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April 2, 1993
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VOLUME IV, NO. I MARCH 13th, 1993
Editors: Donald A. Kelly, Michael Marino
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The space Energy Association is dedicated to the pioneering work of
several scientists and inventors, including Nikola Tesla, Viktor
Schauberger, T. Henry Moray, T.T. Brown, Alfred Hubbard, T.J.J. See,
Erwin Saxi, Hans Coler and others.

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by Walt Rosenthal


The Vacuum Triode Amplifier (VTA) invented by Floyd Sweet consists
of two ferrite magnets and two to four coreless wire coils. It is
self powered in the pre-ferred configuration and produces in excess
of one KW of 120 VRMS 60 HZ power in the form of energy that
resembles electricity. This energy is referred to as negative
energy. The VTA development history, its anti-gravity
characteristics, negative energy properties, and some of the
personalities involved are discussed.

This is a story of Floyd Sweet's trials and tribulations involving a
mystery wrapped in an enigma. God revealed to Floyd sufficient
information to build a machine to provide energy that resembles
electricity. However, God did not provide solutions to the
frustrating string of problems that would surface in converting the
idea into a working device. There are several people in this story
that have provided help and some who have hindered.

When Tom Bearden met Floyd, the device Floyd had developed was
producing a few watts of alternating current at 28 volts. Tom saw in
Floyd's device the physical embodiment of a principle he had
theorized many years before. Tom had never designed or constructed
a physical device to access this elusive energy source.

Tom's name for the extraction process is 'Four Wave Phase Conjugate
Mixing'. The energy source is the intense non-cohered energy that is
thought to be present everywhere in the universe. Various
researchers through the years have given this energy different
names, such as "Zero Point Energy", "Gravity Field Energy", "Radiant
Energy", and others.

Tom Bearden gave Floyd's device the name "Vacuum Triode Amplifier"
or VTA. The machine provides a small amount of its output fed back
to the equivalent of a grid which gates or coheres a large amount of
energy which appears at the device output terminal as something that
resembles electricity! Negative Electricity.

This energy can be utilized by devices designed to convert
electricity to light, heat, or mechanical work or anything else for
which normal electricity is used. The properties of this energy,
although superficially resembling the 120 VRMS 60 HZ power we
normally use, are unique and sufficiently different from
conventional electricity, so that it should be classified as an
entirely new energy form. It will require careful extended study by
a wide range of people in order to document its properties in the
manner scientists have done with conventional electricity.

Tom Bearden refers to this energy as negative energy, and he states
that negative time must be utilized. In negative time according to
Bearden, gravity is a repulsive force.

Floyd's experiments demonstrated that the VTA loses weight in
proportion to the amount of generated "Negative Energy". This was
carefully documented by Floyd on a kitchen scale. The machine
weight was observed decreasing with increased load in a quite
orderly fashion until a point was suddenly reached when Floyd heard
an immense sound, as if he were at the center of a giant whirlwind
but without actual air movement. The sound was heard by his wife
Rose in another room of their apartment and was heard by others
outside the apartment. The experience was very frightening and the
experiment has not been repeated.

Some observers of the light emanating from ordinary 120 volt 100
watt incandescent bulbs powered by the VTA claim the light is
different, softer, than normal incandescent light.

The VTA magnets and coils when powering loads of over a kilowatt
become cold and temperatures of 20 degrees Fahrenheit below ambient
have been observed. Similar reports of below ambient temperature of
energy machine components have been reported by other inventors,
such as John Bedini and John R.R. Searl.

When the VTA output wires had been accidentally shortened, first an
extremely brilliant flash occurred. When the wires involved were
examined shortly afterward, they were found covered with frost.

Unfortunately this also caused the VTA magnet to fracture and the
machine ceased operating. In one instance the machine operation
ceased during a local earthquake. The physical shaking was not
believed to be sufficiently severe to disrupt the machine
magnet/coil relative placement or physical shock to the magnet such
as a hammer blow might impart. The best speculation is that the
machine was affected by the intense electromagnetic pulse known to
originate from earthquakes.

Conventional instruments used to measure volts, amps, or watts
appear to correlate machine output as coupled to loads, but only up
to approximately 1 KW; above that value they may indicate zero or
some other value not related to the known actual load.

Floyd's attempts to use conventional electrical design formulas
relating number of coil turns, amp turns on drive coils, and any
other parameter to predict observed outputs have all resulted in
failures with calculations. Empirical formulas based on actual
tests have been documented.

Observation of machine output voltage of approximately 120 VRMS
while the load was changed in 100 watt increments from 100 watts to
1000 watts has shown no observable output voltage change, which
suggests an extremely low internal equivalent impedance. The 20
gauge magnet wire in the output coils consisting of several hundred
turns has significant DC resistance which is not correlated with the
unvarying output terminal voltage at different loads. It is
speculated that this energy does not travel within the copper wire
or its passage through the copper wire does not generate a voltage
drop - a most useful feature when transferring energy from one place
to another.

One frustrating aspect of the VTA has been its failures, evidenced
by the output voltage slowly decaying to zero over a few seconds or
minutes. There also has been spontaneous instances of the voltage
rising above 120 VRMS as observed by the increased lamp load bank
brightness. The volt meters, ammeter, and power meter did not
correlate with the brightness change except when the machine would
the fail to produce any power.

Many times the VTA was normally left on powering a lamp load bank 24
hours a day. During a period of time when it appeared to be
functioning properly all day long, Floyd got up at 3:00 AM to go to
the bathroom. As he walked past the room where the VTA was located,
he noticed that the lights appeared dim. He measured the voltage at
70 VRMS. Being tired at the moment, he returned to bed. The next
morning when he rose, the voltage was back to the normal 120 VRMS
and stayed there all day. The next night Floyd got up at 4:30 AM.
The voltage was measured at 85 VRMS. Floyd returned to bed. The
voltage was normal the entire next day.

A possible clue to this anomaly has appeared in an article by E.W.
Silvertooth title 'Motion Through The Ether' where Silvertooth
describes a dual path laser interferometer experiment that
conclusively demonstrated the presence of an ether that flows
through our portion of the universe at greater than the speed of
light with its vector in the direction of the constellation Leo.
Floyd's VTA may be orientation sensitive to this ether velocity

The VTA consists of two 4" X 6" X .5" grade 5 or grade 8 ferrite
magnets spaced 3 inches apart in the attractive orientation, with
the output and drive coils in between. The output coils are wound
with 20 gage magnet wire. Their axis is parallel to the magnetic
lines of force between the two magnets. The two drive (or
excitation) coil axes are positioned at 90 degrees to the output
coil axis. The VTA excitation coils may be driven by the VTA output
voltage or a separate sinewave oscillator source.

The "SECRET" to the machine is the process that "conditions" the
magnets. This conditioning process determines the output frequency
and also prepares the machine for operation. The same machine could
be just as well "told" to output 50 HZ or 400 HZ. The conditioning
technique is so novel, it is doubtful anyone would ever guess how
it is done.

Oscilloscope observation of the VTA output voltage waveform shows an
apparently perfect sinewave that is not phase locked to the local 60
HZ powerline voltage.

The VTA can be started by momentary connection of a 9 volt battery
to the drive coils when the machine is operated in the self-powered
mode. The operation is stopped by momentary interruption of power
to the power coils.

The VTA "likes" to always see a minimum load of 25 watts.

Electrical shock to humans from the VTA may be more damaging than
contact with a 120 VRMS 60 HZ conventional powerline voltage. Floyd
has accidentally had VTA current pass from his thumb to his smallest
finger. It appears to freeze the flesh and was extremely painful for
at least two weeks.

The mechanism by which negative energy makes copper conductors cold
but will also heat light bulb filaments is not understood.

Tom Bearden has coined the term "Gravito Stiction" for this process
and has described how he believes it works.

On the human side of the VTA development, some incidents are worth
telling. Two people from Australia, who claimed they wanted to help
Floyd, stole his note book and promptly asked John Bedini for help
in replicating the VTA based on the notebook contents.

John recognized the notebook as belonging to Floyd and promptly
asked them to leave. However, the notebook was never recovered.

Floyd has received many death threats over the phone, and some
threats face to face. A well dressed gentleman in a expensive suit,
tie, hat, and hundred dollar shoes approached Floyd on the sidewalk
of the street where he lives and introduced himself as Cecil Brown.
He showed him a picture of Floyd inside his apartment. Cecil then
told him that he represented a conglomerate that did not want
Floyd's device to appear in the world at this time.

He further stated that sometimes unfortunate things happen to people
who do not comply with the wishes of others. He then retrieved the
picture and departed. Incidences like this do impart significant
concern in Floyd's mind!

One real unsung hero of the human side of this story is Al Margolin,
who for many years has provided test equipment, fabrication help,
and transportation for Floyd and Rose whenever needed, and it was
needed many times.

Floyd's long time friend and former employer Bill Lawry has provided
living and project expenses and fabrication help when needed.

The reliable conditioning of the magnets in a manner that assures
long time operation is the Achilles heel of this device.

With the help of enough of the right people this device may change
our world and open a new field of physics! This adventure of course
is an ongoing and the final goal of powering the world with the VTA
is still a long ways off.

Vangard Note

A point of interest regarding the "cold" effects associated with
this negative electricity. Walter Russell, Victor Schauberger
and others contend that nature uses two types of "spin", one
clockwise, the other counterclockwise.

The clockwise spin is a concentrating effect which generates Heat
as a byproduct and is used in all modern power generation and
utilization. The counterclockwise spin is an expanding effect
associated with cold and the attempt of nature to REGAIN the
UNITY that prevails when force of any type (Aether, magnetic,
light, electric, gravitic, etc.) IS NOT POLARIZED.

In fact, the very existence of electricity, magnetism, gravity,
heat, light, etc. is NOT possible unless the AETHER IS THUS
POLARIZED to create the interferences necessary to provide
potential differences and the "cascading forcefalls" of other
energies which MANIFEST as a DIRECT BYPRODUCT of Aether

Two papers which shed some light on this are listed on KeelyNet
as NEUTRAL1 and RFP1 if you might wish to look into some of our


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