Esa's cardboard box of components

Hello, here's my cardboard box of components. I'm not entirely sure what to do with these, but I'll keep getting more until I can either build a SSG, a Rick Friedrich battery energizer, a John Bedini / Brandt Tesla Switch, a Rotoverter, or something else. Some form of battery charger anyway.

Here we go!
9x 250V (from Rick Friedrich's sales
4x 2n3055 Transistors
5x Neon NE-2 Bulbs (from Rick Friedrich's sales
2x Neon Bulbs (elsewhere)
7x MJL21194 transistors
5x 1N4007 diodes
4x 2N6509 Transistors
30x or so 1N4007 diodes
10x 1N5408 diodes
5x 1n4001 diodes
9x 10 uf 250V capacitors (from Rick Friedrich's sales
there's a bit more resistors i have but i have no details on them. i can take pictures of them.

i tried to order some potentiometers but i never got them via ebay, the component salesmen never sent me the components i paid for.
thus far it seems that some of these would be useful with the rotoverter neon extraction circuit, some others with the simplified school girl john bedini setup, but im still missing the ceramic magnets, i have no reed switches, and not even the coils. i only have AWG 34 coils. the bifilar coils im not sure if they're beyond me or not.
anyway, this is where i stand. i will try and look at the circuits and see when i have enough to build something. hopefully someone can suggest something that has been documented and i can try and build.
theres a couple of more transistors i didnt add since i cant suss out what they are..