Juha Hartikka: Interdimensional Force Concept

Preliminary version for evaluation 15.04.2001 by Mr. Juha Hartikka, MScTech, Finland.  Update 17.04.2001.

Interdimensional Force Concept

An experimental theory about forces as tensions between different sets of dimensions.

We may play with the thought that there is only one Force. In fact, it is not force at all as we have used to think gravity and electromagnetism effects this far. Gravity and other our everyday forces may be just what we observe by how our space behaves between possible external dimensions surrounding or inside us.

The forces familiar to us may be thought as sub-forces of one universal mechanism of tensions in the surface, or if thought otherwise, in the structure of our space and its interaction with the external dimensions directly unobservable to us. If this tensions penetrates certain variations of dimensions it may be observed as gravity. If it comes through another set of dimensions, we may recognize it as the electrical force between charged particles. If the tension finds still another way or mode through the dimensions, it may be magnetism. Other means of interdimensional tensions can produce effects known as strong and weak nuclear forces.

This united force or dimensional tension will have different qualities in this our play of thoughts depending on through which set of dimensions it affects us. This is because a force is comprehended simply as a tension in the surfaces separating dimensions. We will call these imaginary borders between dimensions as interdimensional surfaces or zero-points.

Nature of Force

It is possible that interdimensional tension phenomenons understood as forces or force fields get their individual appearing properties by the way each tension is situated between the dimensions or how they penetrate the set of dimensions on their way to us. For example, those tensions penetrating through a broad set of dimensions may affect any mass in a broad scale but only in a simple way, like gravity does.

If a tension comes through less dimensions, it may have kept some other means of affecting matter. Now it may be the electric force between charged particles, recognizing in addition to matter also positive and negative properties we call electric charges. In third example the tension may be between nearest possible external dimension. Now the tension recognizes also direction. It behaves as magnetism.

Wavy Surface of Universe

The tension observed as electromagnetic field or it's resultant force can be thought as a bulb on the surface of our space. We can not "see" through this surface between dimensions, but we can observe the fluctuations of these tensions traveling as common electromagnetic waves on it. We may also see some of the phenomenons caused by them and use them for our profit or amusement.

Electromagnetic waves traveling along the interdimensional surface of space can be thought analogous to waves on the surface of water. We may visualize ourselves for example radio waves as medium size waves on the imaginary surface of our space. The behaviour of this "zero-point" surface connected to neighbouring external dimensions with their typical properties makes these waves to move with their characterical speed - the speed of light. The same of course applies to the whole spectrum of electromagnetical waves.

Local incontinuities or "bumps" in space do affect these interdimensionally moving waves. For example matter may bend, reflect, slow down or even accelerate or block these waves. The interdimensional space surface may also be possible to stretch and compress "longitudinally". If so, this enables the possibility of longitudinal interdimensional tension waves. These may or may not be the same ones that Nikola Tesla referred to with his wireless experiments. By this interdimensional concept such a way of manipulating the surface or our space may be possible.

Three Sets of Three Dimensions

By current dimension theories at least nine space dimensions seem possible. As our space consists of three observable space dimensions it may be logical to think about three sets of three dimensions, one set being our space. Time will be discussed separately on later chapter.

As dimensional research suggests, some of the external dimensions may be folded inside themselves into too small packages for us to observe them. These we may think as three of our sets of dimensions and call them micro dimensions. They are thought by our interdimensional model to have a "zero-point" surface against our own space. This surface is penetrated by the tensions observed by us as nuclear forces like the strong force and the weak force. For simplicity, we call them micro forces.


Most of the parts of the puzzle are now at hand, but one seems to be missing. For symmetry of the model we may add a third unknown force to the group of two previous micro forces. This third force we decide to call a ?force or cosmological force. The latter name because it fills a place in the micro forces symmetry being somewhat analogous to the gravity of the macro forces family. Besides, as a very marginal universal force it may be connected to the very small cosmological constant that Einstein similarly added to his Theory of Relativity. Whether or not this imaginary ?force actually exists, is a complete puzzle.

Macro Forces - The Roof of Our Space Stretched

Remaining three dimensions of our model are arranged as a set of macro dimensions. This is done partly because of symmetry, partly because of the behaviour of the gravity and electromagnetic forces caused by them and partly because of tips from research about microgravity.

Today it is thought possible that gravity may not affect on very small particle level like on our easily observable scale. Micro particles like nuclei may behave in gravitational field differently to stars, planets and common objects surrounding us. So it is not inevitable that gravity or even electromagnetic forces can reach their impact to smallest of particles like they do on large bodies of sky mechanics, for example. With this new concept of ours we decide to deal gravity, electricity and magnetism as interdimensional tensions between our space and and the set of three macro dimensions.

Macro dimensions may be something we are a part of. Again, we can not directly see, hear or feel anything within them. However, the surface of our space can stretch, bend and wave against these macro dimensions. This surface between our space and macro dimensions are thought to create another zero-point interdimensional surface, in addition to the microdimensional zero-point surface. Matter, it's movement, temperature and other variations in our space will produce varying tensions into this interdimensional surface and again we observe these tensions as forces.

Force = Interdimensional Tension

All forces can be thought as simple effects caused by tensions between different sets of dimensions. This way of thinking is a means of uniting all the forces. In fact, forces may be considered kind of nonexistent as we have accustomed to think of them this far. They are just a side effect of our space and external dimensions being stretched and trying to relax their tension.

Formed between different sets and variations of dimensions, this interdimensional tension affects different forms of matter by different ways. Magnetism is a tension formed by magnetic materials. Electric current flow in conductor may be acting as the conductor pushing, stretching and twisting the interdimensional surface.

Alternating current vibrates the interdimensional surface to and forth. Very strong electromagnetic field can be thought as a blob stretching out of the surface of our space. Too strong a field can cause this bubble burst and drop its contents into an external dimension.

"Piece of Cake" model of Forces and Dimensions, drawing:

interdim.gif (13609 bytes)

Energy = Variation in Interdimensional Tension

The surfaces between dimensions are in constant move and fluctuation as they seek for the minimum tension between neighbouring sets of dimensions. The interdimensional surfaces are moved by any phenomenon in space or in neighbouring dimensions. When we move ourselves, also the weak but inevitable gravity dent around us moves like a shade. The electrical charges on our skin and clothes move and set their typical stretch on another set of dimensions to a different place.

However, the surfaces between dimensions are strong by their nature, so we will not be dropped unnoticed through them to some hostile external dimension. However, we can possibly construct devices to stretch dimensions or even make a narrow slot through through the surface of external dimensions and this way even use the potential energy present between these separate dimensions to collect energy for our personal use!

In our concept way of thinking, we may describe energy as variations or changes in interdimensional tensions.

Puzzles Called Temperature and Time

Temperature is commonly described as the internal energy of particles of matter, a kind of vibration of atoms. On the experimental concept we are now dealing with, one way to think about it is temperature as the intensity of energy flow between dimensions. It appears, that temperature and micro dimensions might be connected together.

Time could be experimented in our thought model except as a possible fourth dimension of our space, also as the energy flow between our space and external dimensions. As suggested, the interdimensional surfaces carry energy and enable some energy transference between separate dimensions. However, the interdimensional surface tends to stretch itself back and also the energy shifted by the move of this "rubber sheet" relaxes soon back.

Dimensional Wormholes

Of course, if this zero-point interdimensional membrane can be punched and the hole maintained, we may experience energy flow in the form of abrupt local time changes. If a proper set of dimensions are manipulated simultaneously, our model of thinking allows making "wormholes" to another set of time and space, at least in principle.

One of the obstacles of making practical dimensional wormholes is that dimensional tensions affect different forms of matter differently. So if some form of teleportation is experimented with, special care and a lot of research work is required to stabilize it to carry a broad enough variation of types of matter. Otherways, parts of unhomogenous matter may be separated or shifted to another position.

The knowledge and theories currently in our use are not sufficient to solve these problems, if they can ever be solved. However, reaction forces for example in electromechanical devices may be put through an interdimensional hole to effect into external dimensions. This principle allows reactionless drive, for instance.

This preliminary model of Interdimensional Force Theory is not expected to be accurate. Vice versa, it misses many parts of the puzzle and many of those bits already arranged may be in false positions. If so, please correct. If they do fit, you may use this concept as a tool until we find a better one.

This is my way to solve the Force Puzzle. The question is: Did I fit the parts right?

             - Juha Hartikka -

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