1984-11-07: El Dorado Gazette: Garden Valley Inventor Fights Uphill Battle

An engine that runs on anything -- water, crude oil, old tires, junk -- absolutely anything, has been the goal of mankind since the dawn of the industrial age.
Just such an invention has been created by Paul Pantone of Garden Valley. Impossible you may say. The course of the world could be changed if it was no longer dependent on dwindling energy sources.
It was worth a visit to Garden Valley, we figured, to meet this young inventor and see for ourselves an engine that was not dependent on gasoline. With skepticism as a companion, I watched as the engine fired up on water and crude oil.
And it kept running... and running. Feeling brave, coffee was dumped in...and the engine kept running. I searched for dark clouds of smoke or emission over Garden Valley. There were none--the air was crystal clear. And, the engine kept running.
The invention is a carburetor-like device that allows any existing unmodified gasoline engine to run on 20 percent crude oil and 80percent water...and anything else you want to get rid of. Its potential is unlimited.
So, of course, we expect that governments and corporations are goin to jump at the chance to share the cost saving benefits of this energy boon with us, the consumer. Think again.
"I'm not naive enough to believe that I'm the only one in the history of the world to come up with an alternative energy source," Pantone said. "I have been warned that more than likely I will be offered a great deal of money for this invention...with the guarantee that I sell out and shut up. The invention, like others, will be suppressed if at all possible," he stated.
"If the oil companies thought it out, they would not have to feel threatened. They could use their own refineries and save enormous sums of money. Car manufacturers could double or better car mileage, end much of the smog problems and start manufacturing luxury cars again," Pantone suggested.
Even that most basic need -- hunger -- would be affected: "Just think how cheaply farm equipment could be run. And then the trucking industry that gets the food to market would also be able to pass on reduced costs to the consumer," predicted Pantone.
An established inventor, Pantone has some 200 inventions to his credit including a carpenter's level with 22 functions and a .22 caliber log splitter. He's been at the inventing business since he was 11 years old. "In fact, I've been working on this fuel-efficient machine for three years," Pantone said.
Some people may call me a dreamer or a nutty inventor, but I really believe that this invention should benefit the people. That is why I am nervous that it may be suppressed as other inventions have," Pantone stated firmly.
With the interview concluded, I threw in the last dregs of my morning coffee. The engine polited burped...and kept on running.

By Dorothy Ingram

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