in the form as a woman who chose to be my sole mate. I would know her, for she will stand beside me as scientists kneel before me, in Congress, seeking knowledge. She said to forward in God’s name and teach the teachers for they are ready. Then you should not be in the business of sales or the like; you must find people who believe in God to run all business. Anyone, who comes to you without placing value to receive, shall not be trusted. If they offer fair consideration, up front, and in good faith, then they will do as they say. She gave me very specific details on how the entities were to be set up, and told me I, with my chosen wife would be His caretakers for all of His gifts.

After divorcing my first wife, seven years later. I had the necessary freedom to invent anything I wanted, without the negativity, that she often gave. I built a 25 caliber "log splitter", the perfect 'toy" for anyone who had firewood to split. A simple formula for paint, in a powdered form, which I called "Instant Paint", all you had to do was add water and stir. My list of inventions grew rapidly. It seemed like everything I looked at, gave me incentives of better ways to get the job done. With this new-felt freedom, as well as a room full of inventions, that worked, I decided I would get down to the business of creating a better fuel delivery system, just like Mrs. Cunningham had told me I would.

To cover the high costs of building prototypes, I bought and sold houses. I bought a house with a guest home on 3 acres, which became my home and laboratory. During the first few years, I hired helpers to build my prototypes, while I was out earning the money to continue the research. I designed hundreds of configurations to test. None ever seemed to do what I wanted. My goal was a fuel system, which would not allow any pollution to leave the engine.

At times my telephone bills were about $1,000.00 a month, as I tried to gain knowledge. Most of these calls were depressing, as the "experts" in the fuel fields told me what I was trying to do was impossible. Some of these over-educated fools would not even talk, they could only scream and say I was crazy for trying to change what "works". It took these engineers 100 years to get it this good.

During the testing of different devices, and evaluation of fuels, I had a few mishaps. One such mishap, that I now share, does have a certain amount of humor. I wanted to know what was the best surfactant to accomplish my goals of mixing fuels such as gasoline or crude oil with water. After listening to engineers and scientists from The Major oil companies, I set out to the local grocery store to purchase every kind of detergent I could. Looking back, it must have looked ridiculous. Here I was in a grocery store with not one, but two shopping carts filled with one of every brand of detergent they had. When the clerk asked why, all the soap, I told her I was on a cleaning spree. We both laughed.

Once home, I went to the lab and began strategically mixing fuels and water with the different types of detergents, each meticulously with the same number of stirs. The following morning I found only a small number of jars, where the fuels were still mixed, the others separated. This gave me the first phase of the test. Then I applied heat, at three levels to see if the suspensions would hold when introduced to my fuel system. Three detergents passed the exterior heat test. The following morning I was going to test the flammability of each detergent blend, to check suspension again. It was raining outside, so I set up in the kitchen the fifty samples, and began to test. Using a propane torch to ignite the blends as quickly as possible. I soon realized that long black strands of hydrocarbons would mean I now needed to repaint the entire guesthouse. The soot was so dense you could not see the wall just ten feet in front of your nose. It was at this point my girl friend opened the door, and asked if I was all right. She asked if she should call the fire department. I told her it was just a test and not to worry. The results of the test were conclusive, only one detergent mix burned to the very last drop.

After several cleanings and repainting, the guesthouse I was back in business. I was a little disappointed that the surfactant, which was shipped to me from Texas, for a slight fee of about $60.00 per gallon, was less of a surfactant than cheap dishwashing soap, yet this is the brand used by most oil companies. But I did learn how to best feed the mixed fuel into my invention.

June 12,1983. Up till now, I have hidden tests and results from everyone, except those working with me on the project. I had an office in Auburn where I provided a tax service on the side, while I prepared to open a utility company. I knew SOMETHING was about to happen, as I had seen it in a vision. I have had premonitions many hundreds of times in my life, (To detail them all for you would take another book.) I told my secretary that in the event I did not show up for work in the morning, she was to contact my partner, Bill, and have him run things until I returned.

I went home and got dressed up for a meeting in the Reno area, where for some reason I felt I should go, even though it had not been confirmed. My girl friend came home as usual at about 6 PM, and said she had to go with me. She further told me that a friend had warned her of a possible accident and did not want her to drive. I drove to Nevada.

After several hours in Nevada, I said it was time to go home since there obviously was no meeting or call to cancel. Was my premonition was wrong? As we headed for the stairs I slipped on a pencil and fell down them, hitting my head and back on a sharp metal edge on each step. I was taken to the local hospital-for treatment, where they diagnosed my condition as a fractured vertebrae and nerve damage. They told my spouse, that I had no feeling below my waist because of pinched nerves, and would need proper facilities as soon as possible. The Doctor said no ambulance would be available until the following day.

She offered to drive me to another hospital. The Doctor helped put me in her car. About an hour later she fell asleep, doing 80 MPH plus, The car struck a large boulder and she was thrown free of the car on impact. After several flips, end over end it finally began to roll onto its side, and catch fire. I ran from the car and helped the rescue workers get her into the ambulance.

At the emergency room they told me I had 5 crushed discs and three fractured vertebrae. They wanted permission to do surgery, to fuse my spinal column. I refused to accept their diagnosis or treatment, but said just to sew up the holes in my back where the gearshift had gone in and I would think about their offer, later, much later. Three days later I checked myself out and walked home. The Doctor said, "he would not release me". (A few months later I was told my back is perfectly normal)

1983 I finally got to the point I thought I had failed. My girl friend was upset seeing hundreds of thousands of dollars and time wasted, and still no finished product. I told her that if I couldn’t get at least 90% less pollution by that Friday I’d put the project up for a while. I kept praying for guidance. Then Friday morning I felt really bad that I had not accomplished what Mrs. Cunningham had said I could and slowly walked out to my test engine.

The 10hp engine was getting about 40 longer run times on gas but it seemed like it got too much fuel. When I looked at the engine I saw a piece of rod about 12 inches long lying beside the unit. There was not enough time to make any changes before my deadline so I thought "maybe if I shove the rod up the center of the fuel delivery chamber it would cut down on the fuel use." I tried it. It worked!!! The first measured run was more than 5 times the normal run for 8 ounces.

I was thrilled and my girl friend was chilled. I took the engine to town and hooked it up to the smog machine and tested the emissions. "THERE WERE NO EMISSION" that were readable!!! Thank you Lord for the rod. I now knew I was doing His work and my joy was beyond words.

Why is it that both my youngest son and I know danger is ahead, sometimes just seconds before it is? On one occasion David, only five at the time was playing in the back of my van. Everything seemed normal. Then, suddenly, he bolted from the back, to the front passenger seat, and was furiously putting on his seatbelt. As he was doing this I asked what on earth was he doing. He explained he had to get the seatbelt on before I had to... his seat belt clicked closed... and as I saw this big dog, he finished his sentence... "before you see the dog". As the van stopped, the 96-pound jackhammer from the back of the van came flying forward to smash the backs of both of the front seats. He then released the seat belt and "the rest of the trip is safe."

David has shared a few moments of his memories or knowledge with me from before he was born, one while still only 60 days in his mothers womb. He explained how he could feel, hear and share everything she thought and did. This changed my feelings on abortion in one instant.

On with the story. The final basic configuration of the Plasma Generator, which I built, seemed to have a temperament. One day it would run excellent on gas and water 50-50, and the next day it would not perform as well. During a demonstration in Sacramento California for a group of people from five different religions, I managed to get 90 times the normal gallons-per-hour, but I could not explain why the drastic results on that particular day.

The fuel was 2 ounces of crude oils and 6 ounces of water). During my initial excitement, I wanted to show everyone of my accomplishments. It was sad, many times leaving me in tears, and wondering why. Do I really want to help mankind or should I be Re the rest and grab a big chunk of money and forget mankind.

After eleven days in the hospital, Carol came home. A few hours later she wanted her pain killers, and I told her, it was too early. A few minutes later she asked me to come back into the living room with her. She began by asking, "how did you take away all of the headaches and other woman pains in the past". I couldn’t quite explain how it works. Then she asked me to take the pain of the accident from her, and I did. I placed my hands above her and asked in God’s name to allow me to take her pain, and her pain was gone. She became very upset with me, because I didn’t do it eleven days earlier. I went for a long walk.

A few years earlier I had forced myself again to study my dreams, with great success. I can now positively identify 7 different types of dreams. I found they are somewhat controllable. One of my reoccurring dreams at the time was so vivid, I felt it was to be of an upcoming event. The first time the dream occurred, I picked up several specific details. Whoever I was in the dream, I was wearing a light green plaid shirt; as I stood behind my car looking towards the house on the right, I observed the third number of the address that was upside-down at the edge of a brick arch leading to the entrance. At the time a loud noise from my right and behind me scared me and I ran off to the left, my chest was beginning to hurt. I forced myself to have this dream four more times in an effort to glean more specific knowledge, in an effort to determine if the situation was real, and if so, who was I in this dream. I finally determined in my final viewing that I was Alan, a friend of my fathers who I hadn’t seen for a few years. The following day I went to my father and told him of this vision. As I was speaking the phone rang, it was Alan. My father handed the phone to me. I told Alan in great detail of my vision, including the bottle of wine, the exposed aggregate sidewalk, which leads to the building to the left of the building where he was going. He listened without saying anything, until I mention he would have another heart attack. He hung up without saying a word. About thirty minutes later he phoned back and said I had scared the hell out of him. He then told me that he was expected for dinner at the very house I had described, he had destroyed the bottle of wine, the shirt and canceled his plans. He said what convinced him was my comment that he would have another heart attack, since the only people on earth that knew he had a heart attack two days ago, were he and his doctor. He said if I ever see anything in a vision about him I could call anytime, even collect.

On a trip one day to New York, the plane quickly filled with basketball players. For a few minutes I seemed to appreciate their skill and worth, until the fool next to me started going on, about how hard these POOR guys work for so little pay. I wanted to explode, the hurt I felt was that I could not afford the finer things in life, without working 70 to 80 hours per week. I asked the man next to me what he did for a living, holding my composure as best I could. He told me he was an accountant, for some big CPA firm in New York.

I asked him how much would he pay to see this team play? He said it was worth a hundred dollars a seat, and worth it, for front and center. I asked then what would you pay for a seat, if you could see a device that would eliminate pollution, and help mankind. He said, "Nothing, I wouldn’t care", and anyway the government or big business would buy it up. I asked this man to find another seat on the plane, he did.

After an accidental fuel mixture revealed to me that the possibility of using crude oil would be more efficient than gasoline, I began trying everything I could think of. Of all the fuels tested, my favorite is corn oil. When corn oil is processed through the unit the exhaust smells like fresh popcorn. Adding Old Spice make the exhaust smell like fresh flowers.

Several of the prototypes were vortex units, Some would double or even triple the performance of gallons per hour, but they all had traces of pollution which I felt could be completely eliminated. Recently I met some local people who are now experimenting with the same models I built back in the early 1980's. Rather than laying any claim to their products I offered to help them, to improve their inventions.

In early 1983, I took one of the prototypes to the Ophir OH Company and asked for the worst hydrocarbon products they had to use as fuel for a ten-horse engine. The owner gave me several samples of road oil products. Once I started the engine up, he came out to the yard, thoroughly amazed. He sent an employee off to the far end of the yard for some special fuel. A few minutes later, he returned with a cup of gray gunk. The owner offered it to me as a challenge for my invention. I accommodated the challenge, and the engine ran even smoother than before. I asked what the solution was and he said, "50'/o water and 50% sludge, which had almost no value".

Bingo! Water? Yes. I soon found that many fuels were enhanced by the addition of water, when properly suspended. Can you even imagine the overwhelming joy I felt? In my mind I felt I could help mankind, in so many ways. My pollution levels dropped even more drastically.

For a few days I felt I was blessed with an invention that could help mankind. But often since then I wonder is it a blessing or a curse. Please let me expound. Happy, at the time, I wanted to show off my accomplishment. I went to the automotive supply house where I had purchased many of the parts on some of the prototypes. Al the owner was there, I said I felt it was time to tell him what it was I had been working on for the last few years. As I began telling him of using 50% used engine oil and 50% water as fuel... He put his hands in the air and screamed. "STOP! You f .. ing con artist, You’re trying to sucker me into giving you money. You stupid moron. I’m an engineer. I know that is physically impossible. With this outburst, he reached under the counter, and pulled out a tire iron. As he motioned that he was about to swing it at me I ducked, and ran out of the store as fast as possible.

I had difficulty believing what had just happened. I went over to another parts store and asked if Bob, the owner, was in. His son went and got him from the back. Bob and I talked for ten or fifteen minutes before I had the guts to ask him if he would believe in an invention such as mine. He laughed and said, in a loud voice, "You show me an engine that runs on used engine oil mixed half water, and I’ll give you the keys to this store". I led him out front to see it run. About twenty customers came out to see, as well as about twenty people from some of the neighboring stores. Doug, the owner of a repair shop came out and asked what was going on, and I told him. With this he offered to supply the fuel. A few minutes later he poured in the fuel and I started the engine. After ten minutes or so, I stopped the engine and turned to where Bob had been standing, he was gone. While the engine was going he got in his truck and left without a word. Gee, I wonder why. Several of his customers were calling him names, for they felt the least he could do if not give the keys, was to formally apology.

I would estimate that one out of every twenty people I tell about the invention, relates a story of how someone disappeared, because of some form of technology. Most never to be heard from again, or simply bought out. I am beginning to wonder if any of these stories had any validity, Or is it that the other inventors, after pouring their hearts and souls into the invention, just got tired of being verbally abused by fools. If I had ten dollars for every time I have heard that my invention is IMPOSSIBLE, I would have the necessary budget to get it to the marketplace. In my deepest times of hurt, I have destroyed several of my inventions. Not wanting to share them with anyone, at any price. I was told to help ALL of mankind.

The greed, most people have, is their biggest enemy, Several times I would have accepted only 5% or 10% as an ongoing royalty, if I believe the people would be honest about even that.

In November 1984, I made the front page of the local paper. I got calls from all over it was kind of fun and exciting. One of the callers was a little upsetting. He began the call with saying he could not identify himself but I should be listening closely. After a few minutes he asked if I could drive to the next town for a meeting. He was heading for Reno and Auburn was on His way. I agreed. I picked a car lot for the meeting and he said he’d be there within the hour.

When I arrived at the lot one person stood out that He was not a car salesman. All black suit with dark glasses driving an obvious "agency" type car. He motioned me to follow as he entered the showroom and went to the first salesman there. He asked whose office was the large one in front and the manager said it was his. The agent flashed his credentials and said the office was his for the next hour. The salesman looked nervous and said "Fine. Would you like coffee or anything?"

The agent went in and closed the blinds and unplugged the phone line. During the next hour he told me names of many inventors I had sought out and could not find. Some were bought and disappeared. Others were falsely imprisoned with their dreams confiscated and destroyed. Others just scared to death that if they went forward their families would be killed. All of this because of big money control.

He taught me how to sting the IRS when they did try to pull the "you didn’t file" trick in 1990. He warned me of many other situations and told me to always have several tape recorders and be ready to record any and all calls. He concluded that if "they" ever feel really threatened and you have too much exposure they file false charges and hold you without bail. Those inventors almost never live to the first trial date. I told him I had already built a unit that allow cars to run on tap water and I was afraid to release it, because I was told by my first angel not to be disruptive and cause wars unless it became necessary.

I asked why, give me all this help if this is what you do for a living. He said he had less than six months to live and had started going back to church. He knew what he had been doing for over 20 was not the right and Godly thing and he wanted to help as many inventors as he could, for God.



A few people who saw the demonstrations realized the value of such advanced technology. They came as friends. Offering wisdom mostly tainted for personal gains. But almost always cloaking their true desires, of controlling all of the knowledge. A few with extraordinary stories of woe. Some as obvious as an atom bomb, while others with the subtlety of a refined nanny.

Fun? Sometimes. One scientist, who worked for a major United States Testing Laboratory, in California, was a resident in the community. I approached Jim and asked him for help, on a scientific level. At first he wanted me off his property. But when he accepted by my persistence, that I did in fact have the technology, and I was being sincere in my request, he apologized. He said he did want to at least take a "small" look at what I had, so he could at least explain that I was in Left Field, as to what was happening. Then before I could demonstrate the engine he explained, "carbon in- carbon out".

After he finished I ran the engine on just crude oil Supplied by Texaco. Then I asked for a glass of water. I felt comfortable with Jim, because he was not laughing at me, but with me. When he returned with the glass of water, I poured a small amount of crude oil and detergent into the water and stirred it up. I then drained the fuel chamber in front of him. At this point he asked I not touch anything else, but try to start the engine. Of course, with no fuel it did not start. Then He poured the fuel mix into the fuel tank and he pulled the starter rope. It started on the first pull. This 6'6" man dropped to his hands and knees to smell the exhaust. His eyes got big, and did he ever smile. He was as impressed as any man I had ever seen.

Jim was acting like a little kid in a candy store with unlimited money to spend. He definitely saw the potential of the technology. He asked how could he help me or become part of what I had. I told him I did not really know WHY it worked, I just knew how to make it work. He and I laughed as we went over just a few of the possible fields of application. He mentioned how many millions or billions it could be worth, He went on to say how this could help all of mankind. He expressed how an advancement of this magnitude should even make it possible to achieve the Nobel Peace Prize. We concluded our fifteen-minute meeting, about five hours late, with a promise that he would get the money from co-workers to get through the research and development, and get patents in place. He also gave me his phone number to the lab so I could phone him on the following Wednesday and get an update.

I waited that Wednesday, with high hopes. Wednesday morning I phoned the lab and ask for Jim. An Associate of his answered and asked what project I was calling about. Since Jim was not available at that time I began telling his associate who I was. When I told him he chuckled. After we talked for a few minutes he said I was the one that Jim had spoken of. He told me Jim was asked to resign just two days ago. It seemed that his colleagues thought he must have been on drugs over the last weekend, since he acted like he believed that a gasoline engine had run on water and crude oil, and any fool knows that is impossible. Jim resigned. He never would speak to me again.

Similar situations of this nature happened over and over. At one point in 1984, I received a few threatening phone calls. I was told of death to me and my family if I pursued my journey, towards automotive applications, I received a call, early one morning from Hank, another scientist, from the bay area, He said he had heard of my invention and wanted to know if he could drive up and meet with me. I welcomed his eagerness to accept my invention and me. Hank ended up spending four days at my home, discussing theories. Before leaving he offered me financial aid, as a gift, which I graciously accepted. He truly believed what he saw was in fact a major breakthrough in science, yet said he could not put anything in writing, as that might tarnish his reputation, for being a rebel, among other scientists.

I must have driven to Los Angeles at least twenty times, to give demonstrations to wealthy investors, who indicated they wanted to get in on the bottom floor of my technology. Each and every time the offers were totally ludicrous. One filthy rich investor, driving a Lamborghini offered me a whole $10,000.00 for the prototype, plus of course a small 1% royalty, that HE would determine was fair, after he dissected my
invention, to find out why it worked. Being educated, as he was, he could not understand why the engine ran on crude oil. The trips were very depressing, but I kept trying. On one trip through Bakersfield, California, I was to meet with some gentlemen who owned some oil wells. I gave the normal presentation, after which I shut the engine down to cool off before loading it back in my car. The men talked privately for about fifteen minutes. Then one of them came and congratulated me for one great presentation, but he wanted to know where had I hid the fuel tank, "cause, anybody with half a brain knows a gas engine won't run on crude oil, without major pollution". With this I went on to Los Angeles.

I've probably had a few hundred people say they wanted to just shake my hand so they could tell their friends they had, once I become famous. I wish that could go to the bank, with all the promises that have been made, so I could take care of my children's needs. But you can't deposit promises and lies, except in your memories.

In a state of frustration, I phoned a friend to videotape the inventions and the concepts, as I understood them, in case of my demise. I then phoned a reporter at a local newspaper, and told her of my fight. She came out the next day and did a front-page story.

Now more than ever-new "friends" came out of the woodwork. Each and every one wanted to control my inventions or me. Several even wanted contracts, to own anything I would ever invent, for the rest of my life. This of course, 'for protection", from the ENEMY. One offered me the ultimate protection, if I would sign over all of my assets, to 'his" offshore trust.

I became so sick and tired of the wolves in sheep's clothing, I began telling everyone I had dropped all of my inventions down the well in my back yard, and covered them with ten feet of concrete. And for show, I did drop many down the well. Now I wish I hadn't done so. But, we all make mistakes, if we're human.

I phoned a major Television station to see if they would give me coverage and exposure, which might stop some of the harassment I was getting. After being aired on the 6 o'clock news, my phone began ringing. Most of those who called that night were friends. But at 8:00 AM the following morning, real pressures began.

One of the first calls came from the State of California, Air Resources. It was not a threat, as he stated several times, but a warning. If I were to install one of my devices on a car or any application of the device which did not conform to manufacturers specifications, I would go straight to jail for extended period of time. Also everything I owned would be confiscated. I lightly challenged his threats and was informed that under the law they would have to give me a permit for research and development, if I would send them "the working model", and allow them to understand what I was doing. I told them to drop dead.

Later that morning a representative from a foreign oil company phoned and told me point blank to leave the automotive industry alone or they would be willing to pay millions to have me and my family killed.

After several hours of these type calls, I left the phone off the hook for an hour or so just for a break. Then I went back to tape recording the rest of the day. I phoned a wrecking yard and asked for the owner, who had promised to work with me in getting the invention to the market. When he got on the phone he told me that State agencies had threatened him with closure if he ever helped me in this endeavor.

Within 24 hours of being on TV, every person who was considering working with me had been threatened, and they all backed off. I phoned the reporter who covered the story and told him of the phone threats. He told me that no story of mine would be on his station again. I never did find out why.

A few days later, a large limousine, black, with two men, parked across the street from my home and sat all day, watching my every move. These were two very large men, they filled most of the front seat. There were no marks or identifying insignias on the vehicle, not a license plate or even a sticker in the window.

The following mourning a man in coveralls, driving a midsize car, with Michigan plates, pulled up in my driveway, and ran to my door. When I opened the door, he spoke quickly and seemed to be afraid of someone seeing him there. He kept looking up and down the street as he spoke. His visit was only for maybe two minutes. He warned that they would kill my Family and me and take the invention, just like they did his last partner. He then warned me that the IRS would become involved, "they cover up these things, you know." This was not the first time that comment was made.

I finally took a job as a damage estimator for a construction company, in an effort to convince people I was not working on the invention anymore. On my application I had shown I was self-employed. I showed I spent the last few years as an inventor. A few weeks after getting the job, one of the owners of the company I was working for, asked what had I invented, I told him. And that was another mistake.

A few days later Bernie came to me with a proposal. I thought about it for the weekend and accepted. They did not seem worried about any outside pressures and claimed to have many heavy investors. I had no idea at the time of their intent. For a few months, I again, jumped through the hoops, giving performances upon demand, having no reason to believe they were my worst enemies.

One morning I showed up for work a little early and the secretary congratulated me on the SALE of my invention. I cautiously asked for more information and her opinion, and she offered. She told me of the rich Saudi Arabian investor coming to buy my invention for a whopping $2,000,000.00. I wanted to scream, but I held back my emotions. It was now obvious that my new "partners" were liars, like all the rest. Their last priority was that of mankind. I should have seen it coming.

I had danced this dance to the same old song, yet the partner was new and had style of their own, so unique, I was blinded by their lies. I again felt raped. They violated my trust and friendship, and tried to sell my soul to another for such a pittance, I was truly ashamed of what I had allowed, and this they did because of greed. They also went to church and spoke of doing good for God and Mankind.

Once confronted, they backed off I was free again, for a while. I think I can share the hurt, of fellow inventors, and artists, who because of the lack of money have been raped of their inventions/art over the course of history. Having seen many programs on television of other inventors who fought this battle, I can tolerate some of this as just a means to an end. Yet the hurt from greedy, liars and the thieving businessmen, is not the hardest part. It is the fact that even demonstrating the invention to the educated people results in the comment that the invention is IMPOSSIBLE. That hurts the worst.

In 1987 at the RETSI convention, in Pasadena California, for new inventions, I had several confrontations of both joy and grief. Many people came by to congratulate me for my accomplishments, including Dr. Naka Mats, who personally invited me to the Worlds' first Genius Awards, in Tokyo. (Which I could not afford to attend). Several people said friends and relatives had been killed for less then my knowledge in the same fields. The most unbelievable situation I faced that week was a professor from UCLA, with a friend. He asked if my invention could really run on 20% crude oil and 80% water. When I told him I had video footage with me to prove it. He sighed, and said he hoped I was not successful with my venture for at least another year. Perplexed, I asked why. He said for years he had taught, this was not possible, and he did not want shame, for not having told his students the truth. I did try to comfort him by explaining that for centuries people thought the world was flat, but its' not... He cut me off before I could complete my sentence, and said HE WAS NO FOOL LIKE THAT!!! He left, with a tear in his eye. God as witness, I did not try to put him down, but tried to tell him that progress is a normal function of being.

My nature to be protective to other humans has been a destructive part of me. For I choose to go without, rather than hurt the multitude. By all means I could sell out for ten, twenty or thirty zillion dollars, but I wont. I know the devastation this invention has to offer, to world economy: and I, Paul Pantone will not give into greed. I am only the caretaker of His gifts. The technology is needed, but must be gradually introduced as it is understood, as to benefit ALL people. Not just not just you, and not just me.

Try to imagine for just a now, cars that can go just 500 miles per gallon; or heating your home for only fifty cents a month; or having electricity for a dollar a month. Yes YOU might be happy, but how many jobs would be lost, and how would they earn a living? How would the OPEC nations be able to support their people if crude oil had no value? No. Let's not just took abroad. Let's stay home, for a minute. How would roads be repaired if there were nobody paying road tax? Or worse yet who would pay the unemployment taxes for all of the road workers if there were no income. It goes on and on.

A price for advancement is always paid, but it need not be as drastic as this. One must use wisdom, caution, and extreme preciseness when introducing such technology to mankind.

I do not feel that I alone have the right to determine which of the fields of technology, shall be first, second, and so on. Maybe with the help of the Board of Directors, as Mrs. Cunningham has instructed, should such advancements be proved, to best help mankind. An efficient order as to not disrupt the general order of living, for the masses must be put in place.

All I have to offer is alternatives to many of our planets needs. I do not choose to direct or control these gifts and things. I wish to help all. There are too many things beyond this which some of you are not ready. You would choose to watch sports, sit in bars, and entertain yourselves, rather than offer a hand to someone who is here to help you and the generations to come.

Yes, I hurt very much. For many times I try to help someone, they have tried to stick it to me. No, that is not true, it only feels that way. I have helped many children, and they do appreciate my help.

During this time I did accept several children, into my custody, who wanted to be respected and understood? By giving them respect and sincerely listening to them as equals, they respond with gratitude and love in return. Have you ever noticed how children will say I'm sorry, when most adults won't.

Have you ever tried to apologize to an adult, whom you love and respect and they refuse to respond to the love? This tears away the foundation of that love and soon there is no more.



After the dust settled, I began to look at all of the possible applications using this technology. Some of the figures are staggering. The billions of gallons of liquid toxic wastes that could all be used to run generators. The tremendous need for electricity worldwide can be solved NOW. The need for desalinization plants, worldwide is unbelievable.

It became clear that I alone could not possibly earn enough money in this life to afford to promote the invention, by my self, let alone get through all of the research and development needed... But where do you go for help? I first decided to go to Texaco. They, through the President and Dr. Cavanaugh, were decent enough to supply me with crude oil on several occasions. I picked up the phone and called. When I got the president on the line I told him I was getting prepared to advance the research and development of the technology to other fields and needed financial assistance. He got several other key personal on the phone and we spoke for about ten minutes. Then out of nowhere, one of them began laugh. With this I became silent and confused. One of them began speaking, ' Oh! This is great! I can't believe I fell for this! You guys got me good. April Fools", he hung up and so did the rest of them... I didn't realize it was April first. After that day Texaco did not take anything I said seriously again.

I was told of Grant money being available, for almost anything, even studying the tongue moves of a frog. Yet I could not get the door open to any of these funds. It seemed that to get those doors open you had to pay $25-50,000-00, to have a professional agent prepare your forms, or they wouldn't be approved.

I also heard that NATAS, was giving away money for energy related items. So I phoned them and got this letter. It clearly said not to waste their time applying for money, because they knew that a gasoline engine couldn't possibly run on crude oil. There was no need to attempt to go any further with any of the governmental agencies. For one after another they told me they had no interest.

I phoned the Energy department in Washington and asked for help. They sent me a pre-application for an EPA permit, to dispose of waste, it was about 600 pages of repetition, and junk that had little to do with anything.

Almost every federal agency has recommended that I go abroad or to third world countries. I called local Air Force Bases and asked if I could show them how to dispose of their toxic wastes, and was told it was not possible. Each and every time I saw a program on the news about a pollution problem I called, but it always fell on deaf ears, or more suggestions of foreign countries.

These events reminded me of comments made by the late, Col. William C. Biederman. For two weeks the Col. tried to convince me to take a test, and finally he offered me $250.00 to take this IQ test, and I finally agreed. It took two days, and made him very happy. I was only 18, and the $250.00 made me happy. A few days later he came to me and was going on and on, in his excitement. He told me the test results proved him correct when he said I was a genius. He said I had the equivalence of six or seven PhD's. Well, so what. I did not want to go to school, it was boring. He offered every year to sponsor me through college, and every year I said no, but thank you. He was a good man and knew I could go further with a sheepskin, than ever without one.

Why? I guess those are the rules or I'm a round peg and I don't fit in their square holes. I know there are only limitations if you think there are. I don't. I believe all things are possible, in Gods name, and therefore they are for me.

During the next few years the same comments came up over and over. "What university did you graduate?" Can you imagine the frustration of speaking with scientists, who think you are an equal, until you tell them you are not a college graduate, then most of them act like you are nothing. But then even more shocking when you say I dropped out of school in ninth grade. Or I graduated from 8th grade.

No matter how hard I tried, it seemed to be the same old problem, people in general couldn't accept that such a technology was possible. My frustrations grew with each demonstration.

The only path, which seems to have the lease amount of resistance, was that of reducing or destroying toxic waste. No, don't get me wrong, there are many problems that must be overcome even in this field. Such problems as the EPA, toxic waste haulers, and the owners of multimillion dollar toxic waste incinerators. But again in third world countries, the doors are open.

Trying to open these doors in the United States requires the science recognition and acceptance of the technology. I could build a hundred of the prototypes, but without the scientific format being completed it would be a waste of money, and very valuable time.

I hope soon this part of my journey though life can be completely turned over to GEET or another company and those that choose to develop the technology, allowing me the freedom to begin working in many other areas of science to complete what I was put here for. One such field is thought transmission, which I have only begun to "play" with.

Another emotionally draining desire, is to know that it is possible, or should I say feasible, to perform a coma-reversion surgery, which I have done many times in a reoccurring dream. In this dream I have been the surgeon's assistant, and know the process very well. I have discussed this and numerous other medical situations with doctors who cannot seem to explain my knowledge or ability, and surprisingly, they have expressed a true desire for me to continue my quest.

I have held the knowledge of how to control and maneuver equipment at speeds beyond light and wrote the theories when I was only 12 years old. I know they will work but I must first be free of business to have the time to develop this and many other significant scientific devices.

The original design for a full power magnetic motor was also when I was 12 years old and at 33 I built it, and it worked. But had to be destroyed, as it would disrupt society if released premature to a time line that is rapidly approaching. The formula I used is found in the bible as well as the description of the GEET.



As I stated earlier, my first wife didn't seem to care about zero pollution or mankind in general. Not to say she was bad in any way, she does love her animals and was a mother for Jason. However, there are so many people who only care for themselves, but don't really care what our planet is like for the future generations. They have the right to their views although I don't share them. It seems most big companies share her feelings.

During one of my demonstrations, a patent attorney had been invited, to give a professional opinion as to the patentability of my invention. He expressed at the time it would most likely not be patentable, and with this comment he went to his car and left.

The two other gentlemen, who invited the attorney, decided they did not want to be involved with my invention and me because of his comments. A few days later the same patent attorney phoned me and told me what thieves the other guys really were. He continued and explained that he had two scientists from Europe that would make good business partners, and they would be at his office the next day.

The following day I took one of the prototypes to his office and demonstrated the engine for the two scientists, running it on crude oil. After the demonstration, one of the scientists, I believe from Sweden, asked if I graduated from Harvard or Yale. I explained that I did not graduate, and that I was self-taught. The attorney rushed the two scientists back in to his building and returned, telling me to load up my "crap" and go ho me.

He further went on to tell me that if he could work out a deal with these scientists, he would call me later. Now, for some reason, I was a little uptight. A few days later, our self appointed attorney, phoned me and demanded that I come to his office. When I arrived, his secretary presented me with an eight-page document for my review, and signing. The first part of the document gave my glorious attorney full legal rights to negotiate any deal, for any invention of mine, for what ever HE THOUGHT WAS FAIR. The other attached documents were just as ludicrous as the first few pages. After reading them I simply returned them to the secretary and informed her, that although I don't smoke pot, I would like a ton of what ever the attorney was on. I left the office laughing, but on the inside I wanted to scream.

I was giving demonstrations all over California to get people to get involved and it seemed that no one really cared about emissions, just power.

A few professors I met with were scared to even admit they knew me or had seen the unit run. One Dr. Harrelson in Sacramento told me if I was smart I'd dig a hole and bury it before the Government found out about it and they would bury me as they had several of his old friends.

In about 1983, I had approached most of the small engine manufactures in an effort to gain knowledge and technical support. Up to this point I had been using many old and

beat up small engines for my tests. To my amazement only one engine manufacture in this country "seemed" to be interested in reducing pollution, and willing to help in any way. That company was Briggs and Stratton.

One week after I told them of the partial reduction in pollution in the emissions, they gave me a brand new 10 horsepower engine as a gift. I thank them now, publicly.

Part of the condition of the gift, was that if I was to perfect the invention, I was to contact them and do my official testing at their facility. When this was done a few years later, I flew to Wisconsin and ran tests for three days. During the tests I ran the unit on gasoline, crude oil and number one fuel oil at a 50-50 mix of water with each of the fuels. The people who assisted in the research and development were amazed.

The only way to convince them I did not modify the engine itself, from it's original factory condition was to remove my equipment and let them use their own equipment. I removed my fuel system from the engine and they installed a factory carburetor and exhaust system and we redid the test, using gasoline. They then believed my unit worked. They asked me to leave without wanting to discuss what had transpired. They highly recommended third world countries, but I wanted to help here first.

Although I was not happy with the reduction in horsepower at the time, I was still able to prove that unconventional fuels would run their engine with about one-sixth of the pollution. Part of the reason for the loss of horsepower, is the need to turbo boost the unit for the specific fuels being used.

From 1984, numerous attempts have been made to introduce this technology to nonprofit Organizations, which I choose not to identify at this point. Only to find out that NONE of them actually wanted solutions. They only want Donations. It is pretty sad when your job is more important then the needs of mankind. Again, I could go on but rather than slam all of the organizations, I should leave the doors open, just in case there are a few people within these organizations who can truly put mankind ahead of their own personal needs.

During the Bush presidential elections, I sent packages, complete with videotapes: one for Mr. Bush and his group: Gore: and two packages to Mr. Perot. I was completely heartbroken to find that none of these individuals would even follow though with a phone call. I couldn't afford the costs, so I borrowed money from my father to cover it all.

Political games are not my thing and I have tremendous difficultly in trying to understand, but I wish, someday, someone in our great country would take the time to respond not necessarily to me, but to others, who might already have the solutions for cancer, aids, and what ever would benefit mankind.

In late 1990, I phoned Chevron Research, in Richmond California, and asked if they would help me get samples of crude oil from different parts of the world. About two weeks later I did receive seven, one-gallon containers of crude oil from around the world, and was grateful. After some pre tests I phoned them and told them I had made a pollution free run, on the crude oil from Angola. I was excited.

I asked if I could get more of this crude oil for future testing. The advisor from Chevron asked if he could get copies of the videotape showing that I had no pollution. But, after MY sending him a copy of the video, several weeks passed, and no crude oil was delivered. I phoned him and asked if the crude oil was on the way. He informed me that the Vise President of Chevron instructed him to stop sending any and all assistance to me, for any purpose.

Very upset over the situation, I phoned the corporate office for Chevron USA Incorporated and spoke to the president himself. I followed up the conversation by sending him newspaper articles and a copy of the video to prove that my fuel system worked. Chevron USA, the directors and employees never responded again. I suppose it is possible that they don't believe that such an invention is even possible, but playing the devils advocate, wouldn't you want to make sure, especially if you were in the oil industry???

Before going into all of the details of how this could benefit an oil company, lets go back to 1984. I received a card from a gentleman who informed me that the governor of OPEC, Mr. Ali Rabashi, in Saudi Arabia, would like to speak to me, and he gave me the phone number. I phoned Ali in Riyhad. Ali and I conversed about ten minutes, on the benefit of my technology. He expressed the thought that as long as I leave Automobiles alone, I was no threat to the OPEC nations and that I would not get any resistance from them. But he further went on to explain that if I do enter any field, that would affect OPEC, he would appreciate being allowed the ability to put up the money necessary for the development of that field, Ali was a total gentleman.

For many years potential investors and partners have wanted to know if I have a patent. A patent, that's a joke. It is a very sad joke. Let me give you my explanation to this last comment. In 1987 a patent attorney prepared the documents so that I could sell rights to my 25 caliber log splitter, he screwed up the papers so badly, in an effort to get his fees that I may have lost all my patent rights. He was just another crook who has a license to be an attorney. In the mean time another crook who is in Illinois, is now selling my log splitter, as a bolt cutter and a door opener that is being used by police throughout the world.

A few months ago when I found out about this, I phoned him, and he told me point blank that even though he knew it was my invention he filed for the patent in his own name claiming he invented it. If I wasn't spending all my money right now on this fuel processor and trying to help mankind I'd spend the money to go after my invention, but mankind and helping to destroy toxic waste is more important, or at least it is to me...

A Patent attorney showed me how to falsely prove the date of the original idea, by having the post office stamp and have several letters sent, certified, to yourself, by yourself and you don't seal the envelopes. Later, when you need a certain date you use the phony envelopes. He also bragged about several other illegal actions. Do you believe in attorneys??? I don't.

I have always said that Attorneys should have to take tests in a field and pass the test to qualify for license from the State Bar, for JUST the fields they are qualified. Almost every attorney I've met say they are qualified for all types of law when they are not truly able and qualified for many things they take on.

Too many times I have found that the biggest braggers of how to get things done are thieves, and they are proud of it. Our legal system does need to be cleaned up. I do have viable solutions, that to the honest attorney, would be very acceptable, but to the rest would be very offensive. For more on how to clean up the legal profession please contact me privately.



There are many things that are excepted as unexplainable. The pyramids in Egypt; The Coral Castle; The origin of man.... This list could go on and on. Yet most have the answers are in and around them if you only understood, and some are so simple. I am not trying today to explain all the things you seek, as that might come later.

Before I can continue on such subjects, I first must know that you collectively, as individuals who are trapped in bodies such as I am right now, wish to better your life and that of your children, and their children. I must know this before, I expose any more than just the possibility of pollution reduction, or who I am.

This chapter will be very short, as I do not believe, but I would like to, that there are enough of you, who really care to make writing it, worth my while. I have offered many people the answers and they simply have said they don't care, do you?

In my searching for who I am and what I can do, I've learned to tune into the specific human frequency that 'I' choose, and to share the exact feelings of "theirs". At times it can be very painful, both physically and also emotionally. First physically: on one occasion in February 1983 a business partner, Bill, was trying to reinstall a transmission in a truck I had given him....7:30 a. m....... at precisely this time, with my right hand I was reaching to close the house door.

Before I could reach the door handle, in my left wrist I felt a sharp pain and pressure that brought me to tears, and my knees, my girl friend, saw these things and came running from the car. She asked what had just happened? I told her that someone was transmitting the pain, at my frequency, and had just smashed their wrist in some horrible accident. Since I had taken many pains of hers, in the past, she understood, and offered to get me a brace and splint for my arm. She ended up driving me to work since I was unable to drive. This can only happen to me when I have made physical contact with the transmitter within 72 hours.

About I 1:00 o'clock that day, my partner Bill showed up at my office, while I was filling out a tax return for an elderly man (wearing a cross). I looked up and saw him and acknowledged the ace bandage on his wrist. I put my pencil down and excused myself for a break, without getting out of my seat. Speaking to Bill, with a sense of humor, I said "OK, you turkey, what happened at 7:30, this morning". He responded with a puzzled look and said it was actually 7:31 because the kids bus had just left for school when the jack holding up the transmission fell over pinning him to the ground by his left wrist.

He continued with a comment that there was no pain.... as he looked across the desk and saw my bandaged arm.... he apologized and went to the door.

As my partner left the customer got up very nervously and began to grab his papers and said he wanted to go elsewhere. I tried to reason with him, but clenching his cross in one hand and his papers in the other his fear was very obvious. Before leaving he mumbled something about my being of God, or of the devil himself but he choose not to know which. About a week later another told me, that I was being blackballed by the local churches for the gifts I had, and that good Christians would not use my services. And that was mostly the case??? I'm not sure, but many of my clients were good people, and I didn't ask for religious applications, as all men are equal, I will not pass sentence.

Several years ago I was hired to remodel a store. Once the work was done, the owner invited me back to the store for payment. He jumped me, and beat the hell out of me, for asking for the few hundred dollars he owed me. I did not fight back since he had five of his friends holding guns on, me during the commotion. I called the local sheriff to report the incident, and was told I had threatened him even-though I had two witnesses, HE was a friend of THE sheriff. The following day I had my friend at the DA's check this mans file, and found a total saint. His entire criminal records had vanished.

Why??? This man plays both ends against the middle. So my fellow citizens, I know of cops, attorneys, judges and others who are lying, thieving cheats, but who cares??? I just want to help mankind, while I am here to stop pollution, and better this planet for our childrens' sake.

A friend, and medical doctor, had asked me to come over one day and go over his budget in an effort to get out of his current financial problems. I gladly offered to help him. When I arrived I found that even shaking his hand gave me an ability to focus on some of the last few patients he had seen two days earlier. He and I discussed several of his patients, without name and I expressed cures, which were not yet heard of in the medical profession. He suggested I contact a friend of his at a research center to explain to

him what I was talking about, as it seemed possible for such medical procedures to work.

He went on to say that I might be turned into a laboratory experiment myself if I did open my mouth. This was something I chose to avoid, just like taking money for helping people. I only help those when I am guided to do so.

It is my opinion that a gift from God shall be shared, not sold, therefore my abilities are not for sale, at any price. I have made mistakes and I am human. I feel bad for the mistakes I've made and I always ask for forgiveness and do so in the name of God. Some people refuse to forgive and they then carry that hardship to their grave.

Others know from the past that I have done His work and will always try to do it as if he were standing in my shoes, with love, honor and dignity. This I am willing to do for all of mankind. This is why I value my Wife, Molley, as she also is a major part of my doing Gods work. For without her I am only Half.



It seems like forever that I have been fighting the battle of proving I do have an invention that works, but why, after all the witnesses, must I still I have to prove that what they saw is real. Why can't even one or two of them see and help? This is just one of the questions. It seems that greed is the biggest of the problems. Any person, who has ever raised any money for any type of project, claims "I have the money you need", when in all truth, they mean maybe if I'm lucky, I am able to get the attention of the real money people.

But they lie, over and over. There are a few who have said, I THINK I CAN GET THE MONEY PEOPLE, to help you. There are only a few, three, to be precise, and they are Tony, John and Carole. Each had different problems to overcome. But we still try. The others got so greedy they eliminated themselves. So many millionaires have people to screen out the flakes. Wait until they find out just how corrupt their own people are. Here in Utah, four of the richest men have people to screen out real investments from the flakes, and all of these directors asked for major kickbacks on the side just to make introductions. That won't happen.

I must first learn to set aside my feelings, put them on the shelf in an effort to help mankind. "Or should I rephrase it in a manner that I would OFFER to mankind my help and if it is accepted, it would graciously be given in this and all other fields I can offer. If it is refused or shunned again as a mere joke, I should continue this life, with this mass of flesh, until it terminates. Still holding other information, which could help.

Back in 1966, since no one else is in the house liked coffee except me, and it was quite inconvenient to make one or two cups, I used to buy a hundred bags of tea, empty the tea out, and fill each bag with coffee, I called them "coffee bags". With this, I now see that at least a hundred products I conceived, ten, twenty, or thirty years ago, are on the market.

Have you ever noticed that When, you get a thought, others have the same or similar thoughts. Well since thought is no more than an electrical/spiritual impulse, at a specific frequency, of course others can share your thoughts and other more private things if you are a good transmitter and they are a good receiver, but in some cases its just a coincidence.

Learning whom is to be a receiver has many drawbacks. Try to imagine yourself able to feel others emotions and pains within just a fifty foot radius. Now place yourself in the center of a hospital. No matter what direction you turn, there is pain and discomfort. Even though you don't have a broken leg, as you pass one, you then have a better knowledge of the necessary functions of repair. As well as the condition itself knowing how to make necessary repairs, by thought, is a little scary.

I will not quit. Two years ago I got a call from Carol, when she said the IRS had no record of a check transaction, which occurred three years ago. Not only did I have what they wanted, but also they said I DISAPPEARED, from their records, and I now was in question. I phoned each possible person I could, working for the IRS, and requested information. I Felt a crime had been committed, and therefore taped all of the conversations. After about ten conversations I got an investigator in the Seattle office to say, knowing she was being taped, that there was an ORDER to eliminate ALL incoming information on PAUL PANTONE. "His files are private and a priority", I explained "I" was Paul Pantone and was demanding this proprietary knowledge. She checked, and said she did not know what the code of "Hawk Alert", meant, in any federal report. She said she could not undo the computer, that there was some over-riding function, and it, must be of a proprietary nature. But on tape, she said she could see that all of my records are now purged. Thank you IRS, or whomeve



There have been many occasions where I could have used the knowledge in a negative way, and after a while, you learn to avoid these temptations. And I guarantee, if you don't you may pay a very dear price as I have on many occasions.

Especially with inventions. I remember one multi-purpose level I saw in a vision. In my vision it had five or six functions. But later I developed a prototype, which had twenty individual functions. In my vision I clearly saw a name on the level, which I did not care about at the time. After spending many hundreds of dollars on building one, I met a man with the same name as that which was on the original level in my vision.

While I was busy in my office he was admiring my prototype. A few years later he applied for the patent, in his name of what I had built. How on earth could I lay claim for the invention when I had known prior to ever building one the he would be titled the inventor? Was it truly my invention? Or was it his? In many such cases it is difficult to determine who is the originator of a thought. All an invention is, is the final outcome of creating what the mind projects. But who is the projector? How does one determine who the originator is? I now know and I can only take claim for what God gives me direct, and no more.

But from many controlled tests I have become more and more able to identify the original source of the first thought transmission. A few times it has been rather frustrating, because I thought I had created a specific thought, only to find, I only saw it second hand and it truly was that of another.

During the act of physical contact, one can receive so much knowledge from another it can at times be quite embarrassing. On a few such occasions, I could sense a specific act or sequence of events, which had occurred with my mate, days, weeks or months prior to the time.

Also indicating the time is not relevant factor in thought. How would you explain the ability to see things clearly, which will not happen for some time? A good example is going to Nevada and playing Blackjack for hours, without ever having to look at your cards, but knowing what the next card will be long before the cards are even shuffled. Or knowing what car is about to come around the corner. These things are all very real and somewhat confusing at times, if you are a receiver. The receiver has tremendous difficulty determining if the situation is his or is he picking up someone else's thoughts and premonitions.

It can also be a happy experience when your partner accepts that you have such gifts, as you can tell them ahead of time, so many things, that will help your personal knowledge's and can enhance your love.

Using the knowledge that I have, in referencing, does have drawbacks. If you take money, which is not rightfully yours, you will lose ten times this for the act you committed. I have tested this theory several times and have proven, even if it's just for me, to be true. There do not seem to be any repercussion from this ability, when it is a sincere need.

When you give help without the request, completely on your own, most people are quite ungrateful and resent your interference with there life.

A few years ago a doctor friend of mine had mentioned that a relative had suffered a severe stroke. When I had offered my help to remove the symptoms and to correct the damage, he cut me off. He expressed that, as a doctor would not except my help even if I had done it a million times. Since if it was Gods will that his Aunt, be in this condition, then so be it. I apologized. I should have realized that it was my compassion he was seeking, and not my help. I have made this mistake many times, but I am now learning to deal with it. I must learn you can only help those who want to help themselves.

Many of the phenomena are created, first within the mind. On a few occasions, (and I do not know how), I have been able to generate mentally, an energy in the form of smoke. On one such occasion I was so intensely upset, that smoke and the odor of it covered over fifteen miles. Once I realized that the sirens I heard were around me and that there was smoke in every direction, being generated one hundred feet away from me. I knew this was another situation, which I must leave soon, or something terrible could happen. On my way out of my driveway, I spoke with the fire official I had personally known for years, and told him that there was no fire. Since he had been to my home over the years, and was aware of my abilities, he accepted what I had to offer as a fact.

He radioed in that there was no fire, and that all units should report back to their stations. Have you ever sat with an old friend and reminisced about the good times, two years after they died? It can be very entertaining, or painful, if there were things you had done that you feel guilt. Is it a blessing? Yes. It is, I know.

Most men can not appreciate the real strength of women, because they are not capable of sharing their true identical feelings. The extreme pleasure/pain of giving birth is no less painful then having both of your arms broken at the same time and knowing it's going to happen. Yet, begging for it to happen, and be over.

How would you explain to your best friend, that the accident he had earlier that day was unnecessary, if he had only listened. It is very hard, because normally they become very upset that it was all your fault. If you had not told them of the problem, it would not have happened??? Will there ever be a way to tell someone they are in danger, without their ego being disrupted, this I don't even want to know, as of right now.

One evening while watching television, I received a phone call from a friend who said she was having sharp pains in her chest and needed help. I drove over as quickly as possible. While I attended to her my girl friend got the children in the car. Just touching her I felt relieved, the pains were no more than a slight gas problem which was intensified by pressure of personal problems, I began to try to relax her and explain to her what she was feeling, when my girl friend cut me off and told me to drive her to the hospital. I did as they wanted. I sat in the waiting area for twenty minutes and then went to her emergency room, where by now, she was beginning to relax. Again I touched her. I asked her how long she had been having stomach problems. She turned to me and said only she and her doctor knew of that and wanted me to stop telling her what her problems were. Just then the emergency room doctor came in and began to explain that her discomfort was just an anxiety attack, brought on by a recent jilt, (she had just broken up with her boyfriend a few hours earlier.)

Situations like that have happened several times. One occasion, my youngest son, David, diagnosed the condition a stressure condition. When I questioned this he explained that it is a stress and physical pressure combination, whereby, Stressure. It makes sense to me.

Not all of the things I do are by any means right. Much of the knowledge is from a wide variety of personal experiences. Many people have challenged me on many issues. In some cases I will back down if I don't have answers. Not because I am wrong, but because it would make conflict within the realm which is not for me to do… at this time.

Many times people have asked, since you can do all these things, give me lottery numbers, for today, or tell me what tomorrows stock report will be. To be very frank I have not chosen to go much beyond the few tests I have already done in these fields. I suppose part of this is how to program who I am. My feeling of right and wrong and therefore, have put in blocks within my own brain in enabling me to not develop any of those areas until all other mechanical areas are properly developed. Mankind and its beneficial outcome will in all events be my first priority.I'm sure some of you may see this as a weakness, and it is. The remainder of this will have to be expounded in a book of it's own.

If inventions were now delivered which would enable man to leave thus planet and travel the universe, he would only destroy the universe, in his effort to control it. He cannot accept things as they are in their simple beauty, and therefore would ultimately destroy them, as is now being done on this planet and all other places within his reach.

Some have asked me if I could deliver more than I have. Yes I can. But I won't. In time, as worthiness is shown I will release more, but for now…




Numerous books have been written on out-of-body experiences or more commonly known as OBE. I concur with many of the details, which are commonly referred to in these accounts. Yet there are so many additional aspects which are not spoken of that it is difficult to cover all of them in such a short space.

Recording the data of both time and space when you are out of body can be accomplished by the preprogramming of one's own mind prior to the departure. As we set or program, electro-flotation's as to our own conscious level of acceptance, or level of reality, we grow or diminish our abilities to expand our knowledge.

During a few occasions I have shared with people by my unperformed actions. During a party one night, I was so preoccupied, with the children having a fun time that I didn't check, that earlier I had turned off the stove, and thought the water had cooled down. I did not know all of those hotdogs were consumed, and a fresh batch was now ready. So, under the belief the water was cool I reached into the water and removed a few of the hotdogs with my hand. I did this several times before a friend pointed out the water was boiling. Needless to say there was no burn or discomfort. For I believed the water was cool.

In about 1990, I fell from a wall and the impact shattered my left ankle. I was taken to a local hospital and x-rays were taken. The Doctor came in and showed me the film and explained them to me. I refused to accept the diagnosis, as being anything more than a temporary situation. And as the Doctor blabbed on I studied the damage, which I had sustained. A few hours later with a temporary support on my heal I left and went home. 7 hours later I was still at work painting a two-story building. Since I could not tolerate the pain if I applied direct pressure to the foot, I was somewhat limited to using crutches for a few weeks.

Three weeks later I went to another Doctor for a second opinion. He concurred with the first Doctor that the calcaneus's was broken and should be fused. He further went on to inform me that this type of breakage could not be repaired. He mentioned something about the time, which had passed since the accident, having been about six months, which at the time did not make sense to me, as I did not want this conclusion to a shattered ankle. A few weeks, at the request of my father, I went to a specialist. After yet another set of x-rays he said I should have come to him a year ago when the accident first occurred, as he could have fused it at the time without complications. But now it would have to be re-broken in order to fuse it.

I looked at the latest x-rays and saw that over half of the original breaks had already healed and the others would be fine shortly. All three of these medical practitioners shared the belief that the ankle could not be repaired, they were probably right. But none of them said I couldn't heal it myself. About three years later, I have no discomfort and full use of a perfectly normal ankle, just like before the mishap. In my reality I have the ability to do these things, and obviously they do not share my belief.

Limitations, I once read that if you argue for them, they are yours. I do believe this to be the case. As I have found it is very difficult to undo a persons belief, for if that is what they choose, they have that right, to limit their knowledge. There are too many stubborn people who refuse change, or accept an easier way other than the way they have always done things.

For many years in the construction field, I choose to hire inexperienced people. The reason is as plain as the nose on your face. The person, male or female, who has no knowledge to draw from, must be noted, and you can teach them the fastest and safest way to get the job done. But when experienced people work with you they will argue every step of the way on how they know what they are doing and they know it better than you. Many times I took on a challenge to prove this was true, but it doesn't matter to me much now.

One company, which boasted of only 220 man-hours required in their plant to completely fabricate a custom home, became my challenge. I told the President of the company I could do the same job, better and in just half the time. He privately took my challenge. I rented a large shop and set up the necessary materials and prepared for the challenge. I had a crew. One man was a heavy alcoholic, about 55 years old. One young man was 17 and seemed stoned all the time. One boy was 18, with a real personality problem. And last, but not at all the least, Ele, 16, and sincerely desiring to learn how a house went together.

We began at 8:00 AM. I marked the materials, and did the necessary cutting. I then passed the marked lumber to the crew. As two of them drove in the nails, Ele placed in the insulation from a specially constructed roller. Within 15 minutes the first section of exterior wall was; pre-drilled for wire, insulated, craft papered, sided, and the first coat of paint was being applied. After about 6 hours we were on the last wall of a 2,400 square foot house, complete with a two-car garage. Only 30 hours to accomplish the same job the other company boasted about. Weeks later the other company gave up on the system I used, because they could not understand the simplicity of it and had complicated it beyond any usefulness.

Another investor I knew at the time had asked if I could give him a hand on a few projects that he was involved. I agreed. He offered me $100.00 a day plus expenses. My job was to go to different businesses, representing to be his stepson, and see if things could be improved or in any way streamlined, in an effort to make more profit. I went to fifteen or so places for him under this pretense. One boat company I spent the day at was so inefficient, I could not believe they could possible make a profit, I ended up inventing two new tools to streamline their process and showing him how to cut twenty-five percent of the overhead in just wasted personnel. About two weeks later, another acquaintance was telling me how my friend, had been buying up companies, streamlining them and doubling his money, hand over fist. And wouldn't you know one of the biggest profits was a boat company, which he didn't even have for three days, and sold it back to the original owner.

I am much more selective of whom I work for and what I do, now, more than ever. I prefer to work with children, they are open-minded and have few limitations. A game, my son David and I play is "Inventions". We take turns inventing things, on several occasions he has outdone me three to one. For us it is a simple game but others shake their heads in total amazement. It is really no big deal, simply look around you and pick an item and try to improve on it. It is that simple.

Sometimes the best perspective to invent something is out of body. By placing yourself in different perspectives it gives you a clearer picture for improvements.





Dreams visions and nightmares. What are they? A portion of electrical energy, at a specific frequency, where time has little value. Did you ever wake up from a long dream expecting it to be hours later than it is. The time of minutes can seem forever, depending on the frequency of the thought.

Another example of time, is one I have shared with many people, it is a protection mechanism within people to slow down the events of traumatic situations. During a car accident, it is as if God gives you slow motion, to see the events. I did not begin to comprehend this phenomenon, until the last major car accident, when the car I was a passenger in, hit a boulder and flipped six times, in slow motion.

Had it not been for this phenomenon, I most likely would have been cut in half as the car was rolling over. But since either the slow motion effect; or my mental ability to think and move at many times normal; I was able to reach back into the car and pull myself back in, in a fraction of a second before being terminated.

Enough of that, back to dreams. It has taken years of practice to be able to create the dream of my choice. With a much wider choice than what is offered on any cable, and much more satisfying. Sometimes, I pick the same delightful dream to relive, mentally, over and over. Yet on few occasions, normally when feeling depressed or emotional, before going to bed, I have had some nightmares. But even those I am becoming better at controlling. Whenever I feel a negative thought, I have preprogrammed myself to change circumstances to more pleasant thoughts. It works well for me.

The biggest difference between a dream and a vision, is positively identifying the vision, which requires a bit of self-training. Again we must address the origination of a thought as a needed process which one must learn. De Jevu, I thought, I thought this before. You did!!! First it was a warning of what might be, but you may have chosen to ignore it. But a small part of the cranial cavity, (I believe it has a sense of humor,) decided to let you remember, as it was now happening. Did it get your attention? Chances are it didn't. Most people ignore these events and consider them as total flukes. Well maybe that is part of the reason that I know some things, before they happen.

Have you ever picked up the phone, and just said, "M, Joe", for no apparent reason, you knew your old friend from twenty years ago would call at

that exact time.

Most of us need to be beat up to see what we are, because we are preprogrammed from childhood to reject these things as being abnormal. One day while driving David began telling me of the circumstances, which we had just been through as having been a preexisting condition of his knowledge. He further expounded that the specific part of the brain, which controlled these events, was located about one inch over his left ear, and about one-inch inside. It was slightly off tune and a different electrical impulse, than normal for that part of the brain.

For the first few months after birth we attempt to make sounds in an effort to communicate. We are strongly encouraged. But the frustration of trying to get the words out is difficult. Until ... Yes!! M..O..M.. or DAD comes, then it begins to happen... Then come the restrictions and limitations. Not now honey, I don't have time. Or shut up, that's silly. It goes on and on. For many children they can't share their imaginary friends or dreams - no one wants to hear them. But we encouraged them to create these imaginary friends.

During some of those special moments of imagination, both of my sons gave me stories that were so great. I wish now I had taped them and made children's books out of them. I guess it's not too late for that, but they should publish them, in their own names. My favorite, is the Mud Monsters, by David Pantone, when he was five.

One afternoon I came downstairs to fix lunch for the children. I had five, homeless children, plus David, to care for. When I entered the Kitchen area, it was covered from the door to the sink with mud, It was very obvious who the mud monster was.

"David!" From the creek about two hundred feet from the house, he heard me, He came quickly, and as he got to the door he knew why I had hollered. He gave a small smile and said, "Dad"... "I know what this looks like, but please let me explain". He went on to tell me how he was not planning to get dirty. He had only been playing at the EDGE of the creek. When all of a sudden this little man asked for a hand. He said he reached out to help, and the little man pulled him in and they wrestled around. Then once they stopped, they laughed, and played. He was a nice little man. But then the little man ran for the house and David chased and during the chase the little man ran for the sink, got a drink, then just disappeared. But he said. I shouldn't worry, since it was his friend, he would clean up the mess. "Because whenever you invite company over, you are responsible for their messes, aren't you?" I gave him an "A" for effort, and a hug.

Although sometimes in dreams, it seems like you are the main person, and what you see is yours. This is not always the case. Many dreams and visions are actually the thoughts and transmissions of other people and you are merely receiving and visualizing their thoughts. If you are a receiver you need to be able to control these thoughts that enter your field or you can be encumbered by negativity and pain. This is what I believe is the reason for as many reports of abductions. There is a transmitter, who truly believes he or she was abducted, and dwells on the thought, not able to understand they are giving this lifelike thought to others.

Feeling sorry for a woman in town, when she asked if she could share some office space I said I would allow it. Two months later she said she had to leave for Seattle that very afternoon. She also insisted that I take back my keys to the office since she did not want them for fear of losing them during this trip. About two o'clock that afternoon she

came by my office to drop off a box of important documents for safe keeping, and to say her goodbyes.

She stressed that she and her husband were on there way out of town right then and would probably spend the night in Portland, since they would probably get there around eleven o'clock. Her last words as she was getting into the car was "see you in about three weeks".

At about seven thirty that evening I was preparing to close my office and go home, when all of a sudden, I felt a strong ringing in my ears. I focused on the direction and frequency of the sound. Carol, recognized by my motions, quit talking and took notes. I recognized whom I was speaking to but at first did not realize who I was. What I related to Carol was a one sided conversation.... the transmission went away.

But in the two or so minutes which I was able to focus on her frequency I did learn that she had made a spare key to my office and that at ten fifteen when a movie got out she and her husband were going to come to my office and steal my law library and office equipment. She further expounded that they were completely covered in their story and they would never even be suspects, since 'Paul thinks we're in Oregon".

That evening I was waiting for them as they came out of the show, and asked for the key that was in her coin purse. I also told her to never show up at or near my office, unless she wanted to go to jail. She asked how on earth I knew of her plans, and I just laughed. As Carol and I walked off Carol asked if I noticed how her face changed while I was talking. She said the woman looked like she had seen a ghost.

On many occasions I have heard conversations from as far as from California to New York. It always begins with ringing in the ears. You must learn to focus the center of your forehead to where the sound is coming in order to hear their thoughts and words.




"Look ma, no wires". Was it Tesla, who was able to transmit energy without the need of wires? Well my friends, as long as there is matter, there is energy. We have only just begun to scratch the surface of knowledge.

Back in early l983, I had a most interesting experience. While I had had a very busy and profitable day, my spouse worked her little fanny off. It seems that on that day the other help at the fabric store did not show up, and she had to unload an entire truck of fabric, by herself. She weighed about a hundred pounds, soaking wet.

By the time she got to my office, she barely had the energy to get to a chair and sit down. Yet my day had been exciting and a little chaotic, but I had energy to spare. She looked around, and the entire office looked like tornado had whipped through it. Then she stated there was no way I could have clients come in the following day without cleaning the mess. I grumbled, knowing she was right. She mentioned how she would do it, but she did not have enough energy to get out of the chair, and with that comment, I gently grasped her hands and led her to her feet.

I wrapped my arms around her and gently squeezed. Then in a quite voice I said, "let's just give you all the extra energy I have". The next thing I remember was waking up the next morning to a clean office. It seems the only energy I left myself was enough to exist, and not much more. It took a full day to "recharge".

Just a slight difference in frequency, and healing occurs. But again, this can drain your energy, to the point of collapse. On several occasions, when I first began learning these things, I found this exhaustion can last for ten or more hours, and is not needed. One must learn to not overdo things in this field.

Before you can do anything you must first have a sincere desire, and then you must possess the ability to overcome your past teachings, as to any pre-conceived limitations which may apply. If you doubt, your own ability to transfer energy, then you won't be able to accomplish doing so. If you believe, even if only for a moment that you can pick up a car, to save someone, then you will succeed.

In the years of learning how these things work there has been much pleasure in teaching while I learned. To open your mind, transmitting thought is a good way begin. You or a friend concentrate on a blank wall and try to leave a written message. It can be something simple like, "I love you". Then when the other party enters the room and looks at the wall they may see your message. I've shared this on many occasions and hope to begin this with Molley soon.

If you accept that the act is impossible, then your limitations shall stop you, not your inner abilities.

It is so frustrating to me to hear people tell me, "I can't", before they even try to do something. Many times I have told people they can do something, and have offered to show them how.

Those that listen and pay attention, are usually more prone to being able to achieve the goal, while those who resist may never advance to a learning mode. We can teach our children to have or not have limitations.

Because of being hurt so many times by these things, I have blocked most of my abilities out for the last few years. But I am beginning to let it grow stronger, as I was before, realizing I do have things within, to help mankind.




If I had had a perfect life growing up, I would not have the knowledge I do. Mine is a rather mixed life, of ups to the top and downs to the bottom. At 45 I knew directly of pain from most conceivable ways, yet I did not have to physically go through them all. I did wise up and learn that sharing the pain, or taking it away completely from others is almost identical. And many a time I did take pains, which were not mine.

Since I was not aware of how to detect the difference at the time I held many pains for days. I have learned now how to cast them off after receiving them. It is much better to have loved, and lost, than never loved at all. But simultaneously I desire, now, to not lose.

Had you told me ten years ago that a man can finds a woman that can fill every need and desire of a man 24-7, I would laughed, But that was before meeting Molley.

One time while driving, just to get out, I saw a house, and was compelled to stop. I had never been to this community before but I knew I had something to say to the owners. After sitting in my car for about ten minutes, I found the courage to go and knock on the door. I still did not know what I would ever say... until the door opened.

The young man asked if he could help me. I remember smiling as I responded. "Yes. You can". I told him I had a vision of this very house a few weeks ago; and in the vision I began describing the entire house in detail; and specific items, that I wanted to own, in this vision.

He looked scared, and at the same time was so mad I became somewhat fearful, that he might attack me. I stopped him from speaking, when he began to use his body to communicate, simply by saying, "In this vision; I'm about 20; Dark hair; a tattoo on my left hand, of three dice; and my friend XXXY, he is with me". He began to apologize and I cut him short. I told him I meant him and his family no harm, and I should leave.

He asked how I knew of the robbery, just last night? I told him I saw it a few weeks ago. He said that was impossible, since they had just moved in three days ago. And he went on to tell me that several of the items which I had described, including his parents bed, was purchased the day they moved in.

I simply smiled and said I did not know, but I did say that if my vision has helped, then there was no need for any explanation. He invited me in for a beer and offered a warm handshake, then continued with, "The guys you just described are the movers, who helped us move out of the other house. And Dad fired them, because he didn't trust them. We didn't think they even knew where we moved to." "Dad's probably going to want to give you some kind of reward, or something, Will you give me your name and phone number?" I said no. It was now time to leave.

On a few occasions I gave help without being solicited, I rarely offer that now. Too many times, scenes like that turn sour, when people think the only way you could have that knowledge is that you must have been the thief. No. Thank You.

One woman whom I recently dated blamed me for her daughter having sex for the first time. The reason is very simple, While talking to her, about three months before ever meeting her in person I warned her of the sexual encounter, but I also said that if she made peace with her daughter it would not happen. Well she did not make peace, and she blamed me, for not specifically telling her who and when. I don't talk to her now.

There have been so many con men that have tried to get in on the action, and make a buck off the different inventions, but few even get close. The usual approach is that of wanting to invest. Then it almost always seems, they personally don't have the money, but a friend does. Then the friend doesn't have it, but he knows people with money. And so on... I think you got a good picture.

Of course, then comes the REAL professional. He has to have a contract first, of course a small $25-100,000.00, in up front fees, etc. But isn't it funny when you ask to see their brokerage license they don't have one, and they always have a friend that does. One such fake broker, in California asked for an agreement, whereas, if he found a backer for the R&D, then he would get a small negotiable fee for his services.

A few days later he came to me with a fist full of some state agency, of every toxic waste hauler, and factory in the US, claiming all of them were now HIS LEADS. Of course I showed him to the Door. As he was explaining that I now would never be able to contact any of his leads without paying him his commission.

It was during this time that Inventors began calling and coming to my home to meet. I was shocked by the numbers. There seemed to be inventors every place I went and more trying to make contact. Mrs. Cunningham said the God would bring me them by the hundreds.

They do seem to come out from every nook and cranny, when they smell money. The most offensive approach made to me so far is that of the CONTROL FREAK. He always has to undermine everyone who is involved, and he is always the most qualified, in his opinion. They usually stand out as forceful, negative and very conniving.

It seems no mater where I live people just since I am there for them and all of their problems. Usually, I do try to help, as my time will permit. Although sometimes trying to undo the damage created before, is more that I can do at the time, During the last fifteen years I can't recall the number of women who felt sexually abused, by members of their own families. Of all of them only one had truly a healthy mind. The rest had had it beat into them on how THIS would mess up their lives, and they believed it.

On the other hand a girl in California some ten years ago, wanted to die, because THEY kept telling her how she would never be normal and whole. She chose to believe the counselors and psychiatrists and died a few months later. Before being subjected to them she and I talked several times.

She told me of the affair with her father and how it was really beautiful. I am not passing any judgment, just pointing out a situation that could have been handled much differently. Instead of punishing the victim they should be comforted, or you may victimize them even more than their original perpetrator.

When I was driving my oldest son back to his mothers in about 1986 we should have been hit by a truck. It ran a stop sign at about 60 miles an hour, and then slid for the passenger door. We all closed our eyes and hit brakes, and held on for dear life. When everyone stopped we walked back to the intersection. There were about 15 to 20 people standing beside their cars who had seen what happened. No one spoke. They all just looked at each other. Then My son and I looked at the tire tracks and ours went through the intersection. Then we noticed about 24 feet of the tire tracks from the truck were missing. The driver and his passenger then approached the scene and saw their tracks missing. The driver looked scared and he pointed at me and asked, "who. who, are you?" as he asked he wet his pants. I smiled and said,"my name is Paul, just a carpenter", and "have a good day." With this the driver and his passenger ran back to the truck and drove off before the doors could close. . .




I must say, that I too, have seen what I believed was three, saucer shaped flying discs when I was about six years old. I thought it was "neat". But for some reason Mom and Dad, were panicked. They ran for the house and tried to call the police.

Yeah! Right! Come on. What are they going to do? Rather than panicking, I watched and wished I could meet them. I began wondering what it might be like on board one of their crafts.

I only got to watch them for five minutes or so before some jets began an approach from the East.

I thought those jets were really moving fast, until... all three of the craft moved at about three times the speed of the jets. Then after repositioning they stopped for about another minute, then in seconds went up and out of sight. No, I was not abducted, darn it.

Since I do from my own experience, remember that thought, is responsible for many of my visions. I have learned to control much of my thoughts, and one can assume, that many others are also capable of this as well. Would it be reasonable to assume, that if I transmitted to you, or any other receiver, a life like experience while you are asleep, could you not mistake that for having been there.

Before my Father passed on, at least once every few months he would call. Many times just to find something he lost. I had ability to hear his thoughts. Several times he misplaced his favorite ring. I could tell him by reading his sub-conscious that it was in the bedroom or on top of the toilet, behind the Kleenex. He never doubted.

How many times in your life have you awoke from a dream or nightmare, and believed it to have been real, even if only for a few minutes. Have you ever come to a full orgasm, in a dream, then woke up to find that THAT part of your dream was REAL. Why?

Because you chose to believe it was real and transferred the message to the part of the brain which would allow the dream to override the normal nervous system and feed in dream sequence, to accommodate the dream. Once you master the art of dream making, you can have the best night sleep you ever had, and wake up with a smile on your face. But there are drawbacks. Whatever is the most pressing thing to you in your reality shall hold precedence over your pleasure dreams.

I shall rest the other things pressing on my mind as to not overwhelm you in one small book. Since the reaction of most people to the unknown or unexplainable is often negative, I have found it easier to keep private about many of my discoveries and things I have done. Earlier inventors were often persecuted for their discoveries. The main purpose of telling you some of the things I do is to clarify my knowledge and abilities are gifts from God and though somewhat unique and far-reaching, they are not a result of advanced education. In 1Corinthians 1:20-31 and 1Corinthians 2:18-23 God uses what the world considers foolish to confound those who consider themselves wise.

Sometimes, as for me, it difficult to put the pieces of knowledge together and make any sense of them as I gather them. It is like having a huge jigsaw puzzle, where there are no pictures or colors to tell you where it fits, but you know the piece fits somewhere.

Every time a new bit of knowledge comes along, I must revise my reality, to accommodate my current knowledge. Want to have some fun, just look into and old encyclopedia, at what knowledge was then. If in 1930 you said you believed in space travel, most people thought you might be a few cards short of a full deck. This part could go on for days, but I'm sure you already have the picture.

But how complex is our electrical system? Thought moves faster that the speed of light, EXCEPT when it's in water based, grounded mass, like a human body. I think I should through in a small bit of humor, before I continue.

About a year ago I was with some business guys who were always saying, lets go here or lets go there, and finally one day I wanted to shake them up a little. So when one of them asked if I'd like to go scuba diving that weekend, I gave it to them good. I stuttered, and finally said, "NO. I'd really like to, but the gravity here on your planet is much different than that at home ... I'd better not. But thanks for offering."

With that said I stepped out of the room and around the comer. None of them said a word for about five minutes. I don't know where I got the strength to hold back my laughter. They never had the courage to say a word about this,

I have seen many energy devices and other things that yet I do not understand, but I shall continue every day to learn and try to understand more than the day before. For over thirty years I have assembled and dissembled some type of energy device of crystal with a gold filament, it is some type of energy storage, but each time this vision occurs the control unit is not within my reach or vision.

I found that when I met Molley my powers peaked and then we became sidetracked for a while. But now, I must get back on track and finish the job I was sent to do.

The GEET Fuel Processor is a little ahead of its time, both in theory and in application.

It should be approached as a device to dispose of wastes as the balance of scientific and engineering opens and a mall of other fields begins.

The fields of application are quite countless. Some of the tests may be completed this year. But tests on other inventions will go on the rest of my life. For every time He brings me knowledge I only have part of the answer and Molley usually has the rest.

Some people choose a simple fife. At times I am envious. I could come home from a regular 8 to 5 job, kick off my shoes, watch TV, but when I did try that I felt empty. I needed more, much more. I need to converse, share, love and give, but to someone who needs these things. And Molley is the first Woman I've known who is all I every wanted in one perfect package.

Over the years, I find by taking children into my home and showing them respect and kindness, allows them to enjoy their childhood, and expand their minds by asking questions, they would never have asked, and knowing I will answer them. For all of the children I say thanks, you enriched my life as much or more, as I hope I did yours.

I have not always chosen to use what I have, however, I do feel the urgency to share with mankind these gifts I have been given while I'm here. But from now on I will.

A young girt that worked for me in 1990 lived in a triplex in the next town. She was an attractive young lady with much to offer. As I drove her home one night I told her of a neigbor who did a lot of drugs, was going to be stabbed soon, at her neighbors and told her most of the details.

Since, in my vision I recognized her dress, I blocked out that information, as I really did not care what happened at the time. Later I found that the girl who was stabbed there was wearing the other girl's clothes, and the victim was not only innocent, but also one of the most sincere and decent people I had ever known. Again I felt a pain, of having been able to prevent a terrible disaster, only I made the wrong choice.

About a month later I had the vision there was to be a major fire at her triplex and I warned her in advance. She moved the following day. About a month later she phoned to tell me the triplex had burned to the ground, but thanks to my warning no one was hurt.

So many times this has happened, I at times don't want to sleep or for the fear I may see something before it happens which I can do nothing about. During a family conversation one day, I paused to focus on a feeling, and mentioned that an earthquake was about to hit in about one minute. My friend smiled, until the main beam of the house began to creak and groan. She ran for the door. This happened three times that day. I also knew of the earthquake in San Francisco that collapsed the Bay Bridge, only 15 minutes early. I got out of San Francisco with about one minute to spare.





My quest for having invented the zero pollution machine was forcing me on. It gave me a satisfaction, and grief, beyond words, with many of my achievements. Some of the simplest changes gave me the greatest results. But for many years none of the results were good enough for me personally.

During one of the test runs one of my assistants was so overwhelmed with joy and became very upset with me. He began boasting of getting about 30 times the performance per hour on gasoline. But instead of being thrilled, I asked, were there any pollutants?

Many times I work best all alone, where no one can bother me, with all of their knowledge and negatively. On a few occasions when I was feeling very productive and creative I would get as little as twenty hours sleep in a week. Even though I did want to sleep, I was not able to sleep more than two or three hours and I was wide-awake and wanting to continue where I had left off.

One afternoon I returned home from construction work to find some satisfying results. Byron had been running the prototype in an office of my guesthouse and after eight hours of running, with the windows closed, the air in the room was fresh and clean. It was so fresh, that when I lit up a cigarette, he asked me to put it out, since the smoke bothered him. Yet eight hours of exhaust did not bother him at all. He went on to tell me how good he felt.

After taking the prototype apart and examination of the interior, I could not understand what change I had done for such an improvement. When I reassembled the unit it did not perform as well as the day before.

Prior to meeting a pair of crooks in Sacramento, I had built so much evidence of my success, I assumed I would have patent protection. I had been front page of one newspaper and mentioned in several other business sections of other papers. After a hundred or so personal demonstrations and presented twice on television, these crooks were determined to steal the invention and market it.

They began scheming and plotting on how to get control of the invention as quickly as possible. When it became obvious that I would not SELL the invention nor market it, if it would be harmful to our economy as a country, they dissembled it without my knowledge or permission. They took it apart and copied the unit in the event I might not work with them.

A few weeks later I heard of them offering to sell the technology outright to some Arab for two million dollars. I was prepared to accept this type of action and respond quickly. I did not leave the unit with all of the components inside, so I knew they could not steal the technology. I took the partial prototype and left. A few days later I was forced to hire an attorney to fight these crooks.

To avoid criminal actions they agreed to sign a mutual release. They had written hot checks and lied repeatedly. One of gentlemen involved with them was an elderly retired attorney, named George. I felt sorry for him since he had, in good faith given these crooks about ten thousand dollars, and was told they had spent this on my invention and me. I later showed him they had only spent some $78.00 on a digital pyrometer and still owed me thousands. One of these crooks, in depositions boasted on how he has several bankruptcies going at once, in different districts, under different names to avoid paying his investors interest on their money.

George and I still worked together from time to time, until even he bailed out and asked only for the money he had put into the venture, if it ever took off. To this I agreed. George has always been honorable and tried to get the old partners to follow, but they refused.

Years later another guy, who was suppose to be representing me in an effort to get the invention funded for research and development met the other crooks and they became partners in crime. By holding my invention as collateral, they got me to agree to royalties based on future sales. This was agreed only because if I did not agree they threatened to give the technology to the crooks.

Before giving me back the prototype, I did speak to a patent attorney, which they supposedly hired on my behalf, and stated that they paid him for doing a patent search for ME. Some three years later I find the name of that attorney, is in fact on the patent, which HE filed as being the true invention of the crook.

In November of 1994, it became apparent that the crooks were attempting to now steal my potential investors, the contracts, and associates, from our newly formed business. I filed an action in Federal Court, in an effort to stop them. The attorneys I had hired were not experienced, as they had represented, and the case was almost dropped on the first day. It should be a crime when attorneys lie about their experience.

During depositions the defendants lied through their teeth on many issues. But there is sufficient proof of their dishonesty. I came forward with about 5,000 pages proving myself as the actual inventor.

During the first day of court proceeding the defense stated that the crook did invent my fuel processor in 1987 and that I came into his place of business and stole the only working prototype. While this was being stated I was holding a copy of the El Dorado Gazette, dated November, 1984, and I was front and center of the front page, as being the inventor. When confronted with this issue, one of the defendants said it was obvious that I traveled into the future and stole the invention. Then of course, I went

back three years in time, just to steal the invention, from his partner the crook.

In the last seven months of discovery, the crook and his attorneys have denied us knowledge of his patent of my invention. Each time saying that patent was not issued, and their technology was totally different from mine. Soon we will be back in court to once and all prove he is a crook and should be prosecuted as such. The Patent he filed is drawn exactly as the incomplete model which his attorney, George later told me he had dissembled. This will NOT work on crude oil or toxic waste, yet he included these items as part of claims in his patent, which was fraud and perjury to the Patent office.

These battles are not much different than those I face daily trying to help people. Sometimes I do want to reach out and help or heal people who express they do not want my help. Just last week during a meeting I excused myself for a few minutes, trying to determine who was experiencing a violent headache and pain to the upper spine. The man I was meeting with asked if I was all right, and I told him what I was sensing at the time. He asked me to go into the next room and tell his wife of my feelings, which I did. She looked a little confused and then told me I had described her present condition in full. I explained a need to correct the spine in order to correct the other problems.

As an inventor, I have always held back on my best version of inventions in case someone tries to steals one and tries to market it. I can then know their true intentions and can outdo them very quickly, as I may now be forced to do with the GEET Fuel processor. I left it in places where potential thieves could occasionally gain access to it, but not in it's completed stage. Many have taken it apart to learn the secrets of the invention. Usually at that point they give up in duplicating the results, they conclude that it never really worked in the first place.



Try to imagine having ten inventions that are all marketable. Now try to imagine over 500. Now try to understand the need to spend a great deal of time in setting up the companies to produce that many unrelated items. You could spend the rest of your life, working long hours trying to get even two or three to the market. The decisions you must make as to which one should I do first and which is going to be the last.

Well, that is not my problem. I have over five hundred inventions, ideas or products, and no time to market them as I am working full time on the fuel processor, as my first priority, that is when I'm not trying to help others in need. Or fighting off the crooks, like I am now.

Many of my inventions, I believe, would help mankind, in many different ways. But there are too many to concentrate on at this time. I would love to find other people who could get some of them off my hands and into the marketplace. The satisfaction of seeing them on the shelves at stores would bring me great joy. This would also put many people to work.

I have allowed a few creative people the chance to do just this, but all attempts have so far failed. My father told me several years ago that if a man wants one of your inventions and does not put up any money, than he will not likely get it to the market. And if someone puts in a reasonable amount of money they are more likely to follow through on their investment. I must say he is right. I have stacks of agreements, to prove his comments were right.

I have begun writing on about ten of the thirty or so movie script ideas over the years, but lost interest for one reason or another. Many would be box office hits, according to people I've shared them with.

Several books have been started, and set aside, of real life experiences, which I have had difficulty in completing. Many of these are of corruption in our system, which do affect most of us. Some of these things we are not generally aware of, and would scare the hell out of many people. Having spent most of my life as a carpenter, most of my inventions are in the building trades - tools, new building materials, new building methods, products and systems of simplicity.

One morning on the way to a remodel job I picked up a hitchhiker. He was on his way down to sign up for a three year training to become an electrician. He was late for his appointment and they refused to see him until the following month. I asked if he wanted to help me that day, since I heeded help. He accepted the offer because he was financially strapped. I proceeded to teach him how to wire a plug, then switches, the junction boxes, and so forth. After two hours of training I turned him loose on the entire basement to install all of the electrical. On a few occasions I checked on him. By five that afternoon he had completed the five rooms, without a flaw. He was amazed that he did so well since he had been told that within a year or so he might be able to wire a house, through the other training program. Two days later I got him a full time job with an electrical contractor, who was very pleased with his abilities.

Many of my desires at this time are more directed towards health and environment of mankind. In these fields I have several inventions and theories from one end of the spectrum to the other.

The biggest drawbacks so far have been thieves, and secondly the financial needs to prove the theories and build the necessary equipment. During the last fifteen years there have been several people who have made donations, which were greatly appreciated. I no longer work a regular job, to support the advancement of my inventions. My sole income is from people that believe in what I do, and from license agreements. If any one wishes to participate in any manner with any of my inventions they may feel free to call or write.

I wrote this about ten years ago and now I need the final chapter. The final chapter is going to be the best yet as I have asked my Beloved Wife Molley to write it. I want her to share some of the beautiful things we have done in God's name to bring about a Healthier Planet. Also for her to share the pain of having people who tried to poison her and even kill her, who are now the "expert witnesses" being brought in by the Utah State Attorney General as witnesses against me and pending October 2003. Since they could not steal my inventions or stop me, they have convinced others to join them in a lynch-mob attempt to bring their slander, lies, false representations and manipulations of the Attorney General to try and stop or interfere with the work I am doing with Molley Feichko-Pantone.

Molley is responsible for more discoveries in science than any other group in the world. She made about 50 of the 190 discoveries to date. In God's name I thank her.



It was early June 1995. Paul Pantone was busy writing the final chapter of his Autobiography. He took a few minute break to make sure his son, David, got home from school. Upstairs He found David with a few neighborhood children playing Nintendo on the Big screen TV. As Paul entered the room Davids friends seemed nervous and Paul asked what were they up to. The Children said they had heard that Nintindos could ruin a big screen TV. Paul smiled and said “if this makes David Happy, I’ll by a new one when it burns out”

Paul was a very happy and proud father. One night while David had a few friends over Paul cooked up 4 bags of popcorn and walked into the area they were playing and handed each one a bag of popcorn, then he started a popcorn fight right in the middle of the living room. That was fun!!! Cool whip is more fun, but harder to clean up.

Just then the phone rang, and it was a ‘friend’, Shauna. She was trying to get Paul a date with one of her friends. Paul had dated Shauna a few times and knew she was not the one for him and politely said they should just be friends. She went on about how pretty her friend Jill is and how happy she would make Paul. He finally said to bring her over, at least to meet and socialize.

Paul put dinner on for 4 not knowing how many there would be for sure. With all of the distractions at that point Paul went back to his computer and shut down for the night. Paul sat for a while and read his Autobiography, trying to pretend he was a total stranger to what was on the paper. He was afraid that many it would think he was a lunatic. He marked about fifteen of the events from the written copy to make sure he deleted them in the morning.

Jill arrived with Shauna around dinner time and they stayed to eat. Right after dinner David went to his section of the house to do his homework and play on his computer. Shauna got a call and said she would be back in a couple hours and left. Paul & Jill sat and watched a few movies and Shauna never returned. At about midnight Paul said he was getting tired and offered Jill a bedroom. He said all six bedrooms were fully furnished as well as the bathrooms. Paul and David lived alone but they liked a big house.

For three days she did all she could to show Paul a good time and prove she was worthy of being there. Paul Brought her a few small gifts to show his appreciation. He did work and took care of David whenever he was there, and always did the cooking and baking. David was driven to school and picked up, except when he chose otherwise.

When Paul was going to be busy he would ask Jill if there was something for her to do for a few hours and she always said yes. She also asked how soon could she come home. This relationship was moving too fast for Paul’s comfort, but he was not going to hit the brakes. On the fourth morning Paul awoke to a note from Jill.

The note simply said that Paul deserved a much more honest and sincere woman. She said she was crying when she wrote it, because while he was being so nice she was lying to him and sneaking off to the bathroom to do drugs. She knew how Paul felt about doing God’s work and the use of drugs. Paul did not see her again for over a year. He went back to his book and gave it full time efforts. Although Paul was seeking some companionship, it was far from his first priority.

In mid June Paul felt the book was ready for a proof read from a total stranger. Shauna called and asked if Paul was busy or wanted to meet another young lady. Paul said the person he needed would have to have special spiritual believe, to proof his book. Without hesitation, Shauna said there was only one person she knew who fit that description, and that was Molley. She said she had not talked to Molley in over a year and that Molley lived in Price, Utah. The more she told Paul about Molley the more Paul wanted to at least meet Molley. She sounded like she had similar experiences to that of Paul’s.

About an hour later Shauna called back and said Molley was in town and staying at her daughter’s. She tried several times to get Molley to say yes and finally Molley did. Paul went over to her Daughters to pick her up. When he saw Molley the first time she looked much older than he had imagined, with two canes and braces on both arms. He jumped out of his van and came around to help her into the van.

As he helped her into the van he thought of how delicate this tiny frail, little woman was and wondered if there was more to this meeting than just reading his book. When they arrived at Paul’s he made her comfortable in the living room and offered her a drink. As she read the book with difficulty turning the loose pages Paul watched to see if she accepted what she was reading. After an hour or so, Paul could take no more. Silently he looked up and said to himself in prayer, “Father, I must heal this woman”. With this Paul walked over to Molley and took his Autobiography out of her hands and placed it into her lap. He then tossed her cane across to the couch and removed her arm braces. Then he held her wrists and said that in God’s name she would never need them again. He handed her back the book. (Now is the time to say the book was about all of the gifts that God had allowed Paul to use, to help, heal, and bring comfort to all people. It was complete with names and dates, as Paul had nothing to hide. Paul did not know then, how these gifts worked, but by simply wanting Gods help to heal, people were healed by just touching them. But the Autobiography is a different story.)

He said there are 5 empty bedrooms and she could pick any one as hers for evening, and he went to his room. Early the next morning Paul was working as Molley came slowly down the hall into living room, with no cane or braces. She had both hands over her head and was moving them all around in amazement. When Paul saw this he smiled and whispered, “thank you God.” They sat for a little while and then Molley got up. Paul kept working and she said “Could you give me a ride to the nearest bus stop?”.

Paul asked why and she said she had to go to her doctors appointment. Paul, without hesitation, handed her the keys to his custom van and said just take mine. Molley was surprised and said, ’You don’t even know my last name”. Paul smiled and said “if you are going to break my heart, please do it now”. As she walked out of the kitchen for the car, Paul knew she was the one for him. She just seemed so perfect in every way, she was almost scary.

Both of them had previous relationships and did not really want to get serious, but they couldn’t help it. It was Love at first conversation for Paul, she was smarter than anyone he had met in all fields and seemed to know all things that he was seeking. She was a great cook, a LADY, kind, considerate, clean, loving, playful, and all of he other things that Paul thought he could never find in any ONE woman.

Dr. Andreas Kurt Richter arrived in Salt Lake to spend a week with Paul to validate Paul’s invention. Scientists from around the world were offered the same proposal of, come in and prove it works or that Paul was a fraud. During his stay Paul needed Molley back and took a break to get her back home. Molley was such a good cook that even a vegetarian like Dr Richter enjoyed Salmon and scalloped potatoes, with ham.

A few days later Molley went back home to Price, and Paul was beside himself with emptiness and loneness. He walked around the house saying, “I, Miss Molley”, repeating it over and over it was driving him crazy. David came into the kitchen and Paul did not hear him and he was startled. “Oh. Hi David, how was school”?, David, “OK. But who is Miss Molley, or did you mean Molley.?”

“When MY Miss Molley isn’t hear, son, I really Miss Molley”. >From then on Paul had given her the name Miss Molley, in a very loving way. He finally called and asked if he could come get her and how much he missed her. And she said yes. Paul couldn’t remember a happier day in his life than going to get her and bring her home. It was then he knew there was more to Loving her than he had ever experienced in all of his past relationships, combined. He wanted to bring her the greatest joys that any man could.

Molley returned with happiness in heart and showed it in every breath she took. The only thing Paul could see was Love flowing from her every movement. Paul had never dreamt he could find anyone who could bring him so much joy and happiness. Molley shared with Paul her miracles that she had experienced and she was all that Paul knew and understood. Several times later she saved their lives with her gifts, for which Paul will never forget. Every time he would go to the store he felt compelled to get flowers or any little thing to give her to show his true affection.

Paul was so busy Loving Molley that almost everything in his life was focusing around Her and her happiness.  Paul’s lease was up and he had to continue paying for the large house or go to Price with Molley. She had a small place that could accommodate us and we could look for something bigger. Paul was willing to go to the end of the earth for Molley and agreed. They packed things up and began the move. Of course Molley’s little place was not big enough and they put most of the stuff in storage.

Paul never found pleasure in doing those tasks for past women, like honey fix this and that. But with Molley he couldn’t wait for her to ask for anything, he wanted to show his love in his every action, right down to hand sewing the cushions on her old couch. Washing dishes and cleaning bathroom, and drawing her bath, they all brought him pleasure.

During this most romantic time Paul often wondered why Molley was so beautiful and always there as his support, all 95 pounds. She was most definitely the wind beneath his wings. She said during the first days that he was either the worlds biggest con-man or one of the worlds genius’. She said she would stick it out to find out. But as this story unfolds, you will find that even a genius can be a total fool.

Paul Pantone,


"We encourage you to help clean up and understand this amazing planet" Many happy sunsets as you find your doorway to heaven . . .

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