February 22, 1996 - The Sun Weekly (Australian paper) on John Searl

THE SUN WEEKLY (Australian paper) Date - Thursday Feb 22 1996 Recent UFO sightings in the area "are quite possibly the work of government and military intelligence organisations" which are testing technologies that have been kept secret for more than 50 years.

The startling claims have been made by a Kincumber engineer who once worked with an English-based professor who invented an energy source in the 1940s.
"Simply, crafts built by Professor John Searl in England created their own gravitational field which repelled the Earth's gravitational field," the engineer, who preferred not to be named, said.
"They generated electronic voltages that ionised the air, became inertia-free, and had the ability to travel in a vacuum of air at speeds of more than 15,000km/h.
"Many governments, particularly that of New Zealand, witnessed these objects in flight, but the technology has been kept under wraps for fear of destroying the world's oil, coal and atomic interests, and thus the world economy," he said.
"It's the biggest secret in the history of mankind."
The Independent Network of UFO Researchers has been overwhelmed by the interest in its public meetings planned for Gosford, RSL Club this Saturday. Both meetings are now booked out but people still interested are encouraged to register their names for a third meeting which will be held at a later date. The network can be contacted on (02) 553-9406.
Source: Swallowcommand.com