Paul Pantone: GEET Device (Audio Blog Interview)

James A. Robey Interviews Chris Patton, U.S. alternative energy film producer/director and Larry Jarboe, Maryland County Commissioner and alternative energy enthusiast.

Both of these individuals have witnessed and worked with Paul Pantone's GEET device. They conclude that this technology does in-fact work.

Larry Jarboe's work w/Electric Drag Races:

They mention Naphtha Gas being used:

Article on Plasma Combustion:

Patton's travels began with a two-year stint following the work of Paul Pantone's GEET plasma technology that allows an engine to run on just about any liquid mixed with just a small portion of petrol. "What he would do is take these 5 kW generators, modify the exhaust manifold so that it would vaporize the gasoline before it reached the engine, [significantly increasing] its mileage. He somehow created a plasma reactor accidentally, where you could get away with using ten to twenty percent fuel, and the rest could be whatever liquid was laying around the house as waste. And it produced practically no emissions, and the exhaust pipe ran 'cold', which meant it was creating an efficient burn."

Patton describes seeing the demonstration of this technology many times, and his amazement at the myriad of scientists who would try to explain what was happening, yet it was obvious that none of them knew how this was taking place. Robey points out that recently an academic report was published that validates the plasma claim Pantone has been making for years.

This phenomenon lead to three areas of research. "Some theories were that it was electrochemical. Another theory was that it was a self-inducing plasma field that was able to break down any liquid that was going into it into its constituent [elementally-recombined] gasses."

Patton described what he thinks was happening. "Inside, he had a cast-iron pipe that was about 6-8 inches long. In the center of that pipe he would place a steel rod that was spaced from the edges by 1/8 of an inch. He'd put that in the exhaust manifold. What happened was when the engine was drawing fuel, it would draw into the pipe, around this steel rod that was in the exhaust manifold. The exhaust coming out was about 400 - 500 degrees. As the cold fuel came in, what would happen is you would create this electrostatic charge on the steel rod that would turn it into a plasma reaction that would break the liquid and gases down almost atomically as soon as the engine got hot enough. "When you fired it up, it would choke for a minute, because it wasn't hot enough to create the reaction. Once it was warmed up after thirty seconds, you could essentially pull the gas tank off the system, like we did at many conferences, and pour pickle juice, beer, motor oil -- anything you had on hand -- down that engine. He would hold this white rag up, and while we were talking he would hold it onto the back of the tail pipe. After his 20-minute talk, he would hold it up, and there would be no black carbon on that handkerchief."

Patton also touches briefly on the unfortunate political struggles involved in Pantone's operation that caused it to fail and for Pantone to end up in jail and a mental institution. "Some personal lifestyle issues got him into trouble, and unfortunately, the ego overcame the intelligence when he got into court, and he thought he would impress everybody by making some claims about what his system could do, and that they should release him right away, because needs to help save the world. And of course that got him an instant one-way ticket [going the other direction]."