Hector Torres speaks on RotoVerter

One of ROTOVERTER "applications" is POWER factor Correcting ..
RV Technology is not BASED on "Power factor correcting" but can be used for Power factor correcting.
Rotoverter ROTOCONVERSION ,is "NEW" in the sense it brings RE "Teslas "radiant energy"" from a theoretical Pseudosientific term to ONE book justificable by POWER engineering and RADIO FREQUENCY engineering.
Being RE (Radiant Energy) Equal to RF (Radio frequency) where in engineering we can STATE..... ROTOCONVERSION is the APPLICATION of RADIO ENGINEERING to POWER ENGINEERING in electric motor operation where motors work as true energy transformation devices responding to power needs of a load being tuned efficiently to the energy source..
ROTOVERTER by definition is a power on demand ELECTRICAL to mechanical energy TRANSFORMER .
Saving OVER 90% of the otherwise WASTED and NON-used energy of a conventional designed motor .
Rotoverter is a tool to DEMOSTRATE ROTOCONVERSION effect, rotary transformation of electrical energy to other forms of energy
Be Radio Frequency (radiant), Electrical power , thermal, Aethereic, mechanical, gravitational , acoustic , photonic & others .
RV is a "discovery" on power management ... A tool for R&D
It demostrates that the OVERUNITY effects of many claimed OVERUNITY devices are due to MECHANICS of TRANSFORMATION, well justified by thermodynamic LAW, being STOCHASTIC resonance
Experiments done BY US NAVY the first undeniable evidence that energy entering a system (like a weak radio signal ) can be amplified by ambient noise into a signal exceeding the input energy one (Search stochastic energy GAIN) NASA, being SUCH the demostrative case, The existence of mechanics that contribute to ENERGY amplification within a system and such being gained from ambient system environment, Overunity is well justified within standard thermodynamic equations.
E in plus ( E ambient) Equal = Energy out > (exceeds energy in) COP >1
This opens a new era of power management and transformation science..
RV efficiency had exceeded the standard engineering base making already posible the USE of acquired energy from the ambient where self energy substained units had being already made & tested.
In ENERGY SAVINGS aplications alone RV can reduce petrol usage by 46% world wide, not FREE energy but SAVED ENERGY.
The beauty is , its so simple taken to BASIC form it can be replicated & built By anyone with basic electrical skills.
No NASA or CALTEC EGGHEADS are needed !
Just a bit of common sense and ingenuity
Feel free to add to article, feel free to Built AN RV ...
ITS FREE gift to humanity ! That Will Also lead to FREE energy sources anywere needed.
(Inventor Of the RV )