Paul Pantone: GEET Friends

An American hero and horrific example of inventor abuse by corrupt Utah officials and businessmen.

Paul Pantone is the ruthlessly persecuted inventor and developer of systematic experimental engines & generator modifications intended to double or triple gas mileage as they reduce greenhouse gasses & pollutants by over 90 %.

Paul Pantone's energy efficiency system is called GEET (Global Environmental Energy Technology). Mr. Pantone has been developing it for 20 years.

When Pantone refused to sell out on his patents and technology, he was framed for securities fraud and railroaded to a mental ward at the Utah State Hospital in March of 2006 where he has been dying from intentional medical and caregiver neglect. Without significant public intervention, Pantone is likely to be dead within a year. Only a public outcry of support can save him. Your help can make a difference.

Paul's next hearing with Judge Royal Hansen is Wednesday, January 9, 2008 at the Third District Courthouse in West Jordan, Utah. A date for our motion regarding caregiver neglect and medical abuse by the Utah State Hospital against Paul Pantone has not yet been set for District 4.. For the first time in several years, a new judge, Stephen Hansen of District 4 in Provo Utah, will have a chance to make a ruling regarding Paul Pantone. Details can be found in the NEWS section of this website.