Joseph Newman: Magnetic Motor - A montage of Newman's work

This video is my compilation from various videos about Joseph Newman's work on his Magnetic Motor.
Joseph Newman has always been a controversial figure for his invention and his theories such as Unified Mechanical Field Theory, Gyroscopic Particles etc.
Some of his theories disputed by Scientific community are listed below:
1) The lines of force in an electromagnetic field are PHYSICAL.
2) The energy in electromagnetic phenomena is MECHANICAL energy, with related inertia.
3) There is MATTER IN MOTION within the space in the neighborhood of the electric or magnetic bodies.
Has Joseph Newman gone beyond modern physics? He himself seems to think so.
Many people dismiss Newman's work as one that of a charlatan with no credence and a contraption that violates scientific theories such as Faraday's laws.
I am neither a party nor do I endorse, accept or contradict any of his inventions or theories. This is just a motivational video to those of you who as individuals are putting enormous amount of work for the progression of mankind in your chosen profession and may be encountering similar hurdles or undergoing ridicule.
This is a tribute to all those beautiful minds and gifted people working sincerely for all of humanity.
Please do not leave without listening to John Denver's song at the end.