Sunday Telegraph (January 16, 1977 ) ~ Yull Brown: "Brown’s Gas"

Sunday Telegraph (January 16, 1977 ) ~ Yull Brown: "Brown’s Gas"

A Sydney inventor has refused a giant American oil company’s offer to buy out his method of turning tap water into fuel.

The offer is one of more than a dozen Mr Yull Brown, of Auburn, has received.

Mr Brown’s invention allows oxygen and hydrogen extracted from ordinary tap water to be used safely for almost any type of burning fuel.

He envisages the day when cars, stoves, heating and most of industry can be run on water or the gas extracted from it.

He has perfected his invention in a cutting and welding torch, similar to an oxyacetylene torch, which is 30 times cheaper than present torches and burns with a flame seven times hotter.

Mr Brown says his company has spent more than $650,000 on the invention, which has taken shape in his backyard workshop over the past seven years.

"I will not sellout to any big company because they are all the same, protecting their interests", he said.

"People before have had similar inventions to mine and they have sold out and nothing has been heard of then inventions again".

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"I don’t know whether the Americans want to buy it to use it or to take it right of the market and protect their oil interests.

"I think that while there is a drop of oil left in the world they will try to stop alternate power sources, so I will ignore their offer.

"Companies that sell petrol and industrial gas have invested millions of dollars in plant and steel bottles --- they don’t want to know about an invention that can use 10 gallons of water to produce enough gas for 6 weeks’ work or to run a car".

Mr Brown said he would start producing commercial models of his welding torch within the next couple of months while a company in England did the same thing there.

He has patented his invention in 32 countries, and has entered into a $500,000 agreement with the English firm for the production of his cutting torch.

Mr Brown said the other offers --- from Britain and European forms --- would be considered.

"Only one Australian firm has approached me since I announced the perfection of my method last week, but I would like to see all the other developments take place here".

The torches will incorporate an electric arc welder, will cost about $1300, and will produce about 10 cubic feet of gas for about 6 cents.