Energy From The Vacuum Part 02 Trailer - John Bedini

Trailer for Part 2 in the "Energy from the Vacuum" (TM) Documentary Series featuring Tom Bearden and John Bedini. Produced by Energetic Productions LLC in 2007. Filmed by Oscar-nominated Director William Gazecki. DVDs in the Series are available from Part 2 highlights how John Bedini captures and uses negative energy, which has been hidden from public view, and engineered out of electrical circuits since the time of Tesla. The harder a negative energy device is worked, the less current it draws!

Running Time: 2 hrs. 13 minutes

This Episode places in the public record the first time that John Bedini has allowed completely unfettered filming inside his Lab.

John himself conducts the tour and explains how every motor works, in addition to patiently answering a whole host of the questions that you yourself probably wanted to ask him.

* Original ENERGENX 2000 commercial of John Bedini proof of principle prototype
* John explains how the Monopole motor behind him can charge all the batteries necessary to power a house.
* John taking a break as William Gazecki films the power output from the radiant (negative energy) charged battery bank.
* John Bedini explains Tesla's gravity motor replication
* A look at an even larger gravity motor. These were the genesis of Tesla's Earthquake Machine.
* “h-waves” spikes gating in radiant (negative) energy.
* The incredible precision work of John's motor construction.
* John explains how the double-deck monopole motor works.
* An earlier prototype explained.
* Battery being charged with radiant energy.
* An amazing photo of radiant energy being detected on top of a battery cap. Note plastic to plastic connection of the wire!
* John initiating the trigger pulse on a monopole motor to charge a battery bank.
* John debunks Mythbusters episode which "busted" John Bedini's device - it was built without magnets
* Tom Bearden explains how radiant energy converges in a circuit—the exact opposite of our positive energy circuits.
*John formulates an answer to one of the many questions in the extensive Q & A session.