Paul Pantone: American Antigravity: The GEET Plasma-Vortex Engine: A Live Demonstration

description: Surrounded in a fog of extravagant claims, there's only one thing that we can say with certainty about Paul Pantone's GEET Engine: it works! Our 15-minute interview & demonstration shot at TeslaTech 2005 gives you the inside scoop on this ingenious new type of internal combustion engine based on a powerful & fuel-efficient vortex-plasma reaction. This clip features an extended demonstration of the GEET engine along with a step-by-step overview of the device, as well as several minutes of interview footage with Pantone describing his efforts to engage the public in replicating this technology for further development.

Even at first glance, the unique design of the GEET Engine is striking - unlike a conventional engine, it uses a single tube as both the intake and exhaust manifold, which is made possible only by a vortex flow-separation inside of the tube. It's been suggested that this may be a version of a Rank-Hilsch vortex-tube, which may support Pantone's claims of the combustion occurring within the tube itself as a complex rotating plasma reaction.

Pantone's often controversial claims are hard to verify, but in this case the GEET prototype speaks for itself. The vortex-tube runs very hot during operation, but the engine & exhaust are both cool to the touch, supporting the claim that the combustion occurs in a very different manner than in a normal engine. Certainly the mixed intake/exhaust manifold support this, and Pantone claims that the biggest difference comes from a cool & evenly-distributed implosion that lifts the cylinder up, rather than the conventional explosion that pushes it down to turn the engine over.

Some claims are harder to verify than others: we witnessed the engine being run off a mixture of gasoline, sugar, and water -- but as it uses a bubbler-system in the fuel-tank, it's possible that it still only draws normal gasoline vapor into the intake, leaving the sugar & water behind as a condensate in the tank. Pantone claims that it can run with significant pollutants in the fuel because the vortex-plasma is hot enough to dissociate most materials into combustible form.