Excerpt from "Memories of a Maverick" - Andrija Puharich - Dynamics Theory 1942

"I visualize the human nervous system as being imbedded in the cell tissue of the body just as the roots of a tree are imbedded in the ground which gives it nourishment. One end of the nervous system we recognize as being in the brain. It is here that all of the messages from the body and the sense organs are localized. The other end of the nervous system is imbedded directly in cell tissue through a countless number of fine nerve endings. These nerve endings end in cup shaped groups of cells called blastulas. And it is very difficult to distinguish where nerve fibers end and where cell tissue beings. Both have a function to perform in keeping the flame of life alive. According to this conception it is quite plain that the flow of cell generated energy is primarily a one-way flow to the brain. This primary flow however has some tributaries, which return the energy to the muscles, and other parts of the body. This can be easily illustrated by the fact that a man can drive himself beyond his normal capacities by the force of will, which to my way of thinking is nothing more than the conscious diversion of this primary flow of cell energy back into the body, plus the well known accompanying physiological functions such as the dynamic tension of the muscles, adrenaline flow, liver release of blood, etc. The point that I am trying to establish is that the brain is an area wherein is localized the cell energy of the body. I shall label this cell energy "dynamics." I further venture to say that transference of dynamics from one person to another is possible. We all know that there are people who can thrill and exhilarate one, and that there are others who simply bore and fatigue one. This implies that there is a wireless, toucheless transfer of this vital substance. If dynamics can be transferred from one organism to another, why cannot that other function of the mind - thought, also be transferred from one mind to another mind? It is also conceivable that dynamics not only passes freely between persons, but also dissipates out into the atmosphere."

from H.G.M. Herman's "Memories Of A Maverick - Andrija Puharich M.D., LL.D.", pages 38-39.