Euclidian straight lines not possible in this universe.

"An Euclidian indefinite straight line reaching out to infinity is not possible in this Universe of varying pressures. The varying pressures of Space are curved. They represent expressions of the energy of motion. All energy expresses itself in waves. All waves are opposed spirals and limited in dimensions. All opposed spiral waves accumulate mass and simultaneously redistribute that accumulation. All accumulating mass is aiming toward gyroscopic perfection of motion and toward perfection of cubic crystallization. All diffusing mass is aiming away from gyroscopic stability and away from the simple cubic crystallization toward amorphous complexity of crystallization. All direction is the direction of opposing pressures. The direction of all pressures is spiral. All direction is therefore curved. All curves are spiral. All orbits are spiral. They are all conic sections. ...An object freely moving in space must move in a curved spiral line, whether that object be a planet, a corpuscle, a 'ray' of light or any other expression of energy."