Request for any information on Mr. Kohei Minato

Hello, i am a free energy researcher and free lance writer currently researching "What ever happened to Kohei Minato and his Magnetic Motor". You may remember that 5 years ago now, a magazine "[email protected] Inc" published an astonishing story about inventor Kohei Minato, and a sale of 40,000 magnetic motor devices to an unnamed Japanese retailer. This sale may be the first instance of a mass-produced free energy device. Here is the link:

So, in those 5 years, Mr, Minato has completely "dropped off the web", and I am now requesting any information regarding the gentleman that any of you reading this may have. If you prefer , contact me privately, and if desired, any information offered can be "off the record" with anonymity assured.


Steve Windisch / "jibbguy"
[email protected]