www.fuellesspower.com seems to be a scam site, selling a lot of "free energy" plans that do not work.


This article, http://www.keelynet.com/energy/clem1.htm, which is about the Richard Clem engine, mentiones fuellesspower.com at the end. There are other complaints about fuellesspower.com elsewhere online.

"In the last part of June 2001, Rick Harrison, president of Creative Sciences sent an email to KeelyNet saying he was prepared to sue if we did not stop 'bad-mouthing' his company. The website is http://www.fuellesspower.com and I told him go ahead, since I and many others would love to see them prove their overunity claims in court. Since then he has not responded back and the website is not responding, so I think they are changing their claims. We also have several emails from others who say Creative ripped them off and one from Brazil saying its been 60 days after he sent about $115.00 and received nothing."

Fuelles Power Plans Scam

My next door (mentally ill) neighbor has several plans they are all fraud. The fueless heater is a rod dangling in motor oil. The generator plans have you wind copper wire around a plastic tray.

But - no one really cares because only nuts order the plans and they will never think its a scam. You can show these nuts demonstration models on how things are in this life - but theres no use they will never get it.
These nuts think free energy is real using household items they wont listen to simple laws of 1st grade science. They choose to live a lie.

what has your nextood

what has your nextood neighbour got to do with www.fuellesspower.com , please? could you clarify if this response of yours is based on "oh, yes, theres something quite like that somewhere, its a scam", instead of visiting the premises of the company and finding information on it?

Sorry your wrong

The person who commented "My next door (mentally ill) neighbor has several plans they are all fraud. The fueless heater is a rod dangling in motor oil."
Is totaly wrong. Thats what i thought it was by the depsecription . Reason they say this is because they dont want to give you the secret, making you buy the plans. But i wasnt going to spend $40 to find out.

One day i was surfing and found this site by accident. Someone put the actual plans online and I quickly downloaded them. I was reading them and found it quite interesting and I can assure you its not a can of oil with a zinc rod dangling in it.

No, I havent built one yet to test it. But I can sure you looking at it and the physics of it and hows its built there might be some claim to it. Time will tell

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