Paul Pantone: Geet demonstration fuel vaporiser fuel saver Paul Pantone

Geet generator demo. I have changed the original design a little. This uses a weed eater carbereta for 49cc. Basically from the carb the tube from the carb runs straight to the intake of the engine. The exhaust of the engine pipe runs around to the intake and the pipe wraps itself around the intaketube and the exhaust comes out near the carby so the intake and exhaust flows go the opposite way to each other. The 11 HP gen gets 4 hours from 6 liters standard. With this setup on the GEET a calculated 6 hours running has been tested. Some more R and D needs refining but i haven't run any water with this setup yet. I hope you all enjoy. If anyone has any experiments they want uploaded by me cause they are afraid of the monster elite please forward your experiments to me or a DVD or the experiment and id be happy to upload it. I have many great people including Panacea who have voices who are not afraid. [email protected].