Healing Water Institute

The Healing Water Institute is an international education and research group with charitable trusts in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and currently being formed in the United States.

Our whole aim is to help water support life better. Water is under great attack from agricultural and industrial pollution and urban mis-use , greatly reducing its ability to support life.

To achieve this we provide education events, we research water and also design technology that helps improve water's condition.

Since 1988 we have promoted the concept... 'Learn from Nature - Design with Nature'. We consider that it is nature's intelligence, the wisdom at work in nature, that we can learn from to create 21st century technologies.

Only by creating and operating technologies that are in tune with nature will we solve the global ecological problems that have arisen in one short century......last century.

Our main concern is the quality of water...both chemical pollution but also resonance pollution, where the ability of water to communicate life information at a cellular level is being destroyed.

We are endeavouring to educate and bring awareness about water through a fascinating illustrated seminar on the secrets of living nature, presented by the inspiring water educator Iain Trousdell.

This is an enlightening presentation that covers new ways of thinking and understanding about what water actually is. It also endeavours to bring science and art together in the environment to create effective and exciting solutions to water problems.

The Healing Water Institute is interested in developing water ecology solutions and then passing this information to other commercial businesses. Examples of this are Flowforms for dairy shed effluent treatment systems, natural swimming pools, Riverfins (from Viktor Schauberger's work), and fishladders.

Our primary function is educational outreach for public benefit. We are keen to network with any other groups or individuals working in this area as well.

The Healing Water Institute has an interest in all eco-sustainable technologies, and knows of many different innovative water ideas around the world.