Technology transmittal

Invention is the marriage of mechanics and the sciences With innovations in both fields.

I am an inventor of highly innovative technology. The technology is basic at best. however the byproducts are many. Everything is relative through spin. Fluid dynamics implicates that every atom of it is spinning. Some extremely slow such as a solid. the specific gravity and kinetic energy are fully conserved. It's seemingly at rest.

Inventing is mostly problem solving. How great your invention? is directly related to how great the problem you set out to solve. Induction one of Faraday's brain child's. The act of putting a changing magnetic flux field through an induction coil. The problem is how to do that cyclic. The answer is a multipole toroid armature. Super conductance via a magnetic bearing in an ideal configuration. Caging the toroid armatures permanent field arrangement. Path of least resistance predicts the toroid armature will spin. This is a frictionless environment with the potential for high efficiency.

The whole goal here was to drive a changing magnetic flux field through an induction coil cyclic. It turned out driving multiple changing magnetic flux fields through several induction coils cyclic. In essence it is free energy. However the byproducts of spinning a mass particularly a ring at hyper extreme rates has the potential to include antigravity as a byproduct. Unity is defined as the radius of a natural sine. Given the previous the form toroid is unity by form alone. to spin the form toroid is simply over unity. The transformations of energy in the SRTT are unified transforming electric to kinetic and back to electric cyclic for infinity.

This mechanism is fully multifarious via design variations.!ringdrawingincomplete.jpg

There are two kinds of coils 4 each. drive coils and induction coils. No pulsing necessary it is centipedal drive system the drive coils magnetically cage the permanent fields of the toroid armature. Electromotive forces as defined by faraday motivates the toroid armature seeking the path of least resistance in an eccentric manner orbital about the axis. Induction coils inducing elec energy via driving multiple magnetic flux fields through 4 induction coils at potentially extreme rates of change. In comparison it would be like shaking a faraday flashlight 8,000,000 times a minute.!ringofmagnetswithspacers.jpg
The Armature once in motion is pure kinetic energy with all the byproducts associated with spinning mass.!pt6r002.jpg
Note the physical magnets placements in comparison to the actual fields!centipedalfieldring.jpg
OK the spacing of the attracting N and S poles has created a extra flux field. It is there in a physical sense yet it is pseudo in the sense that it's strong and weak forces can be easily manipulated.
the following image is how the fields may look as the armature is caged by the drive coils. please forgive the crude drawings as i don't have a source for computer modeled works. The prototype is #6 and will never be completed as a testable model. This mechanism is designed as a one piece toroid armature consisting of a ceramic or comparable material that can be host to a permanent field that is non conductive.

These drawings are linear this one is the coils and spacing example,!pt6spoolcoilplacementsm.jpg
this one is a double slice showing the ring chamber and the molded gear section for twisting the chamber/spool for winding coils around the armature,!pt6spooldblslicesm.jpg

Anyways if you could direct this transmittal document to those that may have an interest in it for peer review or potential research for any specific implementation. this is unique highly innovative technology. You and your associates are presented with a unique opportunity.

terry l hewett sr