58 Million U.S. Dollars to Alternative Energy Publicity/Picketing, No Dollars to Research&Developers?



The billionaire Texas oilman T Boone Pickens today unveiled a $58m PR campaign aimed at convincing Americans to replace petrol with natural gas and wind.

The Pickens Plan, as the 80-year old has dubbed his effort, would involve an estimated $1tn government investment to substitute wind for the 22% of US electricity now derived from natural gas.

Hi. Here's a question, Mr. billionaire Texas oilman. Why 58million dollars towards a PR Campaign, when 280,000USD would have enabled Earthship Biotecture to build an Earthship (solar+wind powered building built out of recyclable garbage such as tires, beer-cans and so forth, which harnesses its own water from rainfall, uses thermal mass for heating, grows its own food and the harvested water is purified+recycled for drinkingwater, plant, toilet, plant and then to the outside of the building) demonstration for New Orleans? This would have enabled an educational program lasting 18 months to be set up in New Orleans, to educate the government officials in building Earthships, and after the 18 months would be over, a Katrina hurricane survivor family would have gotten a brand new Earthship donated to them. Surely, Mr. billionaire, this is a piss in the bucket for you? Think of the effect it would have in the mass-media and to the New Orleans community. Not only would people be backing your "lets move to solar,wind,gas"-plan,they would have demonstration houses to live in to further demonstrate that your Pickens Plan is viable, nay, mandatory. You could have invested 250,000USD towards a director, with a proven track-record of doing informative documentaries on alternative energy developments, to film a documentary purely focused on Water, our good old regular H2O, which has many features that can be harnessed for better living in tune with nature (from website: "A Documentary Special about the Healing Effects and Pollution Clearing Properties of “Structured” Water"). You could have donated 200,000USD towards the Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust, so they could release a full-length documentary on the life and works of Wilhelm Reich, especially his studies into orgone energy and the physical+ mental welfare of humanity as a whole. Did I mention he was a very advanced student of Freud? You could have donated 10,000USD to the Pure Energy Systems' "Clean Energy Road Show", a "Year-long road show to educate people about easy-to-implement clean energy solutions available now, many of which can actually save money; and to give hope about the future by reviewing some of the most promising clean emerging technologies.". imagine that. 58,000,000USD marketing campaign to "convince the government / public" vs. 10,000USD grassroots campaign to actually get in touch with the people on the street!

But there are so many other places too that could use some funding. They, however, go a bit further than 280,000$. Going towards millions of dollars, and that is no longer a "passing interest". There are many organizations worldwide that hope to develop clean energy systems, some are even fundraising for building a factory to mass-manufacture their already-working devices. Others are looking to finance their alternative energy DVD's. There are so many. The public doesn't need a marketing campaign to convince them that something ought to be done, the public requires actual working demonstration devices, houses to live in, and so forth. You, Mr. Pickens, could be the man to do this. Are you "the man"?

Yours, Esa Juhani Ruoho ([email protected])