Ed Leedskalnin: Wikipedia article excerpt from 19th feb 2009

An intriguing feature of three of these pamphlets is a diagram labeled "Perpetual Motion Holder". This diagram shows how electricity can be stored in a magnetic loop made from a permament horseshoe magnet and a "bridge" of soft iron across the horseshoe ends, forming a circle (loop) of magnetic metals. Energy is introduced into the loop through windings of electric wire around the soft iron (forming an electromagnet). When an electric pulse is sent into the wire windings, it will circulate in the magnetic loop until the soft iron bridge is physically removed from the horseshoe magnet ends, at which time the stored electric pulse is released into the wire windings as available energy. According to Leedskalnin, this stored energy can be kept circulating in the magnet for weeks or months, without appreciable loss.

from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Leedskalnin