"We do not try to convince him"

In our thinking we have rid ourselves of the question of guilt. We blame nobody, but we remove barriers to our rational freedom of movement. If a rock on the road blocks my car, I do not declare that the rock is guilty but I get it out of the way; I do not destroy or condemn or imprison it, but simply move it aside. If the rock is too heavy, I drive around it. If there is no road by which I can drive around it, I take the trouble to build a piece of road. This takes time and effort but it is unavoidable. Under no circumstances do we accuse the rock. We do not blame the backward educator; we go around him. We do not try to convince him; we do not quarrel with him. If he does not understand us, we explain our standpoint to him. If he becomes vicious, we avoid him.

Orgonotic Functionalism