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we await with baited breath. also, check out this thread: also, here are some urls that richard willis provided on overunity thread. hope these help some!
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cad cam, wireless dnc, cnc turning, cnc milling, cnc Production tracking, cnc program verification, CAD CAM for education
cad cam, wireless dnc, cnc turning, cnc milling, cnc Production tracking, cnc program verification, CAD CAM for education1
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Here it is ! The first documented selfrunning overunity motor w-o batteries !#msg25117
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ZENN Retailers
also after the Dragon's Den stuff:
"However, Mr. Wilson has had difficulty matching schedules with Mr. Willis and a few University of Saskatchewan PhD students who will help test the energy multiplier. As a result, there is no deal yet. And there won't be, Mr. Wilson says, until he's satisfied the device works."
also from energetic-forum thread:
I asked the inventor if his solid state device, as now offered on his website, is the same as what we saw in his videos. Here's what he says:
Yes this is exactly the same device. The modifications that I have made consist of a electronic timing device to take place of the wheel. The pump still remains but is only used to cool the coils. We are not switching off the neo magnets we are bending the lines of flux. Only bend them. Hope this answers your questions.
Richard Willis

and back at overunity, some words for the wise:
If you review Tesla's patent number 511,916 (thanks Erf), he explains in rather unusual details the effects of drag and means to overcome it if both the PM and Alt are well adjusted in terms of their resonance. Actually , this patent goes into much more detail on this subject than any of his others I have reviewed. Other Tesla patents are also in line with MC's device and have been around for over 100 years. Hello..........