Knowledge of polarity control and the dual curvature of this radial universe of multiplying-and-dividing radial pressures is the secret of man's new power. Science has not used this power for industry because it has been unknown. With that knowledge science could blow this planet to pieces by multiplying the power of radioactivity through the lenses of polarity curvature, in addition to chain reaction explosive power. The power within any mass can be used against itself just as a man can -- and does -- use his own great power against himself.

Through this knowledge man could electrocute or incinerate marching armies to the last man, or destroy approaching planes or ships as far away as they could be detected by radar.

Entire nations could insulate their peoples from any enemy from without. By the time that becomes possible, however, there will be no enemy from without -- for the thing which makes man the enemy of other men is greed for material wealth and fear of bodily insecurity.

Both greed and fear will disappear from the face of the earth when man need no longer have to kill other men to obtain all of his material needs for personal aggrandizement or bodily security, for material abundance will not be dependent upon matter.

A new power of man will be his ability to project gravity in the shape of a high potential focused from a point to a distant focal point instead of projecting radiation only, as he now does.

An outward explosion from dynamite, for example, is radiative. It is effective for but a limited distance from the source of the explosion.

An inward explosion is gravitative, and is effective wherever projected. Its tremendous power could melt the stone of a mountain for needed metals, or destroy an enemy during the interval of time needed to teach mankind the futility of enmity.

That is what I mean by the transformation of man through new knowledge. New conditions arise from new knowledge, and man must conform to new conditions. He cannot help doing so.

Man's nature is essentially good. The evil in man springs from fear for the safety and security of his body, and from greed for the satisfaction of bodily desires.
Remove these and man will naturally respond to the good in him, for all men seek the peace, happiness and security which only a balanced system of human relations will give him.


Man's transformation by science will atke much time but it can begin NOW. A beginning is a reversal of direction. To reverse the direction of the downward plunge is to begin to climb into the heights.

The first step for science is to insulate its countries from attack by other countries and thus save the lifeblood of its nations and return destroying armies to useful pursuits. As very little time is needed to bring this about after the principles involved are thoroughly understood, the threat and fear of war should pass from the mind of man forever. Even if war should start before this had been accomplished, it could not go far before it could be remedied.

The second step should be to give the world a new and inexhaustible fuel. Free hydrogen is the logical supply because free hydrogen is the basis of the four space octaves. The entire population of ten planets like ours could not lessen its total because Nature balances the withdrawals of gases with replacements continuously. Nature's replacements for withdrawals of solids consumes the amount of time taken to grow them.

Nature may take a million years to grow forests into coal. Coal is multiplied nitrogen, for nitrogen is a gas of carbon. Nitrogen can be transmuted continuously from the atmosphere in unlimited quantities forever.

The atmosphere is composed of nitrogen and oxygen. Oxygen is carbon twice removed, just as nitrogen is carbon once removed. Likewise hydrogen is carbon one octave lower, but not removed tonally. Gyroscopically, carbon and hydrogen are the same, for their planes of structure are identical.

Hydrogen could, therefore, be transmuted from the atmosphere in unlimited quantities by merely changing the gyroscopic plane of nitrogen to the 90-degree angle of wave amplitude upon which hydrogen rotates.

It would simplify scientific thinking if science would view the universe of "matter" and "space" as gravity which accumulates generoactive predominance into hydrogen in the first three-and-a-half invisible octaves of matter that man today thinks of as space.

The visible universe begins at the middle of the fourth octave and continuoes to carbon -- its generoactive maximum -- where fourth and fifth octaves meet at wave amplitude.

From there on, radioactivity begins its depolarizing process but the "bodies of the octaves grow bigger" and keep within the visible range while dying, just as a tree, or man grows bigger of body during declining years.

If, therefore, science would form the habit of thinking of matter and space in terms of the carbon octaves and the hydrogen octaves it would simplify their work of transmutation mightily.

Science should also form the mental picture of visible carbon octaves as but a pea-sized volume of solid matter suspended in the center of a great auditorium of rare gaseous matter millions of times greater in volume. Then realize that the very small globule of many solid elements of the carbon octaves are wound up from that vast volume of the hydrogen octaves of space.

Matter thus wound up is sequentially unwound into gases of the hydrogen space octaves, and its action-reactions are recorded in the inert gases which born each octave.

Thus matter gyroscopically emerges from space and is "swallowed up" by gyroscopic unwindings into the "space" which borned it, as has been rightly conceived.

"Space is not empty -- nor is it an "ether." The space which surrounds every particle of matter in every wave field is the negative half of the wave field. The solid nucleus is the positive half. Both halves are equal in potential but vastly unequal in volume.

The next step in habit-forming thinking is to think of matter as being the accumulation of the same thing -- wave motion -- rolled up in time layers like a snowball -- the final layer being called carbon but all being different conditions and pressures of the same thing.

Add to this thought that the universe consists of wave fields within wave fields -- stellar, solar and atomic in measure -- but of a like "substance" and of a like structural formation. Nature has no separate method or process of creating systems. The heavens clearly evidence the unwinding of mass by the way of rings and systems, but the senses do not so clearly record the winding of mass as a basis for systems.

During this whole process, each succeeding element becomes another phase of the same thing throughout the whole journey. The change of attribute is due solely to the different relations of pressures and that is determined by polar relations.

Nature does not transmute one element into another. She merely makes her progressive change of elements by a continual readjustment of her gyroscope.

Elements are tonal. One wire of a piano can become a whole octave by changing its pressure relations sufficiently to either multiply or divide its vibration frequencies. Everyone is familiar with the fact that placing a book on top of an organ pipe lifts its tone just one octave higher.

Such effects are not transmutation. They are merely changed dimensions of states of motion. All of the notes which the organist plays are but one tone multiplied or divided in rhythmic pressure relations.

That is the way the chemist of tomorrow should think of the elements, and not think of them as different chemical substances with different attributes. Chemistry should be based upon the idea of gyroscopically changing the north-south-east-west polarities of one tone to increase -- or decrease -- its time frequencies. The piano tuner uses an instrument to wind up his pressures from lower to higher tones. The chemist should use the electric current and solenoids as his tuning instrument.

The very thought structure of tomorrow's chemist should very radically change in many other respects too numerous to describe. One of these is to eliminate from his thinking the idea of one thing becoming another. That is not Nature's way.

In Nature, one tone ceases to be and another becomes. In other words, one formula for a patterned wave vibration ceases when another measured vibration begins. We must also carry this thought farther by not thinking of cessations, beginnings and endings. We must think of them as awakened continuities which we can "put to sleep" when we have no further need of them, or "awaken" when we have need of them.

The electric current of the universe is ready to motivate any tone as we desire to awaken it, just as the electric current of the organ is ready to awaken any tone when the organist desires to awaken it.

We should not think of sodium and chlorine as having become sodium chloride -- or that sound has become silence -- for each of them is and always will be. We should think of each of them as another note played on the universal organ. We change its tuning pattern if we want new isotopes which Nature has not yet given us -- or we unite two unbalanced halves to secure stability -- or produce explosives by multiplying unbalance.

That is Nature's way. Carbon unwinds to nitrogen because of the predominant power of east-west negative polarity. Likewise, nitrogen unwinds to oxygen. That does not mean that carbon has ceased to be, or that it has become nitrogen or oxygen. It means that carbon still is but it has changed its pressure dimensions, just as John Jones is the same John Jones that he was ten years ago.

Nature demonstrates this fact by "transmuting" nitrogen and oxygen back into carbon. Every root of all vegetable growth rewinds both of them upward again into carbon. Likewise, the bodies of all animals rewind oxygen and nitrogen into the proteins of their flesh, bones, horns and hair.

The roots acquire the complex formula for rewinding into violets, pine, oak or apple trees -- or of man or bird -- from the inert gases of their octaves which have recorded the unfoldings of the many ideas of Nature in the seed of these ideas.

As Nature unfolds from the seed to record its patterns in moving body forms, it simultaneously refolds into its seed in order that the refoldings can be repeated in like patterns.

All of Nature's many forms are patterned "motion picture" projections from the still seed patterns stored in the inert gases to make the "positives" of body forms. The reverse direction of reaction creates the "negatives" of those body forms. The principle of photography is applied throughout Nature.

All unfolding and refolding patterns are gyroscopically manipulated, electrically motivated and magnetically measured and controller.

The above stated facts make it necessary for the chemist of tomorrow to make use of the electric current, the solenoid and systems of polarity measurements of gyroscopic planes, to do in his laboratory what Nature does in its laboratory.

A good example is the Haber process of nitrogen fixation which is purely a present-day expensive and complex laboratory method of "separating" oxygen and nitrogen, and based upon the belief that each is a different substance.

A slight readjustment of Nature's gyroscope will produce nitrogen instead of oxygen -- or vice versa. Oxygen is nitrogen divided, and the polarity-controlled electric gyroscope is the dividing instrument.

Instead of the expensive and time consuming chemical method of obtaining free nitrogen in LIMITED quantities, Nature's method would produce free nitrogen cheaply, quickly and in UNLIMITED quantities. It is not necessary to call attention to the value to commerce and to agriculture, not to mention soil regeneration, that this method of obtaining nitrogen would be to the world.

In September, 1927, I demonstrated this principle of dual polarity control by arranging two pairs of solenoids -- one pair with more windings than the other -- in such a manner that the dual polarity of Nature was simulated.

With a steel or glass disc for an equator and a steel rod for amplitude, I adjusted my solenoids approximately to a plane angle where I roughly calculated oxygen belonged in its octave. I improvised an adjustment apparatus which would enable me to fasten any adjustment securely at any angle I chose.

I then inserted a few cubic centimeters of water in an evacuated quartz tube which had electrodes at each end for spectrum analysis readings.

Upon heating the tube in an electric furnace, and inserting it into the solenoid with the electric current turned on until the tube cooled, the first spectrum analysis showed over 80% to be hydrogen and the rest practically all helium. There was very little oxygen.

Each time I reset it, I obtained a new analysis. Whenever I set it so the north-south polarity was predominant because of using the stronger coils, the result gave more nitrogen. This was because the preponderant north-south polarity prolated the oxygen atom nucleus to its next higher tone.

When I reversed the polarity to east-west preponderance, the analysis showed more than its proper amount of oxygen and inert gases and less of hydrogen. This meant that preponderant east-west polarity had oblated the hydrogen nucleus.

The following analysis is a good example. When I took the tube to the laboratory, there was no water in it. That is why the analyst referred to his report as "gas sample No. 5," which follows:


It is needless to say that the above analysis shows east-west preponderance.

I am convinced that by proper adjustments mathematically worked out into formulas by experiment, free hydrogen, nitrogen or oxygen could be obtained without any trace of the others.

The only difference between the two methods of working is that electricity is used as power in the laboratory without polarity control or gyroscopic guidance such as I made use of.

When the gases have been sufficiently transformed by practice, the transformation of dense matter can then follow.

Octave produced gasses

Your research seems honest enough. Do you think the military could be interested into morphing itself to alternative technology and defence through your proposal? Is the military research responding to you or bringing your message up? What is preventing development? Are you getting any feedback?

I suggest you contact the new president of Israel, Shimon Perez. I think he will try to help you.


Walter Russell died in

Walter Russell died in 1963.
whats preventing the comprehension + development of Russell's two-way cosmogeny is the lack of people who will actually sit down and read his books and comprehend them in an intuitive way. herein lie the keys to comprehending Howard Johnson, Ed Leedskalnin, Wilhelm Reich, John Ernst Worrell Keely, Viktor Schauberger, Nikola Tesla, Thomas Henry Moray, Karl Schappeller, and so many other people.

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