MERLib overhaul

On August 28, 2008, Staffan Enbom stepped down from being the webmaster of MERLib. He gave me (Esa Ruoho) the database, and now I have it running on my own machine with this IP-address URL only. I will be working on it whilst it runs on this machine, and hopefully getting it to run via The aim is to merge MERLib and together, so that there will be more content and hopefully more cross-pollination between my music and the energy research that many people have worked on.
This means that MERLib is under new administration and will become more streamlined, and I will be un-publishing articles that "do not make sense". For instance, the FIVS article has always had attacks from skeptics and believers defending on it, and it has no job whatsoever residing on MERLib. Also, some other articles that do not specifically point to either historical information or circuits, will be removed. The object of MERLib is to function as a place for you, the builder, or, you, the researcher, to find the required data and be able to build, or at least brainstorm some information.
Thus far, all weblinks have been disabled due to the transfer and some issues between Drupal5 to Drupal6 conversion. I am not knowledgeable with drupal or mysql or php or anything. Staffan was. I will try and muddle through and make this work. Will ever link to the new website? I'm not sure. Will it be called MERLib? yes, unless if Staffan decides he doesn't want the name used anymore. Then it'll probably be called something else. Quotes also dont currently work, and clean-urls do not work either. Hopefully one day.
By the way, now that MERLib is run by Esa only, it will probably contain a lot of articles written in lowercase, with no capital letters at the start of sentences, etc. My answer to those who doubt they can read that kind of articles is: DEAL WITH IT.