1970s-1980s / John Bedini's Free Energy Device awes LA Crowd

'Free Energy' Device awes LA crowd
by Jim Townsend - editor-publisher - The National Educator

Bill Jenkins, talk show host of the top rated KABC radio show 'Open Mind' and National co-chairman of Redeem Our Country (ROC), used his guest speaker's spot on Town Hall, to introduce a 'free energy' device to the public on March 12th.

Town Hall, a long running forum of many years, invited the dynamic Jenkins and his associates John Bedini and Steven Werth, to demonstrate a device called 'a gravity-field generator' which operates at an efficiency level of 180 percent, and is powered by a battery bank which requires no recharging.

The Town Hall meeting was held in the world famous Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles and left the audience gasping for more information than the program time would allow. (Following the program, the audience, which included representatives of public utility companies, industry and investment brokers trying to get a foot in the door, were still asking questions when we had to leave.)

Bedini, 37, is president of his own electronic firm in Sylmar (Calif.) which manufactures audio power amplifiers. He told Town Hall that instead of selling his generator patent to the highest bidder, he has placed it in the public domain, and plans to make it universally available at a nominal cost.

The project began two years ago when Bedini was listening to Bill Jenkins' radio program 'Open Mind,' 9:00PM to midnight on KABC, Los Angeles. Jenkins was interviewing Tom Bearden, a nationally-known theoretical physicist, on the subject of scalar interferometry, and the implications which the use of that fundamental electromagnetic wave has for the world.

Fascinated by what he heard, and by Bearden's references to the remarkable and little-known electronic discoveries of Nikola Tesla, the Yugoslav-American genius who was a contemporary of Thomas Edison, Bedini obtained a copy of Tesla's book of patents.

Approximately 18 months later, Bedini had synthesized a number of Tesla's electronically-revolutionary concepts, some Bearden innovations, plus his own ideas, and had produced a working model of a free energy device. 'It uses stressed, pulsed scalar waves, out of phase, which tap the energy of the zero point of vacuum. It's a perfectly natural phenomenon. You won't find the concept in the physics textbooks, but it works,' said the inventor.

Radio journalist Bill Jenkins, who introduced Bedini to the Town Hall audience, said that the generator is expected to be produced in different sizes with different power capabilities, and will be adaptable to a wide variety of uses. 'In a few weeks,' he added, 'John Bedini should be able to announce how and when the device will be made available. Meanwhile, he invites the nation's thinking people to consider the many ways in which his unprecedented scientific breakthrough can be used to solve a multitude of human and fiscal problems in this energy-hungry world,' Jenkins concluded.

NOTE: The gravity field generator is only the tip of the iceberg, (the remainder lists the ancient address of the Tesla Book Co. which is no longer in Milbrae, CA)

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