required chopping

required chopping:

1) John Bedini on the bloch-wall (radio interviews, Energy from the vacuum)
1) John Bedini showing the Hamel Spinner - and thus - a magnetic vortex comprising of only North-poles. EFTV11
1) Howard Johnson's two way spiral vortex magnetic field mapping images
- from "Secret World of Magnets"
1) Howard Johnson's devices - from Discovering Magnetism, Energy From The Vacuum Part 4 and Energy From The Vacuum Part 11
1) Wilhelm Reich on keeping a magnet in the orgone accumulator and its middle point starting to glow with blue
- from "American Odyssey" page
1) Walter Russell's drawings on magnetism and magnetic fields and a gravity bar recorder
- Three Magnetic pole drawings showing how the magnetic field is voided when two poles meet
- One magnetic-pole drawing
- Gravity Bar Recorder images
1) Magnets being dipoles - Tom Bearden's claim
- Excerpt of video + audio of aspect from when Tom Bearden says: "A Magnet is also a Dipole"
1) "Slow magnetism"?
- This is something that steorn is claiming

Orgone project:
2) Wilhelm Reich footage
2) Alexander Lowen footage
2) Wilhelm Reich Orgone Accumulator footage
2) Wilhelm Reich Orgone Shooter footage
2) Wilhelm Reich Orgone Cloudbuster footage
2) Wilhelm Reich and Einstein conversations about the Orgone Accumulator functionality
2) Wilhelm Reich writings on the difference between electrical engineer and an orgone biophysicist

Viktor Schauberger historical project:
3) Viktor Schauberger's Heimkraftwerk footage
3) Viktor Schauberger's Repulsine footage
3) Viktor Schauberger's Klimator sketches, drawings, footage and descriptions
3) Viktor Schauberger's repulsator / mountain spring quality water production device footage, sketches, drawings and descriptions
3) Viktor Schauberger's intuitive trying to formulate living breathing machines

Math with professors
4) Konstantin Meyl and the Maxwell equations
4) Maxwell equations and non-linearity
4) Curbed maxwell equations allowing only linear results
4) Curbed maxwell equations missing the real juicy bits that make imbalance introduction useful

Stubblefield and Earth energies
5) Nathan Stubblefield chops from Energy From The Vacuum part 1 and more
5) John Bedini interviews on Nathan Stubblefield's technology
5) Book on Nathan Stubblefield and its contents on Earth Battery and magnetic current
5) Timothy Thrapp interview on Nathan Stubblefield
5) What is this earth magnetic current field that can be tapped in increasing amounts

6) Non-electron-flow electricity - claims from Timothy Thrapp interview
6) Non-electron-flow electricity - claims from John Bedini interviews
6) Non-electron-flow electricity - John Bedini interviews from Energy From The Vacuum
6) Non-electron-flow electricity - What is electricity, what is magnetism - Walter Russell
6) Non-electron-flow-electricity - Chops from Eric Dollard documentaries re: one-wire lighting, one-wire electricity transfer
6) Non-electron-flow-electricity - chops from Energy From The Vacuum part 7 re: John Bedini's One-Wire Lighting / One-Wire Electricity Transfer (
6) Non-electron-flow-electricity - how does it show in an oscilloscope or a digital meter?

7) "Scalar envelope" - 1.618 / Eric Dollard material on how there is a subtler form of electricity than the crass AC/DC we use
7) Impulse current / Oscillating current - claims from Eric Dollard's documentaries and interviews
7) Pulsing circuits, pulsing motors, oscillating imbalance

8) glows
8) glows - wilhelm reich blue bloch wall glow upon magnet in orgone accumulator
8) glows - nikola tesla
8) glows - discharge of capacitor with green glow - john bedini and energy from the vacuum
8) glows - viktor schauberger and blue cold glow or red hot glow re: electricity produced by vortices

9) Thomas Townsend Brown's vacuum highvoltage experiments in electrogravitics - and why "ion wind" is not the full answer to Thomas Townsend Brown's antigravity experiments in the vacuum