Applied Scalar Wave Technology - Tom Bearden interview parts 1 to 8

Tom Bearden: An Interview on H3O / HRx & The Brave New World of Applied Scalar Wave Technology The use of scalar wave technology to produce H3O and HRx solutions brings with it a set of observable phenomenon that cannot be validated using orthodox models of chemistry and physics. To better explain some of their properties, we sought out the input of world-renowned physicist, Dr. Tom Bearden, in the U.S. - well-known for his theoretical contributions in the field of scalar wave. What resulted was an expansive interview (taped 10/17/01) -- over an hour of which is observable below in four separate files. Most of this material will seem quite arcane to those without formal training in physics, but for even the untrained who grasp just 10% of the content, the obvious will become clear: now that applied applications of scalar wave technology, as profound as H3O and HRx now exist, its theoretical underpinnings will not be able to be ignored by orthodox science forever.
Parts I to III (of 8)- Prior to taping, an Alpha Omega representative discussed how H3O can be used in place of sulphuric acid in batteries, how it holds charge and has even been shown to be self-recharging. Also mentioned before taping, was H3O's tendency to pick up charge in its environment (i.e. during a thunderstorm). Without even going further to explore its amazing medicinal properties, Dr. Bearden explains these phenomenon by examining laws of physics which are still considered "outside the box." Also covered is the encroachment of dogmatism into theoretical science, the myth of the scientific method, and the excoriation of honest scientists who have attempted to examine cold fusion.
Part 4 of 8
Dr. Bearden continues ... examining how energy drawn from a vacuum (time domain) does not really violate the hallowed Law of Conservation of Mass & Energy. Also discussed is why H3O and HRx, when mixed in their concentrate form - an extreme acid with an extreme alkaline, neutralize without an exothermic reaction. It's not supposed to happen - but it does. Dr. Bearden explains why using "higher symmetry" physics. He also goes into greater detail as to why scalar wave technology has not been more thoroughly explored by orthodox science. He then describes the limits of our current understanding of chemistry and physics without leaving the "U1" model.
Part 5
H3O and HRx are discoveries of historic proportions. They are unusual in that they involve the deployment of an applied science before its theoretical foundation has been thoroughly understood, or even widely accepted as reality. An engaging discussion of this ensues. Greater detail is given to the factors that turn outmoded scientific models into "religious dogma." The need to rediscover respect for the scientific method is discussed.

parts 6 - 8:

This section provides a detailed chronology of events that has led to current orthodox understandings in physics and chemistry impinging on scalar wave technology. It begins with our false notions (and explanations) of the most elementary principles of physics: force. Broken symmetry of dipole is covered, including components of force not now acknowledged, but for which their discovery led previous theorists to receive the Nobel Prize for Physics. Lastly, the "engines" behind H3O and HRx are discussed.