Excerpt from "Memories of a Maverick" - Andrija Puharich - One Fase of the Unending Quest (1950)

On the estate known as Warrenton in Glen Cove, Maine is the laboratory of the Round Table Foundation, of which the director is Dr. Henry K. Puharich and the research is in Electrobiology.
In two weeks spent on the grounds of Warrenton, this correspondent became sufficiently familiar with the work of the foundation to realize that Dr. Puharich is one of those pragmatic dreamers who give their lives to wrest from nature secrets which, unfolded one by one, have improved the physical lot and raised the spiritual contribution of man.
The secret he pursues concerns extrasensory perception - the tangibles felt by man and beast that cannot be traced to any of the five senses. One study proceeds from the theory of Dr. Daniel E. Schneider: that a nerve in the ear, known as the chorda tympani, is sonic, which has led to a new treatment of head noises (such as ringing in the ears9, and has been expanded by the Round Table to explain certain states of psychic depression. Another study opened an unexpected bypath into the psychology of taste, and, as a result, Dr. Puharich was able to give the research scientists of General Foods information of commercial value.
This was fortunate because like all men of his age and type, he is operating on a shoestring and is able to occupy spacious Warrenton only because an equally consecrated family, headed by a wife brought up in the scientific tradition, does all the work of household and farm.
While seeking to discover the source, biology and operation of the 'sixth sense,' the effect of growth-controlled plant food on the nervous system, and adding experimental substance to his 'Peizo-electric Theory,' the young director - he is 33 - attempts to make ends meet with animal husbandry and other commercial by-products of this major research. As, in association with Dr. Sam Rosen, his clinical observations of the chorda tympani uncovered the taste prospect which interested General Foods, so, with David F. Anderson (once Assistant Air Attaché to the British embassy in Washington), Dr. Puharich has worked on the 'feathercast,' a laminated plastic for orthopedic cases which weighs in ounces what the standard cast weighs in pounds, and is being tested by the Navy. And the Guggenheim Foundation has its eye on another of his experiments.
Yet the doctor is the son of immigrant Yugoslavs. He worked his way through school, college and medical shcool, abandoned a bright economic future, and now follows an ideal, as Pasteur and the Curies did. In time he may reach his goals, or he may not. But in the mean time he is treading the hard road that led to the greatness of this nation."

written by Arthur Krock, correspondent for the New York Times - published in the column "In The Nation".
Excerpt from H.G.M. Herman's "Memories Of A Maverick - Andrija Puharich M.D., LL.D.", pages 50-51