Energy From The Vacuum Part 04 Trailer - Howard Johnson - Magnetic Exchange Force Pioneer

Under the right circumstances, a permanent magnet can be induced to fire a force hundreds of times its base magnetic strength. Howard Johnson spent his entire life researching this phenomenon, which can lead to a permanent self-powering magnetic motor.
This film tells his story.
Additional commentary by Tom Bearden
Running Time: 1 hr. 34 minutes
16 x 9 letterbox format
Trailer for Part 4 in the "Energy from the Vacuum" (TM) Science Series featuring the late Howard Johnson, Magnetic Exchange Force Pioneer. Produced by Energetic Productions LLC in 2008. Filmed by Oscar-nominated Director William Gazecki. In this 2 hour film, Howard Johnson discusses his life's work researching and harnessing magnetic exchange forces and gives us a conducted tour of his research laboratory. DVDs in the Series are available from