How would nature do it?

TERRA video of a presentation by Jay Harman with visuals by Michael Green on biomimicry at Bioneers 2007. more info on bioneers from
WWND = What Would Nature Do?
For Viktor nature is the foremost teacher so that the task of technology is not to correct nature but to imitate it, 'kapieren und kopeiren' was the principle that guided him throughout his life, 'first understand nature and then copy it'.
It is vital to incorporate Viktor Schauberger to the annals of bioneers/Biomimicry ASAP. No-one on the biomimicry scene has had the scale of Schauberger.

more videos like this

That was an amazing presentation.

You can find a collection of other short clips from the Bioneers conference at for free at - or purchase full length versions on DVD from

unfortunately the jay harman

unfortunately the jay harman DVD is impossible for finns to order.
case in effect: 1) no support of paypal, only creditcard 2) if you buy the 17$ DVD via creditcard, the postage to FINLAND costs 93$. that is 93 dollars.

93USD. there is no way that the DVD's actual postage can be higher than 20$, 25$ at max if the jiffybag is coated in platinum.

so unfortunately we here at merlib are unable to access the jay harman dvd. 93$ for postage..
sorry, thats just not.. right.

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